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Post Your Goals: 30-Day Android Fitness Challenge!

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  1. Rob

    Rob I'm tellin' mommy on you! Administrator

    I just started this forum to try and gather Android lovers interested in using their devices, apps, and games for the purpose of Fitness and Health. Especially with the emergence of wearables this field will undoubtedly expand and thus far we don't have a central location to gather.

    Now we do!

    What fitness and health goals do you want to accomplish? Share them here and try to hold yourself to it (we'll help!). Whether you're in terrible shape and trying to lose weight (hi!) or a marathoner trying to improve their mile-time, everyone is welcome.

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  2. winter128

    winter128 New Member

    I'm a guy who was(still am) in terrible shape. I started at 303 in January and I'm down to 279 now with the help of a personal trainer, and elliptical machine in my house and the use of the My Fitness Pal app.
    I hope to be down to 240 by mid October.
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  3. Semi Anonymous

    Semi Anonymous New Member

    Sure, I'm in.

    I've been using a Fitbit One for steps and myfitnesspal for tracking my meals. I also use mapmywalk+ for tracking my walks (when the weather is warm enough for that sort of thing).

    I was 205lbs Christmas of 2012 and lost 25 lbs between then and May 2013. Lost my my first fitbit in October and gained 10lbs that I'm slowly working off. I've got some motivation for re-losing that 10lbs and then some... we've got a beach vacation coming up in May.

    I'm liking the fitbit because our corporate wellness provider (Cerner) can pull in my walks so I don't have to double enter things. Sure wish they had the same for myfitnesspal.

  4. rayfin

    rayfin Writer at Phandroid.com VIP Member

    I just ordered a Fitbit Flex for myself and my wife. I may not have a whole lot of body fat, but I'm in bad shape and I'd like to loose 10 pounds. I tried to run last weekend and after about 1/4 mile I could barely catch my breath. I weigh about 186 right now.

    Thanks Rob, I'll be joining you in a week when my Fitbit gets here.
  5. Semi Anonymous

    Semi Anonymous New Member

    If you're starting running, look for an app called c25k. it slowly builds you up to a 5k run. I used it a few years back to train for a Warrior Dash type of run. I did pretty good until I broke my leg 200 yards from the finish line.

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  6. CoronaDoug

    CoronaDoug Well-Known Member

    Dang Rob, too bad you didn't start this at the end of January.

    I started then and by using the MyFitnessPal App and my FitBit, I lost 20 lbs. I hope you don't mind if I give you a little advice on this since I am going through it now.

    Just give yourself a calorie limit and stick with it. With the with the FitBit (which syncs with MyFitness Pal), you will get more calories to eat the more calories that you burn. Do not fall into that trap. Stick to a calorie limit. I started with a 1500 calorie a day limit and after a while I was noticing that it was not hard to stay under that.

    Get yourself a measuring cup and a food scale and stick to the serving size.

    1 cup of Cheerios with 1/2 cup of almond milk is 140 calories. Add in 1/2 cup of sliced grapefruit for 60 calories and there is your breakfast. Total 200 Cal

    Sara Lee makes a wheat bread that is 45 calorie a slice. Add two of those with a pouch of Starkist Tuna for 70 calories. Watch what you add to sandwiches. Cheese is high calorie and so is mayo. Add 10 grapes for 20 calories, and 1 Ricecake for 35 calorie. Total 215

    For dinner have a grilled chicken breast (4oz) 140 cal. Add in a salad but watch the dressing!! There is a balsamic vinaigrette that is 60 cal for 2 tbsp. Those bag salad kits are pretty good too. You can get 2 cups for 120 cal which includes dressing. Total 260

    If you were on a 1500 cal diet the above meals would only be 675 calories, leaving you with 825 left. The MyFitnessPal app will make you more aware of how many calories that you are actually ingesting. Don't forget to add drinks, sugar, and other condiments to the count.

    You are going to be one hungry person for the first two weeks but if you can make it through it your hunger will eventually subside.

    Also I haven't given up beer on the weekends. Just make sure you create a beer category if you drink some. Most weekends my beer calories are way higher than my food. ;) We can't give up everything though!

    Good luck!
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  7. mttfrog13

    mttfrog13 Well-Known Member

    This. It's all about calories in vs calories out. You could use the app Simple Calorie Count, MyFitnessPal, or an excel spreadsheet like I do.

    True. If you're not weighing your food, you're just shooting in the dark. Need to know what your intake really is if you're serious about losing fat/gaining muscle.

