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  1. JaeWeb

    JaeWeb Well-Known Member

    Since we don't have a screen shot thread for the Blaze, I thought I'd start one myself. :)



    I only use one homescreen. I have a weather widget and a scrollable dock which has my most frequented apps. That's all I need.

    *For those not in the know, you can take a screen shot with your Blaze 4G but pressing the home and power buttons at the same time. Then upload your screen shot to something like Photobucket and then copy and paste the image code in your reply to show off your home screen(s)!

    Let's see what you got people!! :D

  2. abrahamramirez

    abrahamramirez Well-Known Member

    Well, its been dead around here. Here are my screenshots

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  3. heyhenrik

    heyhenrik Member

    With and without the status bar:



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