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  1. mimmomorello

    mimmomorello New Member

    I would love an app that just tells me, checking the time, the best tea I should drink, The datas can be retrive from Twinings site, cause I actually drink just twinings.

    It's a very simple app, I'll probably try to code it by myself, but if some one wants to make it, I'll be very happy :)
  2. solraven

    solraven New Member

    I work for walmart and they just added I widget to the side of the page that shows your scchedule. I was hoping someone could make an app forf this so I don't have to go to thfe site and log in each time I need to check my schedule, or posibly a way to sync it with the google calendar. That would be awesum.
  3. Pryomancer

    Pryomancer Well-Known Member

    Can some nice dev make a decent snooker/pool game? There are none currently on the market, and you'd probably end up with a very highly downloaded app if you did a good job on it.
  4. XDaydreamerX11

    XDaydreamerX11 Well-Known Member

    I'm a college student, and currently just finishing up finals. I use android 2.1 and LOVE my "Colornote" app for to do lists, and really helps me get all of my projects done. Mini sticky notes FTW!

    NOW I'm looking for a "Flashcard" App. I make like over 20 notecards a night for vocabulary, rules, basically information in general. I would like to be able to type information in front and back, and be able to tap screen to "Flip" the notecard. Also I would like categories, that I could customize. (I'm a speech and hearing major so I would like to break it up based on disorder, age group, or definitions, or symptoms) And Yes, I am a girl - could I please have it color coded? :) Maybe set sizes? Or like the Sense UI Text msg'ing app I can "Swipe" through the people to see the latest texts, could I mix them up too?

    Just a fun idea, and i would definitely pay for an app, so I don't have to rip up stupid notecards every night, and then have them all together for my tests! I have the damn things EVERYWHERE!

    Or if there is an application like this, even SLIGHTLY similar PLEASE PLEASE PM me :) Thank you!
  5. jwmacdon1231

    jwmacdon1231 Well-Known Member

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  6. ase69s

    ase69s New Member

    I would be great to have connection assistant app that did the following things:

    -If you open an app that needs an internet connection check if wifi or 3g is activated and if not activate it automatically (or promp user to choose which connection activate). As premium it would deactivate the connection when all the apps that required it are closed to preserve batery.

    -When any app tries to connect to internet and u are on 3g conection prompt the user to allow it or not. This way if you have xMB data plan it prevents wasting traffic. It could have a whitelist/blacklist managed directly or clicking the always allow/deny conection checkbox.

    Does somebody know if an app that does #1 or #2 exist?
  7. Paraone

    Paraone New Member

    Instead of tethering how about an app that can output your phone screen to your laptop or PC. Don't know if that's possible.
  8. ndsustudent

    ndsustudent Well-Known Member

    I would like to see an app that modified how long the LED light will flash on a Droid Eris after recieving some sort of message. Currently it will only flash for roughly 10 minutes but if it could be extended to several hours or until it is checked. I think this would be very similar to how a BlackBerry notifies people with their LED lights.

    I found several apps on the market that will let you change the color of the light which doesn't really work on the Eris.
  9. fatriff

    fatriff Member

    Impossible, thre would be lawsuits left right and center.

    Anytime Pool - Android app on AppBrain

    Console quality 3D Pool game for your phone. Massive single player mode and Facebook connectivity plus challenges and two-player game modes.
    US 8 ball, US 9 ball and UK 8 ball rules. 5 Locations. 14 AI opponents. 20 challenges. Great value for money, get it now!

    And if you think it should be free, why should the person or people who created it have spent months on it for nothing in return? Money due where money is due.
  10. WarMace

    WarMace Well-Known Member

    I'd like an app that helps me navigate to a moving Latitude friend.

    It could be as simple as a radar, or a constantly updating navigation would be hot!

