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  1. Joestradamus

    Joestradamus Member

    Still figuring it all out

  2. adam97202

    adam97202 Well-Known Member

    I got rid of the Google thing and used two of the free spots for the very nifty Make Your Own Clock Widget. I just wanted the date up there somewhere; I configured it to open the calendar when I click on it. (So I guess I could even get rid of the calendar icon if I needed another slot.)

  3. tzzoooma

    tzzoooma Member

  4. atraum

    atraum Well-Known Member

    Big thanks goes out to TVCCS, I would have never tried ShootMe for screen captures since it was listed for rooted and I'm not but it worked like a dream.

    Nothing really exciting on mine yet although I've had plenty of time to play but I wanted to get in the game:

    LauncherPro with notification bar hidden, 5 screens (not filled so I might actually remove some) and 2 docks. Some dock items have swipe gestures for notification bar and screen.

    Home Screen
    Android Agenda Widget with GTasks feed - Priceless! Phone icon also shows missed calls if any.
    Not much to say about items on the screen but first on the dock is Business Calendar (SWEET) second is GTasks, another sweet app.
    Don't know what I'd do without Folder Organizer. Each icon on this page is a dynamic folder filled with goodness. Same as the starred folder on the Home Page. Dunno, maybe I'm old but there are times I cannot remember the name of an app that I need to use and digging in the apps drawer to try to find it is a nightmare ;)
  5. chrissurra

    chrissurra Well-Known Member

  6. David73

    David73 Well-Known Member

  7. DCBlueStar

    DCBlueStar Well-Known Member

    I've got several because I have a hard time sitting still. =D

    My original...


    Expanded Slides...



    In the screens here, they look choppy, but they're not on the screen. Can't even see the seams. It flows quite nicely. =D
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  8. musick

    musick Well-Known Member

  9. alisonc

    alisonc Well-Known Member


    I'm kinda boring, I know.
  10. GWDavis28

    GWDavis28 Active Member

    That's a battery app in the corner right? Kind of cool, which one is it?

    Glenn |B)
  11. DCBlueStar

    DCBlueStar Well-Known Member

    It's called Battery Solo Widget.
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  12. alisonc

    alisonc Well-Known Member

    Yeah, Battery solo widget. Also, the clock on my home screen is DigiClock with the "Standard bold" font, iirc.
  13. Pupuplader

    Pupuplader Member

    What theme is that?

    Here is mine Zeam theme and here is the wallpaper (link)

  14. tzzoooma

    tzzoooma Member

    No theme,

    Just a wallpaper, strategically placed circle battery widget (actually another on the other side of the head on the other homescreen), mclock,widget, and laucher pro dock icons.
  15. androidcu

    androidcu Member

    I like it simple and clean.

    Attached Files:

  16. androidcu

    androidcu Member


    Great clock widget - SDS Clock Lite - sixdotseven
    Great battery widget - BattStatt -
    Launcher - LauncherPro -
  17. Skratte

    Skratte Well-Known Member

    How did you get the black status bar? Is that a existing mod?
    I want to do that and use another battery symbol.
    Need to do some research.
  18. androidcu

    androidcu Member

    This is an acer liquid phone (Sorry for that, I realise that I'm in the wrong forum) The black status bar is from leaked stock rom for acer liquid. Here is a list Acer Liquid, Liquid E, Liquid Metal ALL ROMs bin extract collection - Android @ MoDaCo of them. I use this one (4.002.14.EMEA.GEN1_A22F_A (For Liquid 256MB)). Hope that information will help you anyway.
  19. Skratte

    Skratte Well-Known Member

    I am looking for a black status bar mod, without having to load an entire rom. I'll keep looking around.
  20. alisonc

    alisonc Well-Known Member

    Here's my newest one; I've moved the power settings widget to a different screen, and added a Minimalistic Text date. Now I'm just looking for a customizable 4x1 clock widget to free up a row; any recommendations? (I really like that font so I'd like to keep it :p)

  21. Skratte

    Skratte Well-Known Member

    Fancy Widget has a clock widget, not 4x1, more like 3x1, but it's customizable. Also look at Tajm, again not 4x1 but would go with your theme.
  22. androidcu

    androidcu Member

    Maybe you like one of them ;)
    * You can set 2 * tap (quick access to your fav. apps)
    * Background and font color.

    Search for sixdotseven in the market

  23. alisonc

    alisonc Well-Known Member

    Hmm they are nice, but.. they don't localise to Spanish unless the phone language is set to Spanish. (I usually use English ui) The anti aliasing also doesn't look so great on my not so hi resolution screen.
  24. androidcu

    androidcu Member

    Thanks for your answer, it helps me for better understanding of user needs.
  25. GWDavis28

    GWDavis28 Active Member

    Ok I've gotten some cool stuff from this thread, so it's time to share.


    Glenn |B)

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