Post-Update, Evo no longer connecting to car BT

  1. PrimoOptimoso

    PrimoOptimoso Well-Known Member

    Maybe another post-update woe... My Evo used to auto-connect with my car's BT when I got close enough, and now instead it just sticks on "Paired but not connected". If I try to connect manually, it just thinks awhile and then I get the floating "Bluetooth headset disconnected" message.

    Will try to re-pair this evening and report back if that fixes it.

  2. EaglePress1

    EaglePress1 Member

    I don't know if this is your issue or not, but I had a similar issue, with no apparent cause. My Evo would do exactly what your's does. I resolved the issue, by first going into running processes, and stopping anything to do with bluetooth.
    This allowed me to finally "unpair" my Uconnect in my dodge. Essentially deleting the Uconnect from the Evo. Then you will make a new connection with your car's BT and right after pairing is complete watch the screen of the Evo and a quick pop-up will ask about "always make this connection" or "always trust this connection" just click on the check box, and make sure the green check mark appears.
    Strange enough now, after 4 days I have connected every time I enter my dodge, but under the advanced tab in the bluetooth section, it still says "paired but not connected" but if you look closely at the bluetooth symbol in your top bar, when it is connected it will have the 2 little arrows in the middle of the icon. Hope this helps.
  3. PrimoOptimoso

    PrimoOptimoso Well-Known Member

    Stopped BT, but had to start it again in order to get the connection to not be greyed out. Unpaired, re-paired, and now it's working again. Whew.
  4. PrimoOptimoso

    PrimoOptimoso Well-Known Member

    And now I'm noticing that I have to turn off BT and back on again every time I get in the car. And today, even after I did that, it lost the pairing 20 minutes later. WTF is up with Bluetooth now? Before the update it was perfectly reliable, every damn time.

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