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Post your home screens

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  1. maerlim

    maerlim Well-Known Member

    Folks, the HTC clock widget is FancyWidget, which is no longer in the market because HTC sent them the old cease and desist. You can probably download the .apk from somewhere though.

  2. ranova

    ranova Well-Known Member

  3. mvred

    mvred Member

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  4. mesasone

    mesasone Well-Known Member

    Weather and Toggle Widget ($1.99) has a skin that is pretty much identical to what you have in your screen shot. Go into options and select "Clock skin downloader" and download either the c"lock-default" skin or the "h7c-clock" skin... they appear to be identical.

    Beautiful widget has some that are fairly close, but those two pm Weather and Toggle really nail it. Also, I like the weather/forecast data on Weather and Toggle more than what's on Beautiful Widget.
  5. subie41ife

    subie41ife Well-Known Member

  6. tcv

    tcv Well-Known Member


    Scan this into your phone.
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  7. keredini

    keredini Well-Known Member

    Here's mine, nothing too fancy...

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  8. carbon3c

    carbon3c Active Member

    ranova and keredini -- where do you get the custom dock? Is that from a launcher app?
  9. maerlim

    maerlim Well-Known Member

    That looks like "Beautiful Widget".
  10. Pinetree09

    Pinetree09 Active Member

    Nothing special

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  11. keredini

    keredini Well-Known Member

    The dock is from Launcher Pro. There are several dock styles to choose from, and comes with it's own set of icons for some apps as well. The clock widget shown, as Maerlim mentioned, is Beautiful Widget. I have since switched to Fancy Widget though.
  12. Respen

    Respen Active Member

  13. tysj

    tysj Well-Known Member

    I believe it's included with Launcher Pro.
  14. Got mine rooted today!

  15. drscws

    drscws Member

  16. airmanjerm

    airmanjerm Member

    Sorry for yet ANOTHER newbie question but...what do you scan it with?

    EDIT: Ok, so my first attempt to scan with Barcode Scanner didn't work so well (hence the question), tried again and here we go.
  17. Darkeligos

    Darkeligos Well-Known Member

  18. olieebur

    olieebur Active Member

    Is the battery percentage notification on the top an app? What is it?
  19. ranova

    ranova Well-Known Member

  20. rajendra82

    rajendra82 Well-Known Member

    I wish that there was a way to turn off some of the the default notification bar icons. Now that I have a clock on the home screen, having it on the bar feels redundant. If I get a better battery indicator icon, I'd like the default one to go away as well.
  21. Aftashok

    Aftashok Well-Known Member

    is that a Live wallpaper? where'd you get it w/o the multicolors, if so?
  22. sonicanatidae

    sonicanatidae Well-Known Member

    Is the inability to take screenshots natively an Android issue or specific to the Galaxy S/Captivate?

    Any idea if 2.2 will address the lack of this very handy function?
  23. Baldilocks

    Baldilocks Well-Known Member

    It's an Android thing.
  24. sonicanatidae

    sonicanatidae Well-Known Member

    doh.. any idea if its some sort of esoteric hardware limitation or
    did someone just forget to code it?
  25. Terrigno

    Terrigno Well-Known Member

    Thank you all for the Fancy Widget feedback. I just learned to get and use the barcode scanner and got the widget installed. Thanks again.

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