    My use would be if you are in multiple vehicles following a leader and you loose them somehow. (Common with a pack of motorcycles cruising a busy area.)
  11. thaDroidz

    thaDroidz Well-Known Member

    I would like to see an app similar to clap on clap off. So when i leave my droid in the same room and it's too dark to see I could say where are you droid i would reply by lighting and say i'm over here. No text message no email application just respond by voice.
  12. rubinscube

    rubinscube Well-Known Member

    Android system event recorder: this app is for those Droid that work most of the time but get a glitch after so many days or if a group of apps crash.set the Droid to record events while the app works.then when you run the problem app again and it crashes,the event issue will be highlighted in the event text log.helps resolve issues with new apps and upgrades in a visual way.
  13. cfmed

    cfmed New Member

    is there an application to increase the font size on the droid - Its ok for 17 year olds but not the rest of the world
  14. papasmurph

    papasmurph Member

    I want a video cutting/trimming/editing app. Something simple where I can trim down a video before posting to FB, etc. Maybe even insert text frames...nothing to fancy. This would make getting videos off the phone to the sharing sites much more feasible to me without a PC having to intervene.
  15. jcsaxx

    jcsaxx Active Member

    App for calling into radio stations to win contests. When I call to station and the line is busy, I want my phone to keep calling until the line isn't busy (then ring my phone), and I win the contest.
  16. Duner2

    Duner2 New Member

    How about an email app that will let you save emails to your phone. Something like the Blackberry
  17. ebarten

    ebarten New Member


    Currently, if I hook up a bluetooth device with a display to an Android phone (HTC Desire) the caller ID is displayed as a number only.

    It would be nice to actually see the name of the contact rather then the number (most of us don't remember numbers).

    Now, you might suggest that a voice notification would suffice and already exists in the market.
    However, sometimes it is not possible - or you don't want every one around you to hear the notification as well.

    It seems to me that in this case, a name display is the best option.
  18. FahdR

    FahdR Active Member

    I would like to see an app which allows me to send download links from my phone to my PC for downloading over the internet...with an option of manging the downloads.
    its not impossible i think it will require a PC client as well...
    Or update my browsing bookmarks i.e. sync bookmarks of my PC browser and Phone Browser.

    I think this next should be a core application:-
    It should give a popup msg when im on hold or on call waiting cuz sometimes i call someone and the tone will go on and later the person would tell me that they were on a call.
    This feature was available on my Nokia non-smartphone...
  19. mybigred

    mybigred New Member

    I would love to see a TI-89 emulator for android based phones. I have found a good Windows based emulator here, but I don't know how difficult a port would be.
  20. libido

    libido Member

    I would love an app for my incredible that allows me to listen to pandora through my usb head unit. This way only one wire would charge the phone and you could stream music into your car speakers. I am guessing it would be a way to more the head unit think your phone is a n ipod because they all work for ipods.

    If that ever gets made, please pm me
  21. Jonamerica

    Jonamerica Well-Known Member

    In the past I did a lot of driving for work - and for reporting purposes I had to account for every minute on the road. I had a great little GPS that would do all sorts of neat things, but I have moved on to better devices, with substantially less reporting.

    Here's a list of what I would love to have in a driving app.

    You launch the app and hit a single button that says something like, "Start Driving"

    • Tracks - record the path the car took and map it (not limited to roads)
    • Total time traveling (just a timer)
    • Time moving (a timer that only counts when the car/GPS is moving)
    • Time sitting still (a timer that only counts when the car/gps isn't moving)
    • Average speed
    • Top speed
    • Stops - addresses of locations where the GPS was in the same location for more than X minutes (customizable), sortable by length of stop or time of stops
    • Altitude - highest and lowest altitudes during trip
    My old GPS did all of this, not just for driving, but for any purpose - this information comes in very handy for hiking, biking, etc.

    I'd love to know if there's already an app like this - I haven't found any.
  22. Az Scooter

    Az Scooter Well-Known Member

    I measure a lot of large areas for my business. It would be so cool to turn on an app, walk the perimeter of the area, and receive the square footage.
  23. dlwilson

    dlwilson New Member

  24. jcat00uk

    jcat00uk Member

    you could try my tracks, it does most if not all of what you are looking for.
    My Tracks v1.0.11 Application for Android | Lifestyle

    give it a whirl, its free


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