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Post Your App Idea

  1. bmknapp

    bmknapp Active Member

    There is an option when you save a contact to send that contact's call directly to voicemail.

    My ideal app would be one where you can tether your phone to your desktop and run the operating system/browser on your computer.
  2. snelkat

    snelkat New Member

    i'd like my "missed calls" from number X to be deleted when either
    a) person X calls me AND i answer
    b) i call person X

    i've been wanting that feature since the dawn of cell phones (at least which had call lists) but i havn't gotten lucky yet. :)

    i don't like having my call list full of missed calls which i've already "taken care of", which means a lot of manual labour. :/
  3. le03r6

    le03r6 New Member

  4. kenbond

    kenbond New Member

    What about an app that can send a text in the future? That would help me out a ton!
  5. Yue4Prez

    Yue4Prez New Member

    I actually joined to see if there was a way to MAKE apps for the droid...

    I am on a gaming site and I'd love to have an app to train/do crimes for haha
  6. rlittle66

    rlittle66 Active Member

    Or the government can just plant a chip in the kids head at birth. What it's just a thought? LMAO
  7. mylinuxbox

    mylinuxbox Well-Known Member

    I really love my HTC hero. I have moved from blackberry so I was sceptical yo say the least.

    There is however a couple of features I would like to see here.

    On my bb I could look at my call log, scroll to a number and select the menu key, from where I could see really quickly the details of when I was called made a call.

    I could also see the time and date of the calls.

    I have tried a couple of the 3rd party apps for this but none are quite as simple as my bb.

    If we could get that I would be so happy.

    My hero would be true hero.
  8. droid51378

    droid51378 Well-Known Member

    I am missing a few Iphone apps, but not my Iphone.

    Color Splash - This app turns your pics b&w, then allows you to use the touch screen and turn parts of the pic color. Here is an example.

    Yahoo Fantasy Sports: An app to access Yahoo fantasy sports would be great.

    Any type of over-head shooter would be sweet.

    Thanks to anyone who gives these a shot.
  9. JackButler

    JackButler Well-Known Member

    AFter reading this, I just bought Picsay Pro for $1.99...awesome!
  10. ari-free

    ari-free Well-Known Member

  11. ER6BEN

    ER6BEN Active Member

    Hi all,
    You know this could be alot of fun if someone would develop an app that when you take a photo of your face it could search a preloaded data base and give you a pic of the celeb that most looks like you.
  12. Gtavc200

    Gtavc200 Member

    I think it would be cool if there was a Bluetooth Remote App that is compatible with the Playstation 3.
  13. sbkoh

    sbkoh New Member

    Currently, on my HTC Hero, the screen lock is activated immediately upon pressing the power button to switch off the screen. I wish for an app that allows me to specify the length of time before which the screen lock does not activate; the screen lock only activates once the specified amount of time has elapsed.
  14. tkdrubberbandman

    tkdrubberbandman New Member

    i don't know if there is an app that is a video editing app if there was one that you could take all your videos and make a big video but cuting and pasting the video clip together. and make a GOOD video with fx!!!!!
  15. itype2slo

    itype2slo Well-Known Member

  16. jax04

    jax04 New Member

    not sure if its been said yet, but i know the iphone has an app for credit cards where you can charge a credit card through your phone. would be great for a small business man like myself.
  17. BiRd DaWgY

    BiRd DaWgY Member

    One App I would LOVE to see is a scale app. It wouldnt have to weigh much just like grams. I need it for weighing stamps and envelopes. PM if you think this could be done.
  18. Spbeyond

    Spbeyond Well-Known Member

    I want an app that will check my PM's on a bunch of different websites for me. Like a mail client for web forum's PM boxes. If that makes any sense!
  19. ER6BEN

    ER6BEN Active Member

    Uhh yeah....stamps and envelopes.....I swear.
  20. debrrose

    debrrose Member

    An app to make the phone listen to garage remote. I know that cars can talk to remotes, my Ford truck has a thing where it can learn three remotes and then they're on visor buttons. Wondering if Android phones could be made to do that?

    And hey, while we're at it, how about a really universal universal remote... I know I have my phone with me all the time but keep losing other devices, what if the phone could be garage opener, tv and cable remote, wireless light turner-offer, window a/c controller, as well as the remote pc stuff that's already there like being a mouse. Seems it would need the capability to learn from other devices like one of those programmable tv remotes, and then widget makers to come up with a control panel for each class of device.

    Being a car remote seems like it would be more complicated because of security, but that would be really handy too (needs a solution other than expensive Viper).

    .. and an 'I've fallen and can't get up' thingy for Grandma too...

    and oh by the way, I would really really like a stylus that works on these touchscreens like Hero has
  21. BiRd DaWgY

    BiRd DaWgY Member

    Ha does it matter what its for? No but i would still like to see this done. I'm sure other people have uses for it different than mine.
  22. remmbermytitans

    remmbermytitans New Member

    If there were a way to mod the Google Goggles app, I would make an extension to allow for daily treasure hunts. What I mean is that everyday the app would have a list of things to look for everyday. Today you would be required to find an Elmo doll, a Barbie and maybe a firetruck toy. You would receive points for each item you found, and would get more points as the items changed every few days. Also, if that was possible, I would imagine that a Pokedex app is also possible to make. This would require users to scan pokemon to add them to their pokedex, just like in the show. Unfortunately, I've never made an app, but if someone wanted to give this a try go for it! All I ask is that you tell me, or at least give credit where credit is due.
  23. squirrellydw

    squirrellydw Well-Known Member

    I would like an app that turns off 3G when I hit the end button to put the phone to sleep then turns it back on when I unlock the phone.
  24. rlittle66

    rlittle66 Active Member

    It's called "voice text" on the market place.
  25. simkid7

    simkid7 Member

    If someone could make a Farmville app for android that would help.

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