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  1. Digitalfix

    Digitalfix Active Member

    How about an app to bulk update your apps ;-)
  2. Dabrador

    Dabrador Well-Known Member

    I'd love to see an app that handles html e-mail in an exchange environment (compatible with activesync). The only solution now is Touchdown but that does everything (calendar, tasks, email, contacts). I need a standalone e-mail app. Ideally, it would work inside the default e-mail client.

    This would be a very popular app that would bring in actual dollars...
  3. jasnmb

    jasnmb Well-Known Member

  4. FlySR22

    FlySR22 Member

    I'm using "timesheet" found in the market and find it very useful.

  5. Murphy

    Murphy Well-Known Member

    Idea I thought of last night was for some keys added to the top of the virtual keyboard that the user can program to hold their email address or any other often used personal info. it would save a lot fo typing.
  6. NCKK

    NCKK Well-Known Member

    This... +1,000,000,000,000
  7. mjz773

    mjz773 Well-Known Member

    I know it sounds pretty worthless, but on the hero their are 6 hardware buttons, and if their could be an app that would unlock the phone without having to enter the passcode that would be awesome.
    for example the combination of pressing talk twice and menu one would unlock the phone, of course you could create the combination of hardware buttons to unlock the phone.
    You would not have to type in the password to unlock it using the hardware button combination to unlock the phone.
    So if you were to just press the end key to normally unlock the phone, the phone would wake up and prompt the unlock screen, but if you pressed the combo of hardware buttons you wouldnt have to do that.
  8. megaera

    megaera Well-Known Member

    I'd like an application that would pop up and alert you for location specific to do lists. For example, say you have a grocery list. You'd go to the grocery store, make sure your GPS was enabled, and set that specific GPS coordinate as I dunno, "grocery store." Then you could make a to-do or shopping list under grocery store which would give you a pop up alert (similar to Hancent SMS pop up text messages/with an option for vibrate+ringtone/notification when you go back to that GPS coordinate. Every time you thought of something you needed you could just add it to your phone, knowing that it will automatically bring it up when you go back to the store. You could have a home to do list that pops up at home, a work one that pops up at the office, and one for anyplace you go. I know I've gone to friends' houses meaning to pick up that book I lent them and only remembered 20 minutes after I left their houses. Or I've gone to my parents' house to fix things and forgotten to do that. This could possibly link to Google Maps.

    If only I could code....
  9. ggp

    ggp Well-Known Member

    barcode scanner that adds to grocery list...

    including ability to select "preferred" stores in your area, so that when you scan your peanut butter, it tells you which of the stores you like to go to has the best price, then adds it to the list for that store.
  10. Digitalfix

    Digitalfix Active Member

    This What ;-)
  11. jasnmb

    jasnmb Well-Known Member

    I think the rememberthemilk app does this. I think there is at least one other app that does this, but can't remember the name.
  12. megaera

    megaera Well-Known Member

    Ah, yes it does, thanks. Danged if I'll pay 25 bucks for it though, but it did lead me to see Astrid+Locale can do the same thing more or less. RtM also doesn't look like you can customize the ringtone eiher. Now all we need is for the android market just had a better search function we'd be golden!
  13. jasnmb

    jasnmb Well-Known Member

    I found another one you could try called Toodo: TooDo v2.4.3 Application for Android | Productivity
  14. GalaxyMeh

    GalaxyMeh Well-Known Member

  15. I would love an App that included the complete works of Edgar Allen Poe!
  16. KlaymenDK

    KlaymenDK Well-Known Member

  17. gogol

    gogol Well-Known Member

    Here is an idea:

    Application that can store TEXT, IMAGES, AUDIO, and VIDEOS in one single document.

    The IMAGES and VIDEOS can be taken using the phone camera or imported from local file.

    The IMAGES and VIDEOS will be shown as THUMBNAILS within the document.

    User can add TEXT in the document.

    User can record audio and shown as ICON in the document.

