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  1. sanibel

    sanibel Well-Known Member

    Looks impressive enough :)

  2. Ruckzuck78

    Ruckzuck78 Well-Known Member

    Here is something new "Sexy & Elegant" ;)




    all info's widgets, wallpaper, icon's and over 50 layouts more can found on my Blog for free ;)
  3. Mayhem

    Mayhem Well-Known Member Contributor

    Here's what I have post-2.2.1 update for my Ally.


    This is with GO Launcher, SiMiFolder and SiMiClock.

    I like the minimalist look but wasn't really happy with the folders. They do match the feel of the launcher icons though.

    If anyone is curious, the desktop pic comes from Zedge. Search for Bubbles.
  4. beenz

    beenz Well-Known Member

    Instead of "cutting" it and separating, you need to take out part of the picture with the thickness of the distance of the icons. It's kind of hard for me to explain, but the face is getting stretched out, and you want it to look like the original picture with black lines through it (the color of the background). So you will be removing part of the picture.
  5. Tsjoklat

    Tsjoklat Active Member

    Love the banners you have been using in your latest screenshots :)
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  6. paulmz

    paulmz Well-Known Member

    Beenz is right. There is a 10-pixel space between widgets that need to be accounted for.
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  7. motoconvert

    motoconvert Well-Known Member

  8. LaDrOIdBoy

    LaDrOIdBoy Well-Known Member

  9. MissJennell

    MissJennell Well-Known Member

  10. Jazziette

    Jazziette Well-Known Member

    "JEEPERS CREEPERS....where'd ya get them EYEcons?" LOL

    AWESOME!!!! :D
  11. Jazziette

    Jazziette Well-Known Member

    The sun did rise today! LOL I'm in Arizona! :)

    But it also rose on my phone...that was what I was worried about. My boyfriend noticed it right away. He loves it just as much as I do and he really like my old wallpaper. Every time I changed it he would tell me he didn't like it as much. He LOVES this one!

    We're both into moon phases so I have my second screen with the forecast up at the top and the current moon phase down under the tree. It's really cool.

    I am going to try to download the icons from the link you gave me. They look so good with this theme. I took some screenshots of what I have now, which isn't complet, but I'll try to get them on here so you can see what I did.

    With YOUR help!!! Thanks again soooo much!!

  12. Jazziette

    Jazziette Well-Known Member

    Those look like they are from the iphone 4 theme at the market. They are very cool looking!
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  13. fourire

    fourire Well-Known Member

  14. Jazziette

    Jazziette Well-Known Member

    @ ***knurpsi***

    Okay....please don't laugh but here are my screen shots of what I have done so far. I know I still have a lot to learn but I'm just elated I was able to get this far! LOL

    Thanks for your wallpaper and weather widget etc. :)



    That's my Moon Phases widget under the tree. It changes daily too.


    I have a lot of contacts so these folders really help me.

    PS...I am very open to critique and suggestions! :)
  15. PapaPost

    PapaPost Member

    the newest set that i am working on. its not yet completed.

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  16. stanlalee

    stanlalee Well-Known Member

  17. gwcaton

    gwcaton Well-Known Member

    Can't believe i missed this reply.

    Thanks . I have another attempt I am about to post . Hopefully its getting better
  18. gwcaton

    gwcaton Well-Known Member

    todays attempt

  19. niteowl360

    niteowl360 Well-Known Member

    You've made great progress :)
    At one stage even I was hoping you'd get some SUNSHINE!
    If you're hooked on folders, check out Simi Folder which will also allow for easy use of your own custom icons.
    It displays you're links really well too.
  20. Jazziette

    Jazziette Well-Known Member

    LOL Thank you very much!!! I'll check out Simi Folder right away. I need to work more with minimalistic text to learn the program better but at least i did get some "Sunshine"!!! :)

    I love the Fancy Widget weather app. It changes at night to a beautiful moon. Last night before I went to bed we had some high winds and it changed to look like a dust storm. I was amazed! LOL

    Thanks again for your comments!

  21. fourire

    fourire Well-Known Member

    Very nice work...where do you take the dock & icons in the dock ?
  22. PapaPost

    PapaPost Member

    HTC HD2 i like a lot of his stuff.
  23. **Knurpsi**

    **Knurpsi** Well-Known Member

    I'm definately not laughing at all! :) Looks actually really nice for a first start :)
    I personally think everyone should design their homescreen the way THEY like it and how THEY feel the most comfortable using it and not just for the sake of some "fancy" artsy creation or stuff... ;) So, you go girl! Do your thing! [​IMG]

    Two apps that you might like: circle launcher and smart shortcuts. They are really helpful when it comes to use lots of apps or contacts on the homescreen but you don't wanna waste much space. It's really great stuff! For example in this screenshot, the little pink heart is actually all my family members contacts. When I click on it, the contacts I chose beforehand are popping up. I used circle launcher for that.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  24. Jazziette

    Jazziette Well-Known Member

    Thanks Knurpsi! I'm still going crazy trying to learn how to turn my icons into text and trying to hide the dock.

    Now if I could figure out how to hide the Cricket name off my screen I could make millions!!! LOL

    I never dreamed I could have so much fun with this little phone that only cost me $100. :)

    PS....I started a thread like this over on the Huawei Ascend Forum and gave you credit for helping me with my desktop. :D

    Boo Hoo!!! I don't have a cheerleader smiley!!!! :p
  25. MissJennell

    MissJennell Well-Known Member

    You can make your own text icons. I put exactly how to do it here.
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