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  1. Haze23

    Haze23 Member

    How about a program that is a fake voicemail? When call comes in you can hit an addtional button the says "Screen". When the button is hit, the phone answers, it is auto muted, and a prerecorded voicemail message plays. The other partys message is recorded to the sd card and you can listen to them leaving a message. You could also hit a button that says "pick up" to allow to unmute and start talking. Screening your vociemail would be great! Thoughts???

    Thanks, Haze
  2. channel_zero

    channel_zero New Member

    But as yet, I have been unable to find any info on the feasibility of mounting SMB shares when you are using Wifi around the house. I have two Linux servers that hold my media, and it would be cool to be able to mount my audio 'drives' and listen to my tunes wherever I want in the house.

    I'm new to the G1 - so forgive me if I am assuming too much capability here, but it seems like something that could be done at the application level, like with Resco Explorer on the Palm side.

    Any ideas on how I could get this done?

  3. iBOOTLEGit

    iBOOTLEGit New Member

    I want a more accurate gps locator. It says im like two blocks from where I really am. Also an app that lets the GPS voice out the directions would be awesome as well.
  4. pacothebandit

    pacothebandit Well-Known Member

    Ok so it would be totally rad to have an app that allows you to unlock you car. I don't know about you but I have a 2002tls and the replacement key fob is 100 bucks! lame! how about an app that does it for you!
  5. greenwich.witch

    greenwich.witch New Member

    that could be dangerous to, security would be needed
  6. ElusiveByte

    ElusiveByte Well-Known Member

    You heard wrong. Android will run any number of tasks. It will only end older tasks when new ones require more memory than is available. So it's much simpler than you describe. Just make an app that requests all the RAM the G1 has and Android will kill everything else.

    Oh, and it already exists. It's called Close Everything.
  7. projectig

    projectig New Member

    hey, there is an app for android called Phone analyzer I believe. And it does partially what you asked for.
  8. softwaretech

    softwaretech Member

    I'd love to see an application that would allow two or more phones to share the same screen. One example that comes to mind, if I have a video, I would like to be able to share the video so we can watch both at the same time. The same can be said about audio and / or "head-to-head" gaming.
  9. NiN^_^NiN

    NiN^_^NiN Member

    Here's an idea i only just got a G1 but im not using 3G (it's a ripoff in australia)

    If it's possible a program that turns wifi on and then gets gmail and anything else to update wait a set amount of time then turn the wifi off.

    This would only use wifi when checking for new updates for email etc then turn wifi off which would save battery power.

    I'm not sure if this is possible as i haven't had time to play and look at what the g1 can and can't do when in standby mode.
  10. maglite

    maglite Member

    I'm not sure if this has already been suggested or even done, but how about an app that changes the wallpaper at different times of the day? It could have the option of choosing wallpaper and at what time the user would like that wallpaper applied.
  11. Ageless Stranger

    Ageless Stranger Well-Known Member

    It's got my vote.
  12. augiecrazy8

    augiecrazy8 Member

    ENTERPRISE EMAIL!!! We use lotus notes at work, and we don't use the exchange servers, so we have nothing to efficiently get my work mail on the phone
  13. Have you Googled this? I just Googled: << Sync lotus email >> and got back a number of interesting hits. The first one was these Companionlink guys. They don't mention G1 in their targets but I've been testing their Google/Outlook sync and I know they're G1 aware. You might try calling them.

    CompanionLink Manages Two-Way Sync Between Lotus Notes 8.5 and the Latest Smartphones | Market Wire | Find Articles at BNET

    Hint: if you can sync Lotus to Google mail then you'll get it pushed to your G1.
  14. Ageless Stranger

    Ageless Stranger Well-Known Member

    I wish I had the time to develop this myself, but I'm working full time and studying in whatever time I have left for a degree, but if anyone wants to take this idea on board and develop it then feel free.

    An application that sits silently in the background and monitors processes. This should be straight forward, CPU, memory and cache usage can easilly be obtained from the OS. Presenting this to the user like windows task manager (or Linux top) should also be straight forward. What would be very useful would be to maintain the average and peak levels for each process, and if a process goes beyond a pre-defined threshold a warning will be shown in the task area at the top of the device.

    That way it would be easy to see what applications are hogging our devices CPU and memory.

    Hopefully someone will stop by and see the benefits in this and write an application. I just wish I had the time to do it.
  15. mycatsucks

    mycatsucks New Member

    I would be so happy if someone could make speakerphone and numeric keypad easier to access while on a call.

    For example, the application could have options for screen lock, dim timer, and also redesign the call screen layout so that the numeric keypad always appears, along with other useful buttons like speakerphone. It should also still display the information of the person you are calling.

    This could all easily fit on that screen.

    I am also irritated that when I voice dial someone it takes way to long to be able to get the speakerphone activated. You should be able to say something like, "Call Amy mobile on speakerphone." So you could verbally activate speakerphone.

    Better yet, voice activated speakerphone!
  16. alinadee

    alinadee Member

    i would love love love an app with meds such as davis drug guide so i could have them all at my fingertips along with dosages, nursing considerations of each etc. that would make my life so much easier!!!

    and also something like davis' RN notes on the g1. its pretty much everything u need to know about nursing(assessments, labs, maternity, trauma, diseases)

    i am getting the g1 today and i hope there might be something like these that i can download.

    crossing my fingers
  17. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

    Guess that would depend on how many of you RNs are also programmers !!
  18. alinadee

    alinadee Member

    i know how to read ekgs, not develop software! =(
  19. Mr Bloppy

    Mr Bloppy Well-Known Member

    i would luv an app like gmote but you can see the computer/laptop screen on your phone. has this already been said i coulnd b botherd to read everything! :) im lazy
  20. amj1627

    amj1627 New Member

    I need an app that will let me use my razr as the modem (With Bluetooth Like I use on my laptop) for my G1 because the razr gets EVDO where the G1 is roaming and/or slow in to many places.
  21. NiN^_^NiN

    NiN^_^NiN Member

    How about turning the phone into a webcam?

    We are always hearing about issues with cops and other things so why not have the option of having the phone turn into a webcam and save the image files or the video stream remotely?

    That would be cool i think :)
  22. kasperasky

    kasperasky New Member

    developing an android emulator for windows and linux!!
    anyone interested in joining for the project ??
  23. App Czar

    App Czar New Member

    My dream for an app is for the home screen.... I guess it would be a widget (see laman).... I want a 3D ball on the home screen with all apps, or only the ones wanted painted and accessible on the ball. And when the finger is dragged on it, the ball spins in any direction making for quick access to all the apps. Another simpler one that would be fun is a music app that allows the playing of 6 or so crystal glassses when the finger is spun around it sounds like someone playing crystal glasses. Oh and if there is something out there that can customize the folders on the home screen, please let me know... I have all my apps organized in 18 folders and let look a little plain.
  24. orion12521

    orion12521 Member

    I would like to see a program that allows you to set up ring profiles by time of day. I am generally at work in the office from 8:00 to 5:00 every day and would like my phone to change automatically to vibrate only during that time. Would need to have the flexibility to manually overide. Would also want to be able to set it up for each day individually.
  25. fixedd

    fixedd New Member

    Check out Locale.

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