Post pictures you have taken with your Droid X

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  1. kdkinc

    kdkinc Well-Known Member

    LOL.. Thanks for the compliment It was with my DX PURE LUCK shot.
    The Dx is the only camera I own.
    I believe the GPS coordinates are tagged in the pic spec's.

  2. ChrisEvo8

    ChrisEvo8 Member

    Droid x takes some pretty good pics for the most part. Just gotta play with all the settings.
  3. kdkinc

    kdkinc Well-Known Member

  4. darreno1

    darreno1 Well-Known Member

    Why isn't all the Camera data in the pic's details? I'm not totally doubting you, but it does introduce some doubt when such info is left out. And there are some pics on here (beside yours) that are suspect. I'm a little bewildered by that. I can understand wanting to leave out the GPS coordinates, but why the camera maker etc? If you did not do it purposely and something else is the cause, forgive me.

    Just noticed in your last picture it's there, but the one with lightening strike, it's not?
  5. llamakc

    llamakc Well-Known Member

  6. Devz

    Devz Well-Known Member

  7. blown-droid

    blown-droid Active Member

    my beast. Nothing near stock, KenneBell blown

  8. darksoul

    darksoul Active Member

    Very nice ride! If I could afford one, I'd get the exact same car, flat black.. :D
  9. gfsincere

    gfsincere Active Member

    Oh and here is a video I did from the car mount...its pretty stable, and I kinda had my music up loud for the first few seconds...

    also may be NSFW as I tend to curse...a LOT...tanks United States Marine Corps...

    and you can actually hear the Lambo rev up with my car windows up...that mic is sensitive...

    Lamborghini in Deerfield...
  10. 07stealth350z

    07stealth350z Well-Known Member

  11. blubill

    blubill Well-Known Member

    nice pics everyone.
  12. kdkinc

    kdkinc Well-Known Member

    When I take a photo I d/l it to my pc then open the pic with program.

    I may crop,lighten,contrast or autofix.
    I then save and post to the thread. Is my method wrong I do not want to take credit for improper posted photos.
    Thank you for your input:)
  13. kdkinc

    kdkinc Well-Known Member


  14. jreed2560

    jreed2560 Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't say your pictures are improper, but I think the spirit of this thread is to post the raw photos taken with the x so we can see what the X can do by itself.
  15. ECFfighter7232

    ECFfighter7232 Well-Known Member

    I havnt messed with any settings on it yet, this is one of the first pictures I've takin so far with it.

    This is our new Engine thats about to be put in service in a couple months
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  16. shiki

    shiki Member

    Sake Cafe

    I had trouble getting the camera to focus. x_x

  17. Youkai

    Youkai Well-Known Member

    Cute dog but STUNNING Evo!!! :D
  18. carmendiva

    carmendiva Well-Known Member

    Lol i haven't posted here in awhileeeee
    and my trademark posting is usually food so here is dinner from last night

  19. gfsincere

    gfsincere Active Member

    Ahh...wayyyy out in the sticks. I live in Chicago, but my time here may be short-lived as I got an offer to teach science classes in Senegal, Africa...might be leaving in the next 3 weeks or so...

    but yeah, I served 5 years in the Marines and in NATO as intel/counter-intel, and I have combat experience, so I can give you some good poniters to increase your accuracy at all ranges.
  20. Phantom_LS2

    Phantom_LS2 Well-Known Member

  21. HauntedHallows

    HauntedHallows Well-Known Member

    Aww the joy's of Christmas plates in August!
  22. blubill

    blubill Well-Known Member

  23. Gareee

    Gareee Well-Known Member

  24. blubill

    blubill Well-Known Member

    Yes, just got the photo bucket app. Think I got it figured out now!
  25. tdse

    tdse Well-Known Member

    lol ;-)

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