Post your 4G(lol) data speeds (Atrix only)

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  1. gzrecoil

    gzrecoil Well-Known Member

    As title says.

    What city & state you are in?
    What data speeds did you achieve? In Kbps or Mbps, down & up
    Which app did you use? (Speedtest or FCC speedtest)
    What time of day was the test taken?
    How much service did you have?
    What was your latency?
    Make sure you are showing the HSPA+ symbol.

    Exton, PA
    .92 / .09mbps
    FCC Speedtest
    6:05 PM
    3/5 bars
    199 ms

    Exton, PA
    1413 / 134 kbps
    7:01 pm
    3/5 bars
    2/5 bars

    So far I'm not very happy with these speeds. I know I don't have full service but I am still seeing slow speeds. I will have to borrow my sisters Iphone 4 and run speed tests because I am almost positive she gets better results.


    =KLRS=ZERO Well-Known Member

    still waiting for AT&T to activate my sim. :(
  3. Aaronneyer

    Aaronneyer Well-Known Member

    Don't have my Atrix yet, but with my Motorola Backflip I got:
    1830 Down 210 Up
    1926 Down 151 Up
    2720 Down 286 Up
    1771 Down 165 Up

    I will compare this with Atrix when I get it tomorrow.
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  4. MosIncredible

    MosIncredible Well-Known Member

    3 bars

    Cedar Hill, TX.
    Down: 2509 kbps
    Up: 310 kbps
    Ping: 394ms

    New Results

    Speed Test
    6:14 am, Dallas, TX. server (In Cedar Hill area)
    Down: 2984 kbps
    Up: 322 kbps
    Ping: 384ms

    Speed Test
    3:36pm, Dallas, TX. server (Just outside of Downtown Dallas)
    Down: 2824 kbps
    Up: 112 kbps (ew)
    Ping: 395ms
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  5. tical2k

    tical2k Well-Known Member

    3 bars...

    Raleigh, NC... 8pm
    Server Wilson, NC
    1089 down 295 up ping 723ms
    930 down 295 up ping 697ms

    Server Greensboro, NC
    1944 down 228 up ping 9ms? ping msut be wrong
    985 down 274 up ping 496 ms

    Server Charlotte, NC
    1677 down 268 up ping 251ms
    1309 down 103 up ping 678

    For sanity... Server New York, NY
    2979 down 340 up ping 246ms
    744 down 190 up ping 635

    Im jumping all over the place...
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  6. arunsharma7

    arunsharma7 Well-Known Member

    Framingham, MA
    3.4 / .35mbps
    5:30 PM
    4/5 bars
    230 ms
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  7. csreborn

    csreborn Well-Known Member

    4.91Mbps up and 1.07Mbps down with an iPhone 4.

    AT&T's HSPDA+ is a joke, as is their "4G".
  8. stang117

    stang117 Member

    I've ran test a couple times getting between 1.6 and 2.2 the fist time I ran it gave me a 4.x I think it screwed up. I have heard backhaul wasn't fully turned up yet and wont be til march... 4bars amarillo texas. O upload between 250 and 300 kbps

    =KLRS=ZERO Well-Known Member

    Oklahoma City:

    452 ping 1510, 323
    302 ping 973, 368

    strange because i was getting this earlier.

    284 ping 3648, 311

    btw they are laying cable by a local cell site.
  10. barry99705

    barry99705 Well-Known Member

    Good thing this thread is Atrix only....
    Dell Streak, Xenia Ohio
    158ms ping download 2122kbps, upload 1693kbps, server is Cincinnati.

    If I get my Atrix in a couple days I'll update. If not, I'll cry....
  11. Hill-

    Hill- New Member

    Orlando, FL
    3.02 Mbps down/ 0.31 Mbps up
    10:48 EST
    5 bars
  12. MarcMaiden

    MarcMaiden Well-Known Member

    I know this is "atrix" only,

    Palo Alto server,
    150ms ping
    average 3.7mbs down, 400kbs up

    AT&T has not turned on enhanced backhaul yet which is why we are not seeing above average speeds. At the same time, When i play HQ youtube, I never need buffering, when I download apps, I noticed it downloading much faster, and I can play pocket legends with no lag what so ever. I never thought those speed tests to be accurate but who knows really.

    As long as im getting good speeds in general and am not having to pay more for "4g" then im good. (but i know this might not be the case for everyone here)
  13. gzrecoil

    gzrecoil Well-Known Member

    I'm not getting any better speeds at 12:18 AM with full service then I did at 6pm with 3/5 bars... Still is slower then iphone 4's 3G speeds too...
  14. 2005CTS

    2005CTS Well-Known Member

    San Antonio, TX
    4/5 bars
    Bulverde, TX server
    5577kbps Down
    1013 kbps up
    ping 33 ms
  15. zizo79

    zizo79 Well-Known Member

    With an Atrix ?
  16. 2005CTS

    2005CTS Well-Known Member

  17. Temecula CA

    3407 Down
    315 up

  18. zizo79

    zizo79 Well-Known Member

    Best speeds I have seen so far on an Atrix !!
  19. 2005CTS

    2005CTS Well-Known Member

    San Antonio, TX used to be the world headquarters for AT&T (up until a couple of years ago) so they have a pretty solid network here.
  20. zizo79

    zizo79 Well-Known Member

    discrimination lol
  21. redrider67

    redrider67 Well-Known Member

    Speed tests are all over the place depending which one you use. I use the Speedtest and Xtremelabs..

    Most of the tests I've done with the Atrix are around the 2 meg down and about 200 to 300 k for up load about the same as my Iphone 3GS in my area zip code 62035 and 62002 posted zip codes because I live in a small area.

    I ran a test by a tower last night and saw 4 meg down on a burst then it dropped down to 3.5 which is still the fastest I've seen in my area.

    H+ network is not live yet so I'm hoping for better speeds later.
  22. Lason

    Lason Member

    Im willing to bet that is with wifi on. No way your getting over 1mb up, HSUPA is off. Have you rooted your phone?

    Here is mine with my nexus one and my wifes iphone 4 as comparison all in the same spot on the counter in Arlington Tx.

    Nexus One on 3g


    Atrix on 4G


    iPhone 4

  23. zizo79

    zizo79 Well-Known Member

    As long as I get 2.5 Mbps down, I am fine !
  24. DT

    DT Well-Known Member

    Beautiful Vilano Beach, FL

    ***1*** bar :D (our house is in a small, dimensional rift)

    Average of ~1300 down, and 140 up, with ~400ms latency
  25. yval8957

    yval8957 New Member

    My location: Tucson, AZ

    Server: Tucson, AZ
    Ping: 508 (Yuck)
    Down: 2407
    Up: 249

    2nd test:

    Server: Tucson, AZ
    Ping: 532 (WTH?)
    Down: 2538
    Up: 319

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