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Discussion in 'App Inventor' started by HeavensBlade, Mar 13, 2011.

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    Mar 13, 2011
    Hey out there,
    I'm using AppInventor for a few days now and I want to make an App that allows me to write down my total revenue. So I made two textboxes, one for the amount I spent and one for what I spent it. By pressing the OK button the values are posted to the label below like:

    15:15:07 aaaa 1.5€ aaaa Coke

    Thats exactly what I want the App to do. The Problem is, when the app is closed via Taskiller (Yeah, I know about that link: Droid Den - Android Guide: Should I Use a Task Killer - Droid Den I uninstalled it already ;-P ) or the Phone is restartet the data is lost. So I thought of using a few TinyDB


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