    This forum came up at the perfect time. I just started my fat loss diet Sunday. I've been running for a little over a year, and started weightlifting about 7.5 months ago, starting at 162lbs while being skinny fat (I'm 5' 11"). I put on about 22lbs of what was mostly muscle. Started my cut this Sunday and my goal is to get a six pack even if it kills me. I'm tired of having a big round belly.
  8. Mayhim83

    Mayhim83 VIP Member VIP Member

    Well, this is awesome. At my heaviest, I was 364 lbs. I lost some of that after needing to buy new pants, a 50 inch waste and I said he'll no. Started losing it, but slid back. Back on the 10 of March, we started a weight loss challenge that ends on the 4th of April. So far, I have gone from 304 lbs to 287 as of this morning. That's 17 lbs in less then 3 weeks. Hitting it hard this last week since I am currently half a % lost behind the guy in the lead. I can do it though. He started at 229 lbs at 6 foot 1. I'm 6 foot 2, with a lot fat to lose. Plus, the $160 pool is a good incentive, lol. I will keep this going too.
  9. Rob

    Rob I'm tellin' mommy on you! Administrator

    Nice work dude! Good luck! It's awesome to have a monetary incentive and a fitness incentive. Even if you lose the bet, sounds like you're still winning overall.
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  10. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    The wife and I are just starting week 3 of P90x3. We are in our forties so if we can do it so can you. Will post back when we finish! Thought about before and after pics but I'd rather spare you all that memory. :D
  11. Mayhim83

    Mayhim83 VIP Member VIP Member

    As of today, I am down 22 lbs, to 282lbs. Monday is the final weigh in for the weight loss contest at work.

    I've been using mapmyrun. I was able to to cut 5 minutes off me elapsed mile time in 3 weeks, running every other day. I am also doing Focus T25. I have no idea what my calorie intake was before I started, but it was well over 3000 calories a day. I'm down to about 1500 - 1600 calaories a day. Feeling great too. I will keep going with the weight loss even after the challenge at work is over. I have to set the example for my 4 kids.

    I'm looking into a fitbit or jawbone, or something similar. I just am not sure which one to get. I am new to the type of tech.

    (It's amazing what going to the gym 5 days a week while in the military to not going at all when you get out will do to you. I got out in Aug. of 2007 weighing just 224 lbs.....)
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  12. sfbloodbrother

    sfbloodbrother Well-Known Member

    Wow that's great news. Come Sumner time I want to be part of a challenge like this.
  13. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    I used that last year around this time. Loved the workouts. Unfortunately spring break hit 60 days into the 90 day challenge, and needless to say I fell off the wagon! :eek:

    I've wanted to start it again, but seem to have lost the DVD's in the move. I still try to do the chest workout now and then from memory.
  14. sfbloodbrother

    sfbloodbrother Well-Known Member

    Great thread Rob.

    I love biking and just got an app that tracks my distance and time and so much other things and let's me share it.

    I have a goal. Lose some weight. I'm 18 and not completely overweight but still feel like I can lose weight. I'm 145 lb.

    I'm also using runtastic running app too and will go for a run soon.

    I'll be using these apps a lot this summer. Right now I'm in school and can't possibly dedicate as much time as I want to to fitness.
  15. rickshaw1234

    rickshaw1234 New Member

    I have had the Fitbit Zip for a week now and have been using it with the myfitnesspal app. I didn't need the sleep monitor function of the other fitbits so the zip was the cheapest and best solution for me. I have lost 6lbs so far and have about 40lbs more to go. I weighed in at 233 and am now 227. It works.
  16. Hojunhu

    Hojunhu Member

    Couch potato turned powerlifter here. Admittedly I just started powerlifting a week and a half ago, but have been weightlifting for about a year now. Current goals are to get my 1 rep max in bench press up to 300lbs from 165lbs, my 1 rep max in deadlift to 450 from 275 and my squat to 500 from 180. Doing a lot of form work for my squats since I haven't done a lot of that excercise.

    Although I'm fairly new to the fitness life I'm always up to talk fitness or nutrition.
  17. jessy_miau

    jessy_miau Member

    Here is a little advice...exclude carbohydrates from your diet and you'll lose weight in no time.
    Just replace these: sugars, dried fruits, cereals, flower, BREAD, pasta, white rice, canned food with vegetables, low-sugar fruits, tea and lots of WATER.
    Eat as much meat as you want as long as you don't combine it with bread, pasta or white rice.

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