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Post your Atrix home screen

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  1. cegan09

    cegan09 Member

    What power control is that? i haven't found a way to modify the look and contents of the stock one.

  2. Adamantus

    Adamantus Active Member

    Where did you get that calendar/weather widget? It looks really cool.
  3. cegan09

    cegan09 Member

    Hybrid setup. top is simi clock with battery display on right. below that is simi clock weather widget on the left for current weather, then beautiful widgets showing the forcast (resized to 3x1 with launcherPro full version). Below that is smooth calender. To pull it all together i resized the simi clock widget on top to pull it down over the rest of them to get the divider line and slight background tint.
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  4. Adamantus

    Adamantus Active Member

    Thanks. Ill try that.
  5. diet

    diet Well-Known Member

    Whats the setting to get the background transparent for the simi clock widget...thanks!

    edit: sorry nm im dumb figured it out
  6. chicknlil

    chicknlil Well-Known Member

    Switchpro, a 99cent app.
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  7. cegan09

    cegan09 Member

  8. darklide

    darklide Well-Known Member

    Where can I find this background?
  9. cegan09

    cegan09 Member

    stock background pack.

    on home screen, menu button, wallpaper, wallpapers
  10. skinien

    skinien Well-Known Member

    How do you create those "icon" folders? I looked for My Folder Manager in the market and didn't find anything.
  11. DT

    DT Well-Known Member

    Awesome, thanks for the assist :)

    I'm now running my own custom wallpaper, FYI, it's just trimmed to 1080x960 (I doubled the horizontal to account for the scrolling, like on the Captivate).

    That's Folder Organizer (the pay version, but the free does folders too). You just select 'use apps as icon' or something to that effect when making a folder (they call it a 'tag').

    In my followup pic I edited the skin, so they blend a little better.

    I also removed my BattStat, made a custom layout for MinimalisticText that includes the time, weather and battery in one strip.

    Also changed my LP grid to 5x5 so I've got 5 Folder Org folders on one row!

    I'll post a new pic (got to figure out the screen shot issue, it's something to do with security on the frame buffer).
  12. DT

    DT Well-Known Member

    OK! New wallpaper, actually several from a Honeycomb (3.0) dump, I believe they might be from the Xoom. Resized to 1080x960, custom LP dock (kind of a cool city theme that matches the wallpaper), new MinText custom format (for time, weather and battery all in one), also tweaked my Folder Org folder themes.

    The second picture is for fun, it's the 3D transition in LP, which is INCREDIBLY smooth and fast on the Atrix (it's way cooler in motion, but figured this would give you an idea).

  13. Jeremy81

    Jeremy81 Well-Known Member


    My screen with Beautiful Widgets. Sorry for the quality. I just took a quick photo.
  14. thasiccest13

    thasiccest13 Member

    What clock widget are you using?
  15. Evil.Bonsai

    Evil.Bonsai Well-Known Member

    Wow, that transparent theme looks really nice. I'm so jealous now. :(
  16. Jeremy81

    Jeremy81 Well-Known Member

  17. Jp77

    Jp77 Well-Known Member

    I'm digging this alot. Very nice.
  18. Donatron

    Donatron Well-Known Member

    Umm.... I think you have some email to read. lol
  19. Evil.Bonsai

    Evil.Bonsai Well-Known Member

    chiknlil, what is THIS date/time widget? (tried the analog and bw downloads already, no go.) Thanks.

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  20. DT

    DT Well-Known Member

    Hahaha, yeah, people keep telling me that :D

    My GMail gets all sort of junk, plus FB notifications, so there's a large amount that doesn't get read.
  21. cegan09

    cegan09 Member

    dude, set up some rules to automark that stuff to read. Facebook sends me tons of stuff, but i have rules to just mark it as read and archive it, that way i never have a cluttered inbox.
  22. newwales

    newwales Active Member

    How do you get the folders to include pictures of what are in the folders (i.e internet the facebook icon) is this a motorola atrix thing of is it something else. (it looks like you have launcherpro installed, I have this on my htc desire but the folders just look like standard folders). Cheers :D
  23. Donatron

    Donatron Well-Known Member

    I just set my facebook settings to not email about anything. Cuz honestly, there's nothing on facebook that I need to be emailed about.
  24. RkFast

    RkFast Member

    Screen looks nice and sharp.....
  25. chicknlil

    chicknlil Well-Known Member

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