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  1. jbirdsf

    jbirdsf Well-Known Member

    Current setup:

    Widget locker
    Palmary Weather (tiny)
    mclock (date only)
    circle batt

    Lock Screen

    Home Screen
    Beautiful weather 1x1 (dharma button skin)
  2. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery VIP Member

    You're turning into a legend there NightOwl :p

    Do you know where you got the reflective icons?

    Is the widget that has the volume (sys, mp3, atm and clock) My Volume+? I can't seem to google it and the pictures of the MyVolume+ on the market doesn't really look like that one. Edit...just realized something are those just icons? lol
  3. theshibby

    theshibby Well-Known Member

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  4. niteowl360

    niteowl360 Well-Known Member

    As the Sun City Golf Tournament starts tomorrow in our neck of the woods, thought I would create a Golf Theme for any golfing fans on the forum.

    I have kept the Circular Widgets as I'm still rather fond of them :D, but more transparent to highlight the golf ball!


    Uploaded with
  5. fourire

    fourire Well-Known Member

    could you share your wall ?
  6. fourire

    fourire Well-Known Member

  7. Ruckzuck78

    Ruckzuck78 Well-Known Member

    Really great thread many many good layouts i have seen here, thx to all for shareing.

    Here is my current Homescreen

  8. AZ2ENVY

    AZ2ENVY Well-Known Member

    How do you get that image of the phone with your homescreen on it ?
  9. Ruckzuck78

    Ruckzuck78 Well-Known Member

    i've found the psd file on devianArt with the psd file it was really simple ;-)
  10. miyooper

    miyooper Well-Known Member

    I just image googled for my phone and then use a program called imagewell
    on my mac to layer my screen shot on the phone pic.

  11. DiscoHam

    DiscoHam Active Member

    Yep just icons :) Icon Pack - Minimum - Android app on AppBrain
  12. heavy73

    heavy73 Well-Known Member

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  13. toosurreal01

    toosurreal01 Active Member

    My HTC Incredible

    Widget Locker
    gTab Simi Clock
    Circle Battery Widget
    Invisible Lock Widget
    LastCall Widget
    Modded SMS Unread Count
    iPhone Slider for Widget Locker

    Launcher Pro+
    gTab Simi Clock w/ Weather
    Circle Battery Widget
    Text String
    Angry Birds/WordFeud/Angry Birds Seasons
    Invisible Lock Widget
    Custom Dock+Icons with Swipe gesture actions
    Wallpaper from another user on the forum


    Thanks for looking!
  14. hometownrival

    hometownrival Member

    Decided to change mine up today...

  15. rcrott1

    rcrott1 Well-Known Member

    can you post that wallpaper??
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  16. heyitsericc

    heyitsericc Well-Known Member

    That's amazing!

    Breathtaking typography and stunning typographic works

    Looks great, what's the weather widget?
  17. StealthTH

    StealthTH Well-Known Member


    Uploaded with

    Mine is pretty stock, but I like it
  18. theshibby

    theshibby Well-Known Member

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  19. Ruckzuck78

    Ruckzuck78 Well-Known Member

  20. AZ2ENVY

    AZ2ENVY Well-Known Member

    Hey Shibby whats that Android Icon with the camera lens in your notification bar ?
    Im assuming its a screenshot app right ? If so which one ? Thanks !
  21. k0smo86

    k0smo86 Well-Known Member

    That looks awesome! Can you link/post the background and icons?
  22. Imposter

    Imposter Well-Known Member

    Loving the vintage pinup thing...don't see too many of those popping up.
    Nice work making it all fit and flow.
    Would you mind sharing the wallpaper or the source where you found it?
    Thanks much.
  23. hometownrival

    hometownrival Member

    Sure thing...


    Few notes about the setup:
    • For the icons, I created them for me as necessary (phone, mail, messaging, browser, camera, bar code scanner, twonky, gmote, checkbook, facebook, twitter, etc.), so if you need more I'd be happy to oblige. Or, if you're a Photoshopper, I can give you the main file.

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  24. kat3k

    kat3k Well-Known Member

    I have to agree. It would be SO helpful if people would identify all the parts of their screenshots. They're all really interesting, but for those I want to try myself, I have to post the question, hope the person is checking back, page through all the non-answers, and maybe never get a reply. And sometimes there are dozens I'd like to try.

    I have learned SO much here, and really appreciate all the creativity and sharing.
  25. k0smo86

    k0smo86 Well-Known Member

    Thanks so much! I am a graphic designer, so if you could link the PSD that would be awesome, but no worries otherwise.

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