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  1. darkrequiem

    darkrequiem Well-Known Member

    Mohsin where can I get that wallpaper...can you post a link to it???

  2. Mohsin

    Mohsin Active Member

  3. scoob55

    scoob55 Well-Known Member

    the slide screen is an application called widgetlocker you can download from market and customize it the way you want.....others i use are beautiful widgets and pure messaging widget

    hope im understanding what you want to do
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  4. Imposter

    Imposter Well-Known Member

    I finally got the screen capture thing to work....what a pain. (at least for me)

    I would like to say thank you to all who are kind enough to endure all the newbie questions and comments. I could not have figured all this out without you.....

    Here is what I am almost finalized with. Still looking for the perfect font.


    Kaessa's Simple icons
    Simi clock
    ArtistikkEvo v1 tiles (template in zip)
    Wallpaper is a modified deviantart photo.
    Everything else is common enough stuff.
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  5. gallandof

    gallandof Well-Known Member


    heres my Moto droid desktop.

    Miui rom with the paper them and beautiful widgets for clock.
  6. miyooper

    miyooper Well-Known Member

    What I've done this weekend

  7. ToastPwnz

    ToastPwnz Well-Known Member

    I don't like copying other people's looks though. I want to try and find something "unique", but Like I said, I just don't have the patience. >.<
  8. adi19956

    adi19956 Well-Known Member

    not sure about the notifications... but apart from that yes :)
  9. xraychick01

    xraychick01 Well-Known Member

  10. Dreamlyfe

    Dreamlyfe Well-Known Member


    I'm running:
    • LauncherPro Plus
    • Simi Clock Widget
    • Dreamlyfe.Mini Theme (available at link in signature)
  11. ToastPwnz

    ToastPwnz Well-Known Member

    I've always wanted to try the Dreamlyfe docks, but the fact that resizing from an HDPI device to an MDPI device is probably quite a pain has kept me from doing it.
    Now I might be wrong of course, it sounds like it would be fairly "annoying" to do though, at least to get it perfect.
  12. Dreamlyfe

    Dreamlyfe Well-Known Member

    I'm afraid I'm a little behind on my terms, could you explain to me the difference between HDPI as opposed to MDPI? I'm assuming it has something to do with resolution/pixel density? It would be interesting trying to accommodate both devices.

    P.S You could always grab a demo version (comes with everything you need to achieve the look in the screenshot (excluding the widget & wallpaper), and give it a test :)
  13. paulmz

    paulmz Well-Known Member

  14. blkbeltkid17

    blkbeltkid17 Well-Known Member Contributor

    yeah thanks man that helped alot
  15. xraychick01

    xraychick01 Well-Known Member

    Anyone know if there are any free icons similar to the ones here on the second to the last image?
  16. crznsunshine

    crznsunshine Active Member

  17. ToastPwnz

    ToastPwnz Well-Known Member

    That's pretty much it. HDPI is basically a "high def" screen, where MDPI is only "medium def". (Found my answer here:
    I did look at the demo version, then I read the read-me part about resizing and basically gave up after that. <.<
    If you do decide to attempt at making a version for MDPI, I'd be willing to test it for you. (No I'm not trying to get it for free, I would only need the dock anyway. Just throwing that out there so there isn't any confusion. >.>)
  18. blkbeltkid17

    blkbeltkid17 Well-Known Member Contributor

    hey guys has anyone here ever had a problem downloading widget locker i got it today and it keep opening my web browser and sending me to a video add for the Honda oddesy
  19. Tsjoklat

    Tsjoklat Active Member

  20. Mohsin

    Mohsin Active Member

    Please could you tell me what calendar widgets you are using to display your tasks in those screenshots?
  21. trav2001

    trav2001 Well-Known Member

    Where did that picture come from? I'd like to it for my lock screen...
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  22. Dreamlyfe

    Dreamlyfe Well-Known Member

    That's perfect. if you could PM me a screen shot of your device (is it a galaxy tab?) that would be great. I just need a general idea of the screen size and scaling up my work without any loss in quality wouldn't be a problem at all. Right now they max out (and look best) at EVO/Droid X screen size & resolution...
  23. colchete

    colchete New Member

    Share wallpaper from Lockscreen?? Thanx
  24. trav2001

    trav2001 Well-Known Member

    I really like the wallpaper you used in your first screenshot. Do u mind sharing?
  25. Staggers

    Staggers Well-Known Member

    Here's what I'm currently running.

    Lockscreen (courtesy of Widget Locker, TypoClock, Beautiful Widgets 1x1 & BattStatt 1x1 widget)

    Main (Beautiful Widgets Home Weather w/ MIC_SGTI clock skin & plaingrey weather skin, Extended Controls, BattStat; dock img from LauncherPro Icons, dock icons from Lekky)

    Left (Agenda/Calendar widget from LauncherPro+, Metro icons from here)

    Right (Friends widget from LauncherPro+, more Metro icons)

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