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  1. Jazziette

    Jazziette Well-Known Member

  2. MissJennell

    MissJennell Well-Known Member

    Your welcome. :)
  3. gwcaton

    gwcaton Well-Known Member

    Kind of a two for one offering. A sample of my screens for the day and one of the new screen effects from LP+ ( cube transition)

    I think I have the technical aspect of the "sliced" icons just about figured out but still need some work on the eye appeal .
  4. **Knurpsi**

    **Knurpsi** Well-Known Member

    Nice work! [​IMG]
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  5. crznsunshine

    crznsunshine Active Member

  6. gwcaton

    gwcaton Well-Known Member

  7. crznsunshine

    crznsunshine Active Member

    I know, I can't wait either! Thinking happy thoughts to survive the cold winter! ;)
  8. fluxbox

    fluxbox Well-Known Member

    After a bout with Tron in Imax, i have this as my working environment for now. Simple and effective.

    Hope you like.

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  9. darkrequiem

    darkrequiem Well-Known Member

    I see you LP+ as your launcher..but on ADW EX they a really sick tron theme going might want to check it out...I too LOVED tron (both original and the latest) but didn't get to experience it on IMAX just good ol' theater :) But I like your screen shot :)
  10. MissJennell

    MissJennell Well-Known Member

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  11. Jazziette

    Jazziette Well-Known Member

    Beautiful Miss Jennell!!! I love those poppies! Nice layout!

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  12. SolidOrange

    SolidOrange Well-Known Member

    Moto Droid (ADW EX, BeautifulWidgets, WidgetLocker, Liquid Gingerbread ROM):

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  13. HeatherrSuicide

    HeatherrSuicide Active Member

    Hmm... every time I try to open ddms, i keep getting an error saying that it can't find adb. Anyone ever had this before?
  14. fourire

    fourire Well-Known Member

  15. paulmz

    paulmz Well-Known Member

    Make sure all of your files are in the right place:


    Uploaded with
  16. mykela25

    mykela25 Well-Known Member

  17. Ruckzuck78

    Ruckzuck78 Well-Known Member

    Here is something new "Website Style" :)




    all info's widgets, wallpaper, icon's and over 50 layouts more can found on my Blog for free ;)
  18. RadYOacTiVe

    RadYOacTiVe Well-Known Member

    Very Nice, i've seen so many different layouts but this one stands out. I will check your blog when I get a chance, i'd like to try and copy this one!

  19. fourire

    fourire Well-Known Member

    There we go

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  20. srh_pres

    srh_pres Well-Known Member

  21. jhj

    jhj Member

    I'm pretty plain. Maybe if I get more time to actually customize I'll whip up something better. (MyTouch4G permroot): Using ADW EX. No lock screen widget and only using 3 screens (the other two are blank). :p

  22. Jay21fire

    Jay21fire Active Member

    is that dock from the Rom you are using or could you post it with the little android guy please
  23. fourire

    fourire Well-Known Member

  24. fourire

    fourire Well-Known Member

  25. HeatherrSuicide

    HeatherrSuicide Active Member

    Okay. Did that, and now it's saying adb failed.

    I don't understand, I didn't have this problem on my old computer :(

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