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  1. steve4294

    steve4294 Member

    Pretty sure that is the Launcher Pro calendar/agenda widget.

  2. LOve the dates indicator on the first screen can you please share how you did that

    Thank you
  3. Can you please share how you got the date indiactors across the top on the first screen thank you
  4. androidisforporn

    androidisforporn Well-Known Member

    Thanks. What launcher U use and what dock theme?
  5. mvh

    mvh Well-Known Member

    Here's my new desktop:

    Launcher pro, minimalistic text, simple text icons.

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  6. fourire

    fourire Well-Known Member

    LPP for the's not at all a them, for the dock background I downloaded it and the icons are simple text. look few pages before, I put the background ;)
  7. fourire

    fourire Well-Known Member

  8. kaine

    kaine Well-Known Member


    Minimal and boring, I know. But that's how I like it :)
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  9. Tsjoklat

    Tsjoklat Active Member

    Oh wallpaper please? And which set of dock icon texts are you using? Lovely!
  10. Shorte85

    Shorte85 Well-Known Member

    I checked the widgets that came with the LPP but I don't see agenda, but I do see calendar. The options of the different views I didn't see the type of layout that was shown in the screen shot that I fell in love with. :)
  11. steve4294

    steve4294 Member

    Pretty sure if you pick a calendar, once you have the widget on your screen you can toggle between the "calendar" view and the agenda
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  12. theshibby

    theshibby Well-Known Member

    here ya go sorry it took so long havent been online in a while

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  13. DT3CH

    DT3CH Well-Known Member

    Nice I like
  14. Cuddlemuffin

    Cuddlemuffin Member

    Hey, I would say it's sleek and elegant.
  15. niteowl360

    niteowl360 Well-Known Member

    Watched Despicable Me with my daughter and was really impressed.
    So, this weekend theme is Despicable Me.


    Uploaded with

    Screen 2 uses Simi Folders colour coded :)
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  16. fourire

    fourire Well-Known Member

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  17. enigma83

    enigma83 Well-Known Member

    My new one :)

  18. poopookakada

    poopookakada Well-Known Member

    Here's my STOCK DHD's screens... all 7 of them :p

    I really want to change it around and get new icons n stuff but this'll do for now :)







  19. holgalee

    holgalee Well-Known Member

    The clock rocks! Did you modify this yourself? Is it possible to share? TIA.
  20. niteowl360

    niteowl360 Well-Known Member

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  21. niteowl360

    niteowl360 Well-Known Member

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  22. justjerry

    justjerry Well-Known Member

    Can someone identify this theme and/or icon pack? I've install dxtop but I can't find these icons anywhere. PLease - anyone know?????
  23. stephhannieex333

    stephhannieex333 New Member

    facebook notifications?! i've been looking for a widget for that for months!
  24. ak89

    ak89 Member

  25. JevyJav

    JevyJav Well-Known Member

    Ok I final tweak
    The huge orb icons are apart of an app called circle launcher

    I'm also using another space maximizing app called swipepad I highly recommend it

    My take on honeycomb




    Homescreen middle



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