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  1. cfc

    cfc Well-Known Member

    what launcher are you using if any?
    and what apps?
    what app is it that tells you the battery life left in words?

    lastly what is the best home launcher, launcher pro or adw?
  2. JimmyCarbone

    JimmyCarbone Active Member

    in those pictures i am using launcher pro plus.. but currently im using adw launcher. :p they both have their up sides. i like the ability to exclude programs from the app drawer with launcherpro plus, and i like the themes available for adw. you just gotta play with them both to see what best suits you i guess..

    battstat is the battery life widget in words. tajm clock is the time in words. both are available in the market. pure grid calandar is my fav cal. widget. switchpro is the switch widget i use. audiomanager pro is the eq looking widget i use. all of these are available on the market. some are pay programs.. but i like supporting devs! its only a buck or 2..

    i'm obsessed with changing things on my phone. my theme/layout has changed like 3 times in the last 2 weeks i think. it may have even been less time then that. just play around and take ideas from this thread! :D
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  3. Rotary

    Rotary Well-Known Member

  4. theshibby

    theshibby Well-Known Member

    Finally decided to flash a new rom and wow i like this phone even more

  5. ysosa003

    ysosa003 Member

    HTC Incredible with LauncherPro. :) My favorite part are the little droids!
  6. Ngo93

    Ngo93 Well-Known Member

  7. phantazma

    phantazma Member

  8. Baggy

    Baggy Well-Known Member

    Awesome stuff
  9. Jay21fire

    Jay21fire Active Member

    omg i love the little droid icons where did you get them
  10. cfc

    cfc Well-Known Member

    love them two how do you get them?
  11. Jay21fire

    Jay21fire Active Member

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  12. mrdeadhead

    mrdeadhead Active Member

    so i've been using Home++ for a while and i like it i guess... i mean i really just like the extra screens and the little task bar at the bottom

    but it just feels like it's getting a little old... it crashes a lot, there isn't a whole lot of interesting stuff to do with it... i'm thinking about switching to something else. something with better aesthetic options available (like themes or something to give me more control).

    i'm probably just gonna drop most of my apps back into the drawer and not worry about them (i seriously have like 7 screens of just apps and some widgets) and just have basic, good looking widgets and not too many of them. can anyone suggest any good apps for this? i'm not rooted, nor do i really care to root my phone, so preferably something just available in the market.

    i just need something that's stable, gets the job done, and maybe offers a few little extras like bonus screens and even a task bar like Home++'s.

    also, my notification bar (for some reason it's not pictured :confused:) is white, and it bothers me, how can i turn it black? i haven't seen anything for it...
    i did just upgrade to 2.2 so maybe i should check again....
  13. maverick777

    maverick777 Well-Known Member

    A few tweaks to my previous setup.

    Couldn't find a launcherpro dock background I wanted to stick with, so I made my own to match the Touchwiz notification bar. :)

    Moved my folders into the launch bar and made some new icons from Black'UPS icons and Simpletext. Not sure if I'll keep the folders there or move them back to my main home screen.

    Added Geniewidget to the mix. (trying to figure out how to change the background. I'd like to make it transparent.)


    Widgets: Search, Genie Widget, Switchpro, Beautiful Widget, Android Agenda Widget
    Icons: custom Suave HD icons (enlarged them)
    Wall: Planet Earth by ~sanmonku on deviantART
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  14. howetechnical

    howetechnical Well-Known Member

    Here's my contribution. Just got my Samsung Vibrant a few days ago. Rooted, stock 2.1 ROM, LauncherPro.

    Widgets: SwitchPro (main screen top), Vlingo medium (main screen bottom middle), chompSMS (main screen bottom right), Pure Grid Calendar 4x4 XL (left screen), Pandora (Right screen 1 top), TechBuzz (Right screen 2 middle), Engadget (Right screen 1 bottom).

    Main screen and dock slider (left dock slider, then main, then right)

    Left screen:

    Right screens (1, then 2):
  15. Scottmc

    Scottmc Well-Known Member

  16. cfc

    cfc Well-Known Member

    where is the best place to download themes for adw?
  17. cfc

    cfc Well-Known Member

  18. Droidable

    Droidable Well-Known Member

  19. kensta812

    kensta812 Member

    Long press the buttons and go to change icon, then custom icon and look for the picture. I haven't tried it myself but I think you need launcherpro.
  20. kensta812

    kensta812 Member

  21. Droidable

    Droidable Well-Known Member

  22. pman219

    pman219 Well-Known Member

    Mind sharing your icons ??
  23. localguy

    localguy Well-Known Member

    What clock and weather is this please?
  24. howetechnical

    howetechnical Well-Known Member

    For the rest of you, here's the link to the plain "android" version of the walls:

    lumarti57 on deviantART
  25. Derek1267

    Derek1267 Member

    Can you link the app drawer and market icon?

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