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  1. DatacomGuy

    DatacomGuy Well-Known Member

  2. Jay-Eff

    Jay-Eff Well-Known Member

    I would like to see an app widget that has the style of let say digiclock but provide NHL score of your prefered team with a refresh rate of like 30sec.-2 min, 5 minute...

    Style like: :)
    Boston- Atlanta

    If they are not playing could show The next team they would play with the date.
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  3. Shnuddy

    Shnuddy Well-Known Member

    On my old WinMo phone, I had an app that I could create a training plan for running, cycling, triathlon, etc. I could create, for example, a three month program to train for riding a 200 mile bike ride (my current goal), and my planned workout would show up on my calendar. After completing the workout, I could write in the time, pace, comments, etc.

    I would love to see something like that for Android. :)
  4. dbronstein

    dbronstein Member

    An email app that displays individual messages rather than threaded (I tried K-9 and didn't like it).

    An SMS app that displays individual texts rather than threaded.
  5. MindTrainer

    MindTrainer Active Member

    I just thought of a new app that would be nice to have on our phones. I call it: Auto Response Initiative.

    Basically when ever we get a party on the line that just babbles on and on…..

    We trigger this baby and as soon as there is a lull in the babble it auto-responds with a random reply of yea, or aha, or ok. We can make the list self record able and add as many words as we want.

    Now with the EVO on 4G we can be browsing the net and giving this forum our undivided attention.

    Then as soon as the caller asks “are you there?” it always replies “Yea I’m here” and gives us a beep notification (maybe it’s time for a few minutes of participatory dialog).

    We can even hold contests to see who can keep their callers babbling the longest time on Auto Response. Of course that would require that we build in a timer, but that wouldn’t be too hard.:D
  6. MindTrainer

    MindTrainer Active Member

    Check out the app "My Collections". I think it will do just what your looking for.;)
  7. trunks2834

    trunks2834 New Member

    Here's my idea that I even considered learning how to program just to get it. But basically it combines the whole bar code scanning inventory app to scan and inventory all the ingredients you have in your pantry and then cross reffrence your inventory with like or a recipe database to give you choices of what you can make for a meal. I would pay for an app like this and i'm sure alot of people would pay for something like this too!
  8. MindTrainer

    MindTrainer Active Member

    Trunk, I think your idea is really great. :)

    After you scan your groceries on hand the program could even make suggestions for meals where you only need a few item and make a few separate shopping lists for you.

    This way you have a greater choice of what to cook and can take a list to the store and know just what to get.:)
  9. DiverDown

    DiverDown Member

    I need an app to calculate conveyor belt speed. I'm in a bottling plant (soda pop) and the motors are usually 1750 RPM. Gear box is 20:1 to 60:1. drive chain (#60 chain, 15 to 20 tooth) and finally the pulley on the conveyor belt. that is usually a constant, depending on the belt used (it's more of a chain). If I'm at 30 FPM, and need 45 FPM, what pulley should I use?
    This would be a must for anyone working in a production factory with conveyors.

  10. GerritB

    GerritB New Member

    I have a HTC Tattoo, and the option i am missing is:

    When connected by bluetooth (carkit) it should have the option to auto accept all incomming calls, or auto accept after x rings so you have the option to reject
    Now i have to put the phone in the holder and press the accept button.
    If i would have the auto accept option i could leave my phone in my pocket.
  11. mallinj

    mallinj Well-Known Member

    Wouldn't be the world's best app but this would sell. A bird call app that listens to bird calls and then identifies the bird, shows a picture and pulls up the Wikipedia or something similar.
  12. global2

    global2 Well-Known Member

    I have two "would love" apps:

    1. use the same technology that lets us get the name of a song that is playing to find out the name of a bird that is singing/tweeting in your backyard.

    2. nearsighted app that would enlarge all fonts, apps, brightness adjustment, etc.
  13. choccy

    choccy Well-Known Member

    I want Scrabble Game!
  14. chrisclayden

    chrisclayden New Member

    What about a banking app and widget??

    The widget would be 1x4 and has a self updating total of the amount you have in your account. It will display either
  15. sbnova

    sbnova Member

    How about an app that lets you bluetooth communicate with another droid? There are bluetooth intercom systems for motorcycles where a helmet speaker and mic can bluetooth to a phone, so you can talk to your "backseat" passenger, while listening to streaming MP3's and answer the phone. Why not design an app to do it all if you have two android phones with mic/earpieces?
  16. aiz4andy

    aiz4andy Well-Known Member

    Not sure if this has been covered before but on my old Windows phone I had a program that let me view my phone on my pc desktop and use all functions through my pc. Is there anything like this or is this possible for Android?
  17. sobrique

    sobrique Member

    The one thing I still miss, is when I had a 'yes watch'.
    It was a watch that was a 24 hour watch, with a single hour hand.
    It had marked on the dial, sunrise, sunset and the lunar phase.

    And an optional 'actual time'.

    It was actually a surprisingly therapeutic way of measuring time - especially when on holiday - you got an 'ish' sort of measurement of what hour it was, and what point of the day it was, but otherwise you didn't care.

    Here's the link to the website about what I'm talking about.

    YES Solunar Watch Technical Specifications

    Would love something like that. (In a 'would pay some real money for' sort of 'would love')
  18. HopStop needs to create an app! I have like 5 subway related apps and all of them suck.
  19. substance12

    substance12 Well-Known Member

    how about the ability to see a todo list and agenda on the lockscreen in the same fashion as you can see the time and network?
  20. aiz4andy

    aiz4andy Well-Known Member

    Those watches look fantastic - too bad about the price!!

    Would also be good to get a hand in hand clock:

  21. koolbon

    koolbon Active Member

    Is there an app that can give a function key or keys that can store multiple options of text just like "quick text" in SMS apps, but on the keyboard? You can store a few things like your email address, phone number and stuff that you often have to type in so that you could use them just like quick text message? I would love to have an app for that!!
  22. jev

    jev Well-Known Member

    Something similar already exists: inserty.
  23. koolbon

    koolbon Active Member

    Thanks for the info.

    That's pretty close. I would like to have that without having to leave the keyboard though. Just like having F keys on actual keyboard... maybe there's not enough room for more keys.
  24. sobrique

    sobrique Member

    Found something approximately similar TerraTime
    Free and paid for version. _almost_ does what I want, but I'd rather I could turn it so midnight was at the bottom, not the top. And I'd love to turn off the minute hand. But otherwise I'll cope.

    Anyway, for another app suggestion:
    Coverage mapping. Takes your GPS, and records signal strength and whether it's 3G, 2G, HSDPA, EDGE etc.

    For bonus points, correlate it centrally, by handset, and allow 'everyone' to generate _real_ coverage maps for phone networks.

    Edit: Seems that Sensorly already does this. Cool.
  25. Canute

    Canute New Member

    If you can come up with some wire you can hook both ends to the battery of your Droid, creating a short - Fire.

    Traps - look up Paiute trap and practice a bit. Functional but nothing's certain. Go to a good survival school. Boulder Outdoor Survival School is awesome beyond words.
    Plants and animals database, sounds like a job for National Geographic. Something that could be downloaded prior to leaving for your destination.

    Two lengths of wire in a citrus :D?

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