Post your 4G(lol) data speeds (Atrix only)

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  1. Jeremy81

    Jeremy81 Well-Known Member

    I'm getting an average of 2.5mbps down and 385kbps up in middle of nowhere Oklahoma. This download speed is 3 times better than I was getting on my iPhone 4(1mbps average) but I haven't had it for a few weeks so something could have changed.

  2. nowise

    nowise Member

    Columbus, OH supposedly fully "4G" ready.

    1323 down, 170 up <-Inside ATT Store
    1661 down 88 up <-Outside the store
    620 down 150 up <-Today inside my work which uses repeaters
  3. iPhoneMilk

    iPhoneMilk Well-Known Member

    jesus christ dude.

    Hey have you tried the APN trick? you should try it and let us know, since you're in the 4G area.
  4. nowise

    nowise Member

    I enabled the APN for tethering. Is there something else I should try?
  5. bqknight

    bqknight Member

    I'm getting about 1/4th the speeds I got with my N1. In Orlando, FL got around 2-3mbps with N1, getting about .3-.5mbps with Atrix. Weird thing is, things do seem to load faster with the N1, not just rendering either, it almost seems as if the speed tests are just wrong. I dunno. When I go to Network on About Phone it says HSDPA.
  6. zizo79

    zizo79 Well-Known Member

    I am sorry but your post does not make sense....
  7. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

    They way I understand it is that the N1 is testing 4x faster in regards to downloads, and is faster overall in rendering web pages. Also, the Atrix's download tests seem slow, despite connection to an HSDPA network.
  8. bqknight

    bqknight Member

    Sorry, I was in a rush so I just spit out a bunch of words. When it comes to speedtests the N1 is much faster, getting speeds from 2-3 mbps. While I am only getting about .3-.5 mbps on the atrix, the atrix loads much faster than my N1. Th only thing im really upset about on the phone are the data speed.
  9. aggie99

    aggie99 Member

    i'm getting about the same speeds over here in rowlett/garland area. averaging around 3.3 down and .25-.3 up.
  10. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery VIP Member

    Wowza...that's some sad 3G speed you got for the N1 there :/ is that NORMAL for you? :confused: Well the Atrix is def an improvement over the N1 if you're noticing like a 15000x speed :D lol
  11. aggie99

    aggie99 Member

    my first thought was that he was running a Nexus One made for TMobile AWS 3g and not the 850/1900 AT&T version.

    I've used an AT&T 3g compatible Nexus One in the same area as him and was getting around 2 mbps down
  12. zizo79

    zizo79 Well-Known Member

    I haven't speed tested mine but I tested the one at my AT&T store and it averaged 2.5-3.5 Mbps down and .3 up. Mine is charging and I will post some screenshots later
  13. iPhoneMilk

    iPhoneMilk Well-Known Member

    Coming from an iPhone 4, right here in the same room. Activated the new Atrix and my Speeds are Twice as slow, almost 3 times slower.. it's amazingly slow data speeds. Tried the APN trick and that didn't do a thing.. =/
  14. 2005CTS

    2005CTS Well-Known Member

    Not Wi-Fi. The only thing I can think was that it was the time of night with very little use on the network. I just ran the test again again sitting at my desk and I am gettting the following:

    1.41 MBPS Down
    .46 MBPS Up
    Ping 147 ms

    The phone definitely feels slower today. But even today - it is worlds faster than my old Blackberry Storm!
  15. zizo79

    zizo79 Well-Known Member

    I tested a store model and my iPhone 4 side to side and they both had similar speeds overall...
  16. iPhoneMilk

    iPhoneMilk Well-Known Member

    I wonder if they did something to the store model?

    I'm getting around 130-150 Kbps UPLOAD speeds, and around 800 Kbps download, and i've never once EVER seen these kinds of speeds before, the last time i saw speeds like this i was on T-Mobile.
  17. iPhoneMilk

    iPhoneMilk Well-Known Member

    Also i had 4 DIFFERENT Apn Settings already put in my phone right when i booted it up, did you guys see the same thing?
  18. zizo79

    zizo79 Well-Known Member

    I just ran s couple of speedtests using XtremLabs:
    2.5 Mbps down
    .3 Mbps up
  19. barry99705

    barry99705 Well-Known Member

    Okay, got the Atrix, Best Buy guy rocks!

    2.46Mb down
    .23Mb up
    ping is 505ms.
  20. tical2k

    tical2k Well-Known Member

    interesting, i set my atrix and my coworkers iphone 4 side by side, set the server to the same on both and consistently got about 1200 kbps down 300 kbps up on the atrix and about the opposite 300kbps down 1200kbps up on coworkers phone. Both inside our office in his window cube with 2 bars signal. Raleigh, NC btw.
  21. TimeOut

    TimeOut New Member

    Speed tests w/ 4G, less than impressive IMHO

    Atrix 4G - wifi off
    2782 down 342 up ping 481
    1531 down 272 up ping 310
    3244 down 327 up ping 315
    3017 down 340 up ping 492

    Nexus One - Wifi off
    2995 down 1293 up ping 147
    3258 down 1310 down ping 139
    236 down 957 up ping 171 (poor location and time I think)
    385 down 712 up ping 172
    309 down 1272 up ping 170

    Interesting, at least the phone itself is super speedy.

  22. Droid_Genius

    Droid_Genius Well-Known Member

    Just curious are these test done outside or indoors cause my iPhone gets 4.4down outside and I am looking into an Atrix but if that's the 4G....sheesh..
  23. rckaflla88

    rckaflla88 New Member

    Chicago, IL (server in Milwaukee, WI)
    4.67mbps down
    0.34 mbps up

    ping 679ms

    4.97 mbps down
    0.34 mbps up

    ping 316ms

    no idea why my up is so low...

    i'm using
  24. Juijin

    Juijin Member

    dallas,tx (corporate headquarters)
    3.11 down
    .28 up
    ping 335
  25. kgeissler

    kgeissler Well-Known Member

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