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  1. yozhik83

    yozhik83 Member

    I used to have bluetooth in my truck so when I played Pandora Radio on my phone, I could enable BT on the phone and it would automatically switch over to start playing the music over the car stereo...

    ...that being said, I would like an app that would take the phone's audio, no matter what application is playing the audio(music, Pandora, etc.), and stream it over WiFi so that when I'm at home, I can use VLC media player on both of my home computers to listen to the phone's audio and control it from no matter where I am in the house. This would allow me have music all over the house that is perfectly synced since both computers would be getting the audio from the same source simultaneously. If someone creates this app, or knows one that already does it...please reply.
  2. sobrique

    sobrique Member

    Integrated messaging feeds - My Desire will link together 'contacts' with facebook and email.

    So.. why can I not get a consolidated 'person/messages' app - something that take twitter, buzz, facebook, SMS, email and phone calls, and... just sort of stick 'em all together.

    Sort of like 'HTC Friendstream' but also sort of merging 'everything' and associating contacts.
  3. aiz4andy

    aiz4andy Well-Known Member

    Pure Messenger widgit does something similar but I don't like it because of the layout and I found it pretty clunky and hard to manage - that might have been the limitations of my phone, though.
  4. gogol

    gogol Well-Known Member

  5. Pryomancer

    Pryomancer Well-Known Member

    I suppose this might already exist, but I've not read about it anywhere, and I don't know what to search for on the Market.

    I'd like an app that allows you to swap the icons on your home screen(s) at the same time. i.e. currently, on my Desire anyway, if I want to swap the position of two icons, I have to move one into an already blank space, move the other, and move the first one back into the space of the old icon. I'd like to be able to tap and hold an icon, and then select other icons to move around at the same time. Or even just dragging an icon over another and they automatically swap.

    I'm not Android dev, I have a bit of Java knowledge. I don't think this is the most challenging of problems. Is this an original, good idea?
  6. dode74

    dode74 New Member

    An aviation app like Pilotwizz, or something similar, for android. Weather, procedures, hold calculations etc for UK-based aviation.

    Or is there already something similar?
  7. nathan312

    nathan312 Well-Known Member

    I've searched, but maybe not well enough, but I think an app that is a scanner would be AWESOME! I would think that it could use the same technology that Google Goggles uses to read the text and convert it to text on a notepad or documents 2 go sort of app. This would REALLY come in handy for me since I'm in college and if I miss a class and need to copy notes, I won't have to spend a long time hand writing them or going to a copy machine. I would like to have my notes on my phone too because it's very convinient for me since I don't have the BEST handwriting ever, I'd like to be able to look at notes on my phone. I guess you could take a picture of it, but I would like it converted to a text document, not having to zoom in on a picture and hope I got the correct lighting lol
  8. skinnyguy

    skinnyguy Well-Known Member

    not sure if it has been mentioned, but how about an app that can sync a users contact and calendar info without going thru google's servers?
  9. treborcj

    treborcj Well-Known Member

    I believe HTC sync does this, if you have an HTC phone.
  10. Cosmo Kramer

    Cosmo Kramer Active Member

    I'm not sure if there is something like this but in the event of losing your phone it'd be handy to be able to text a specific code to it which would lock the phone but display a message on the screen giving details of how to contact you.

    For example if you were out in a club and lost your phone , you could text it with a lock code and a message to be displayed to call one of your friends that you are out with.

    You should be able to have any message you want displayed.
  11. indianporfavor

    indianporfavor New Member

    i would like to see a property management app, or a tenant manager app so i can keep track of which tenants are in which property and such, if anyone has an ideas of something that might fit that need already available then please let me know, but i havent found it. thanks
  12. Jaden10

    Jaden10 New Member

    I got the best app idea ever!
    It would be an app that automatically uploads your photos and video as you took them and deletes them from your device after a successful upload. It would allow you to upload them to Picasa Web Albums or to your Mac or PC with a helper program running on the computer. The best part is that you could set it to upload to iPhoto's automatic import folder or any other place you want. You would never run out of space or have to manually move your photos again. I would love if someone made this! It would be the number one app!
  13. Jaden10

