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  1. fourire

    fourire Well-Known Member

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  2. onefortheride

    onefortheride New Member

    I see where you can resize widgets ... but what I'm asking is how people are resizing the icon/buttons. There has to be a way to make, say the facebook button, larger when i add it to my main screen.

    LSXMMA Well-Known Member

    desktop visualizer can do this....
  4. heavy73

    heavy73 Well-Known Member

    I know I need to add the "i" in gmail and the word phone and contacts in the
    reflection. I found the wallpaper and just had to do something with it. It looks
    much better with no words on the links.
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  5. scoob55

    scoob55 Well-Known Member




  6. niteowl360

    niteowl360 Well-Known Member


    World Class :)

    Also love the way the weather image looks down at the world!
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  7. redraptor

    redraptor Well-Known Member

    Im trying REALLY hard to get that sense look...I should have gone HTC instead of samsung

  8. cammyhorne

    cammyhorne Active Member

    i like the idea of the icons, how did u make this mate?
  9. fourire

    fourire Well-Known Member

    Probably desktop visualizer
  10. beenz

    beenz Well-Known Member

    I stand corrected :)
  11. scoob55

    scoob55 Well-Known Member

    thanks! the iconpack is over at xda developers in the android themes section called iconpack_scrambble.....then desktop visualizer 1x1 and the two 2x2 icons
  12. **Knurpsi**

    **Knurpsi** Well-Known Member

    I changed my homescreen a tiny bit to have more space and being able to include my fav weather skin on the homescreen. Cause I think it goes really well with the wallpaper :cool:
  13. LaDrOIdBoy

    LaDrOIdBoy Well-Known Member

    same here, i have a motorola milestone. I have the sense background like you, but there is actually a widget in the market called 'sense anaglogue clock' which looks just like the htc one. Do you have a launcher? If you dont then get one because it will allow you to do sense previews like the real thing. I downloaded an apk file for the sense keyboard which works great!

    one more thing, where'd you get that dock?
  14. francolopezjr1

    francolopezjr1 New Member

    man how do u even copy ur your screen pic and post it here ...i went from a blackberry curce to a the EVO so im new to all this ..touch screen and apps ..somebody explain how to copy home screen and send it somewhere
  15. Jazziette

    Jazziette Well-Known Member

    I absolutely love this!!! Can you please send me some info on how you created it? I don't normally flip out over desktops but this one is so appealing to me I want to see if I can set my Ascend to look like this? Thanks!!!! :)
  16. **Knurpsi**

    **Knurpsi** Well-Known Member

    Thank you very much!! :) Sure I can give you some info :)

    Here is what I used:

    LauncherPro Plus with 5 columns, 7 rows
    under "appearance settings" I checked "Disable wallpaper scrolling"
    white line is included in wallpaper, you can download it here
    clock: minimalistic text widget
    battery: circle battery widget
    SMS, calls, email count: SMS unread count widget with icons from this set --> download Simple font
    (just copy the icons you wish to use for SMS unread count and put them on your SD card under \data\com.kanokgems.smswidget, then you can choose them as custom icons)
    weather: Fancy Widget Pro, weatherskin is called MIUI Weather by GU5TAF & wowthatisrandom

    Hope that helps :)

    Oh, just one more thing: the wallpaper is customized for the width of my screen, so I don't know if it'll perfectly fit yours. You can find the unedited picture I used for it here: unedited wallpaper
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  17. trabant

    trabant New Member

    Just put this together the other night, I found the wallpaper and couldn't help designing around it a little bit.

  18. heavy73

    heavy73 Well-Known Member

  19. dunjamon

    dunjamon Well-Known Member

    Nice...whats the messaging widget you've got there?
  20. Jazziette

    Jazziette Well-Known Member

    Thank you SOOOOO much!!! That was very sweet of you to go into so much detail. I am going to try it. Hopefully I can get it to work. I'll let you know!!!! BIG HUGS!!!! :)
  21. MissJennell

    MissJennell Well-Known Member

  22. LSXMMA

    LSXMMA Well-Known Member

    I like that to share?
  23. RavenFox

    RavenFox VIP Member VIP Member

  24. fourire

    fourire Well-Known Member

    :cool: very very nice !
  25. brum

    brum New Member

    I've been googling checking unread apps preferences and I can't find that white SMS and email widget skin anywhere. What is it?

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