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  1. alisonc

    alisonc Well-Known Member

  2. Pupuplader

    Pupuplader Member

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  3. REEF760

    REEF760 New Member

    Where did you find a pic of my g/f????
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  4. tzzoooma

    tzzoooma Member

    I can't view the second page of this thread.
  5. m-cman

    m-cman Well-Known Member

    Had same problem till I placed lizm on my ignore list. lizm posted something that was locking the thread.
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  6. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    I've removed the two posts containing the excessively-long URLs. Normal service should now be resumed.
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  7. Joestradamus

    Joestradamus Member

    The second page is finally working! I've since changed my home screen. The widget is Pixel Art Clock Widget. :)
  8. melim

    melim Disabled

    Thank you, Slug! Now if you and your friends would just stay away from my lettuce patch this year...

    Please note no purple anywhere:


    Advanced clock widget/Launcher pro/some icons I got somewhere called "Glassy".
  9. LLC5

    LLC5 New Member

    how did you get your top bar to be like that?

    whats the thing with the bluetooth and wifi buttons
  10. jj2me

    jj2me Well-Known Member

    [EDIT: Deleted question, figured it out.]
  11. David73

    David73 Well-Known Member

  12. alisonc

    alisonc Well-Known Member

    That's the Power Control widget. I think it's a default android thing, my ex-girlfriend's Droid2 has it too.
  13. Skully

    Skully Active Member

  14. David73

    David73 Well-Known Member

    Launcherpro dock and fancy widget pro
  15. Positive P

    Positive P Well-Known Member

    What are those icons on the bottom? I recognize a couple, but not all.

    Also, I have seen some amazing work on here. All of you are very creative!
    Mine is still just basic, I don't even know how to find most of the things you all have done.
  16. Mountain_Man

    Mountain_Man Member

    I'm 100% newb on this and the entire android system. I'd like to do this, but I'm confused. Is there a step-by-step guide or anything? I like this theme, but how the hell do I do it?
  17. Positive P

    Positive P Well-Known Member

    Ok, how about a how to guide on this for the Android-Illiterate!
  18. Positive P

    Positive P Well-Known Member


    It's nothing fancy as I have no clue what I'm doing. I hate it!
  19. David73

    David73 Well-Known Member

    I just find a good wallpaper and work around it.... the dock and icons are launcherpro... my clocks are from fancy widget pro... just use your imagination
  20. David73

    David73 Well-Known Member

    Opera Mini.. market... phone... and fake Firefox icon that takes me to the web browser... and the one in the middle is a griffon icon from launcherpro icons and docks
  21. Positive P

    Positive P Well-Known Member

    I want this!
    With the bottom Android menu like the one below!

    Can this be done?
  22. Positive P

    Positive P Well-Known Member

  23. Pupuplader

    Pupuplader Member

    The wallpaper is from y0rk's Black ADW theme. The clock is from Widgetsoid. The dock I use if part of Black Glass 1.7

    The Dock in the picture you posted is from Launcher Pro I believe.

    Depends on the Launcher you have. For instance if you use ADW then: Menu -> ADW Settings -> General Behavior -> Swipe up actions (or Swipe down actions).

    Most launchers will give you the ability to do that.
  24. Positive P

    Positive P Well-Known Member


    What does everyone think of my first attempt?
  25. David73

    David73 Well-Known Member

    Not bad... but I would add a clock

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