    Jaden10 New Member

    Mobile Defense does what you said but better. It also allows you do an alarm or see the phone location. Plus, all of this is done on an easy to use website. Best of all, if you have root access, you can install in as a system app so it wont appear in the app drawer or be detected in any way. Also, as a system app it can turn on gps if it isnt already on. If you have Handcent, you can blacklist the sms it sends to activate it so the thief doesn't know it is being tracked. Mobile Defense also doesn't eat your battery because it is only activated after receiving the text message to activate it.
  14. njperry

    njperry Well-Known Member

    I need a Personal Health Tracker! I use ProfileMD on my Palm and am switching to Android soon. This free little app allows me to keep track of every Dr, dentist, eye visit, as well as being able to keep a separate record for each member of the family. I can also input allergy problems, blood pressure, cholesterol levels and dates of tests, etc. I have searched and searched but found nothing. Please PM me if you know of anything.
  15. sobrique

    sobrique Member

    Would love some kind of voice recognition software, that automatically transcribes my calls, so I can refer back to exactly what was said - preferably in a 'flat text' form.
  16. bh27

    bh27 Member

    I would like an application that lets you zoom while you're in video as only the x10 does this now. Also something that let's the flash light for the camera be used constantly while in video again the x10 is the only android phone doing it at the moment. Someone needs to create a decent video cam they will make millions!
  17. mmisterio

    mmisterio Well-Known Member

    How about a friggin simple app that adds a % value and time reaming until the battery dies to the already existing battery bar in the status bar!
  18. sobrique

    sobrique Member

    'How good was it'.

    Records sound and motion sensors, to try and record:
    How long an activity took.
    How noisy it was.
    How vigorous the motion was.

    Activity of course being a workout in the gym, or a tennis match or well, practically anything for which these statistics might be relevant.

    Aiming to record statistics on a session - tagged by activity and participants maybe - to give a comparative baseline.
  19. Charlie1

    Charlie1 Member

    How about an app to use your Droid as an RC aircraft controller. One Droid in the plane to control the servos and provide flight data such as location altitude and attitude and a Droid or a computer on the ground for the pilot to fly the plane. You could use the camera for arial mapping or sightseeing. Not only would it be an awesome toy. It would be a useful tool for a lot of jobs.
  20. Norril

    Norril Well-Known Member

    If the dating sites don't hav this yet, they realy should. A GPS enabled Match finder. When you are in the city and looking to meet people, scan the city and see if there are any matches in public places. Head to the bar or where ever looks promising and then ping that person, to see if they are free and interested in meeting. Great way to increase your odds of finding a match in a random public setting.
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  21. fuzzuy

    fuzzuy Member

    I like to have video player which can play DIVX and avi formats please:D
  22. d_dan

    d_dan Member

    I work in mobile retail, and deal alot with mobile phones that prices vary depending on traiff.

    I would love an app where I could create a product/profile and then a barcode for it.
    So lets say I scan a Sony Experia X10 that it pulls up the profile and says
    (what I enter)
    Tariff 1 €199
    tariff 2 €150
    tariff 3 €99
    prepay €450
  23. travisr528

    travisr528 Well-Known Member

    I would love a app that records both ends of a telephone conversation (not just speaker phone or voip). It would all be cool if you could customize this app to be able to auto record someone in your contacts list, whether it is an incoming or outgoing call. I would also like to be able to store it on a sd card and send via sms, mms, and e-mail. Mp3 format would be great too. :cool:
  24. jackattack

    jackattack Well-Known Member

    I want an app that allows me to keep my caller ID blocked when I dial out, but unblock it when calling from my contacts. Currently I have all my contacts stored with *82 in front of the number, but this is annoying when trying to quickly send a text or call someone back off the missed call list.

    Is it possible for an app to be aware of when I call a stored contact and add the *82, so I can store my numbers without it? An exclude or ignore list would also be good so that some stored contacts would still get a blocked ID from me.

    This would be great because I wouldn't have to dial *67 or *82 every time I make a phone call.
  25. inaz4sun

    inaz4sun Well-Known Member

    An app that makes your phone a webcam for your PC, untethered, using WiFi or bluetooth. Had a great app on my Windows Mobile 6 phone that did this. It was awesome, gave me a wireless webcam. Seems like with Qik and Ustream etc...out there, it shouldn't be too much of a leap to make this happen. I am surprised it hasn't been done yet.

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