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  1. kwill4404

    kwill4404 Member

    Thanks to many android tech guys here, i was able to root my phone..
    but after rooting my phone and uninstalling some bloatware, phone got locked up after power off and restart. is it normal? or something wrong with rooting?
    I used root checker to see if my phone was rooted to find out my phone was properly rooted.
    i dont know why my phone got locked up again after I uninstalled some bloatware on my rooted phone and restarted my phone.
    any advice?

    P.S : i had to unbrick my phone again..then whats the point of rooting..
    pls help thanks

  2. dubtee

    dubtee Well-Known Member

    Certain android .apks can't be removed it soft bricks lg motion
    there are many threads on this subject.
    its better to freeze them using titanium backup
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  3. dubtee

    dubtee Well-Known Member

    People root for many reasons bloat freezeing/adblock/CPU clocking/ Build prop edits/ themeing/
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    KA24DERACER Well-Known Member

    What bloatware are you removing? And what do you mean by "locked up", do you mean that it simply wont turn back on after you reboot, or does it boot loop or freeze or what?

    For your conundrum. most likely you are deleting an app that will brick the phone if removed (like the other person said). If you list everything you are trying to remove I can probably tell you what id doing it. You can also go to the sticky in the "all things root" forum entitled "safe apps to remove" or something like that.

    As for your other question, rooting is a way to unlock the potential of your device as well as customize it far beyond what you can stock. For example, Rom Toolbox Pro (a FANTASTIC app that EVERY rooted user should have) has a MULTITUDE of tools that you can only use if rooted. It has a root browser (useful for editing and moving not only system files but regular stuff like moving your music to the external SD card or something like that), an app manager that allows you to backup/restore/freeze/move not only downloaded apps but system apps as well, an add blocker, an auto start manager (very handy for keeping apps from starting up when you dont want them to), a script runner and terminal emulator (lets you run scripts and use linux commands to do all sorts of things), Cpu controls (lets you control your CPU, overclock and use profiles to increase performance and battery life) kernel tweaks and build.prop editors allow you to tweak some hardware and system settings that can give you both better performance and battery life, and a whole lot of other things.

    As an example, in addition to doing everything above, I converted a bunch of aftermarket apps to system apps and removed the stock apps. so basically my stock launcher, lockscreen, keyboard and a few others were deleted and I replaced them with apps I preferred, the benefit being that I now have the apps that I want and the stock apps arent running in the background taking up ram.

    Dont be afraid of messing up. You have NO idea how many times I had to redo my old Optimus M. Its a shame that we dont have a recovery yet as then you could make a backup and not lose all your settings and such, but such is life. I would suggest whenever you are doing anything have a log book and do things one at a time. This way you can figure out what exactly causes problems, at least until we get a recovery. Feel free to PM me if you need help, advice, tips or a walkthrough on something. Ive pretty much done it all on multiple phones so theres not a whole lot I couldnt explain to you.
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  5. marcuskenneth

    marcuskenneth Member

    First of all. I love this forum. Ok. I rooted my esteem fine until I dropped it into the toilet. Got the motion. Rooted fine. Over volted it and replaced it yesterday with another motion. Had problems rooting this one. The root.bat would stop after the initial daemon msg and never reboot. Now when I fire up Blue tooth and other features I get a iu stopped error. Reboots do nothing. Any suggestions?

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