    The application should work OFFLINE, you don't need to store the document online (although this is optional and nice to have).

    Why OFFLINE feature is important?
    - Because sometimes you cannot go online in certain area
    - Because sometimes it will be very expensive to go online (e.g. roaming abroad)

    Looks like I am describing somekind of more advanced Microsoft OneNote :)
    Microsoft OneNote can do this but only with IMAGES. If Android can have this application with AUDIO and VIDEOS, that would be incredibly awesome!

    PS: Originally, I asked this OneNote "like" application in this thread below:
  18. GalaxyMeh

    GalaxyMeh Well-Known Member

    People don't really get computers nowadays. You don't need an "app" to read a story. A story is a text file. Maybe if someone wanted an "app for that", they should get an iPhone. Those gizmos have an actual app called "Lighter" that displays a static picture of a flame. But hey, it's more convenient to install a "Lighter" app than to download the JPG of a lighter and display it with whatever image viewer your phone has.
  19. danlaw777

    danlaw777 Well-Known Member

    how about an app that syncs your Google bookmarks to your android????

  20. I understand that full well. and yes, it would be much more convenient to just download an app that has all of the stories and poems collected and ready to read with a couple of taps. after all, isn't convenience what these smart phones are all about?
  21. craigrn16

    craigrn16 Well-Known Member

    I would love to see an add on to the default browser that enabled Multitouch on the Droid. Not a whole new browser just an add on to the default. I happen to like the default browser just want one or two extra features.
  22. Doit2it

    Doit2it Well-Known Member Contributor

    I was going to suggest the same app! I agree it should be fairly easy since there are MANY websites that use the ACARS system to track planes in flight. And just like you said, GPS, accelerometer, and compass could be used to indicate your position and attitude in conjuction with the ACARS info would give you the aircraft information. The only problem I foresee would be the FAA or Homeland Security frowning on the project. But since you can listen to ACARS with a hand held scanner and decode it with a simple computer program, it makes their objections moot.
  23. les017

    les017 Active Member

    I didn't see this listed, so here goes.....

    In regards to Google voice, if you are using call presentation to ensure that calls are coming to you via GV, to answer a call you now need to swipe, call up keypad and make your selection. I think a great app would simply bring up the keypad, or better yet a list of GV options immediately after swiping an incoming call. This would benefit most while driving, especially since I don't think BT handsfree would deal very well with speaking "ANSWER" followed by a numerical selection.
  24. Chief7

    Chief7 Well-Known Member

    A developer who can make an app to track vehicle miles used for business purposes. Not one that uses the GPS but recalls the beginning mileage from the previous day and all the user has to enter is ending mileage. The following items would be great to comply with IRS rules:

    * Date
    * Beginning Miles (stored from previous day's use)
    * Ending miles
    * Calculates total miles driven
    * A daily amount of expense per mile (computed by current IRS regs - this would need to be changeable since the IRS changes this periodically (currently @ $0.55) but some people would use this for their employer reimbursement tracker and the employer may use a different amount.
    * A running total of the amount of expenses earned/incurred
    * Destination
    * Purpose of trip

    Expenses in this app are not necessary, nor gas mileage or when the oil needs to be changed - we need this to comply with IRS regulations for business use of the vehicle.

    Here is one example from an old Palm app: Mileage for Palm OS by David Zimmerman

    And another updated earlier this year: MileageByTallEric: Updated! for Palm OS by Eric Buess

    Here are two WinMo versions:
    PocketMileage on PocketGear

    Auto Mileage Tracker on PocketGear

    These are some ideas and many of us that are required to keep track of this information for IRS and billing purposes would be willing to pay for such an app. So, how about it all you developers - can you give me something like this? I'll beta it for you!
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  25. dreamtoys

    dreamtoys Member

    How about:

    headset voice initiated dialing?

    adjustable font size

    Figure a way to use Droid to access email overseas without WIFI?

    Extended battery with fitting belt clip.

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