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  1. crazzybouy

    crazzybouy New Member

    A voice daemon, that should wake up on hearing a password phrase from user, and start taking voice command. Right now, to do voice search or voice call, you need to touch the phone and do couple of browsing to reach to the app. But its inconvenient/illegal while driving. I would like to phone to understand voice commands and invoke tasks accordingly.

    For example

    I speak: "HELLO ANDROID" and the phone wakes up to take voice commands
    I speak: "CALL XYZ" and it dials the number form addressbook
    I speak: "SPEAKER ON" and it turns on the speaker.

    Later on: I should be able able to end the call by just touching the screen and then voice recognition should resume again. ( voice recognition should be stopped while you are in call of course )
  2. Eugene

    Eugene Well-Known Member

    R2 open a web browser to and check for new posts.
  3. YankeeDudeL

    YankeeDudeL Well-Known Member

    Handcent SMS has this option, and there's Holla which you could use for more than texting. The 2.1 update should have these options as well.
  4. Wisdom

    Wisdom Well-Known Member

    This, combined with Google Goggles in order to fill in the information would be perfect. No typing, just take a pic, then select the right info from the search...
  5. Wisdom

    Wisdom Well-Known Member

    I've been looking for a PGP/GnuPG solution for GMail on my Droid, but I have only ran into walls. Public/Private key encryption and signing would be an invaluable tool, but it doesn't look like any developers are doing any serious work on it.
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  6. smokeylt

    smokeylt Active Member

    There is an app available fore Iphones[​IMG] that is great for people who work a shift schedule, or just tracking vacation days. It would be great to have an app that would perform this function for android. What I would like is a calender that allows you to define your schedule, for example 1 on 2 off, and make days that you work highlighted one color.

    My Crackberry calender allowed you to repeat an event as much as needed, which allowed me to put in my shift every third day. I can't beleive I can't do the same with my Hero calender.

    Please advise me if I am wrong.:confused:
  7. Chief7

    Chief7 Well-Known Member

    Well, kind of...

    I haven't tried it yet on my Hero, but... if you go to your Google calendar enter your first shift, select "Repeats" > Daily > every 3 days you will get your shift schedule and it will link to your phone. If you have a Kelly Day that makes it a little more difficult, but for the standard 24-48 it works fine. Also, make sure you check the "All Day" box - it will black out that date. I know you will be working into the next morning (if your shift was anything like mine!) but the important thing for you (I would think) is that you keep track of the DATE you are on duty. I'll try it on my Hero after I get away from my desk for a few minutes.

    Good luck, and I hope this is what you were looking for, :D
  8. Sturge[Droid]

    Sturge[Droid] Well-Known Member

    I use Outlook and Google Calendar Sync...together they make a 2-way sync with my gmail Droid/outlook calendar is updated every 10 minutes...smooth as silk
  9. brykins

    brykins Well-Known Member

    I agree with this. Windows XP Pro, MS Outlook 2007 and Google Calendar Sync works a treat. Shame they can't/won't do the same thing with Contacts.
  10. Sturge[Droid]

    Sturge[Droid] Well-Known Member

    Google just needs to create a sync for even lets me coordinate mulitple calendars...
  11. smokeylt

    smokeylt Active Member

    it would be nice if I could do the same thing on my calender which is on the phone already. it will only let me do it daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

    Isn't this calender a google calender?
  12. Sturge[Droid]

    Sturge[Droid] Well-Known Member

    I do not know a whole lot about the Hero...i do most of my manipulation via laptop anyway...
  13. YankeeDudeL

    YankeeDudeL Well-Known Member

    Eh, doesn't work that way on my Droid, unless I'm doing something wrong. Under repetition, it gives you daily, or just weekdays. I don't know if 2.1 will address Google Calendar (for Droid and N1 users), but a shift schedule app would be great.
  14. inphoenix

    inphoenix Well-Known Member

    How about a recording scheduler for Tivo? Just like they have for Blackberry? A very simple app but allows you to schedule recording of a show from anywhere.
  15. smokeylt

    smokeylt Active Member

    Thanks so much Chief. I inputted it in the online google calender and synched it to my phone with no problem. (after I remebered my google name and password):D
  16. parkere

    parkere New Member

    I am looking for an app. that will allow me to add a few notes to a log for EACH completed call.

    Here is what I need -(and since my requirements are driven by the IRS' need to have a log of these data elements, I'm SURE I'm not alone in this requirement):

    Once the call is complete, I'd like to add the following to the Call Log record:
    - Contact Name (if not already captured from my contact list)
    - Call Purpose

    That is Really the only data elements that are not captured in the call log that the IRS is requiring me to log.

    They want: Date/Time; Contact Name; and Call Purpose

    If when the call was completed, this Call Log app could be invoked (maybe by something like the app "Not Call Log") and ask me to select from a few customizable options from a list and then finish and return to the phone app or the home screen, etc.

    For Example, I have narrowed my list to the following (and it REALLY DOES cover EVERY situation, for me)

    Call Purpose:
    IR = Information Request
    IU = Information Update
    TS = Technical Support
    VM = Check Voice Mail
    WN = Wrong Number

    Then, of course, I need to be able to save and print the log for a specific date range to store with my printed copy of my phone bill incase the IRS ever needs to audit me and see if my phone is really being used for "Business" purposes.

    I hope you can help or pass my request on to someone who may be able to.

    My phone: HTC Hero

    THANK YOU in advance.
  17. JoeKSU93

    JoeKSU93 New Member

    I think a cool application would be when you dial a phone number it would suggest what the phone number belongs to and then you could easily add it to your phone, by clicking an add contact button.
  18. T-Mobile

    T-Mobile Active Member

    App Idea: Clean Your Screen App

    This application would automatically pop up a screen at selectable times. The screen would be an image of what bacteria looks like in a cultured disk. One would have to wipe the screen with a cloth and the bacteria seams to wipe off. If the bacteria isn't wiped off, then the phone isn't able to be used.

    This would encourage you to clean your screen!
  19. Lancewood

    Lancewood Active Member

    Would like to know where i can find the following apps - thanks in advance :

    1) Music player with a decent sound processing ie. equalizer
    2) Business card scanner that actually works
  20. mhynek

    mhynek Well-Known Member

    My LED blinks green when I get an email. Handcent blinks my LED blue when I get a text message. I would love an app that would let them both blink to signify when I have both types of blue, green, blue, green, etc.
  21. thisguy

    thisguy New Member

    Security app that would require a password to open your apps. I would want it to be something to were I could select which apps require protection and which ones don't. This way I could protect information on my phone without having to always go throught the pattern lock screen.
  22. thisguy

    thisguy New Member

    I think that the ipod touch has a feature simular to this
  23. itzzquang

    itzzquang New Member

    I would LOVE to have an app that can download web pages to your SD card and view them offline because if you're like me, you can't afford the data plan.
  24. Daragonis

    Daragonis Member

    On a separate note, that's actually a very nice app! However related to my post, the music widget access on the front is essentially the same as what I had tried with Lock 2.0. It too had a music adjustor on the front lock screen. My main purpose in the camera button changing the song forward is that that way it could also be EYES FREE :). But thanks for the suggestion nonetheless, that's a sweet looking app.
  25. trekgraham

    trekgraham Well-Known Member

    I seriously want to see an immersive second life client, one that takes use of the hardware of the Droid and provide basic movement flight, and view. Linden labs has made the source code open to developers.

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