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Post your MMX A87 Home Screenshot Here[Be Appropriate]General

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  1. idhbar

    idhbar Well-Known Member

    Hi, this thread is created for posting screen shot of your Micromax A87 Home. The following is taken from my MMX, may be your will be better than mine. Enjoy!

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  2. ryshic12

    ryshic12 Well-Known Member

  3. idhbar

    idhbar Well-Known Member

    My next launcher.

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  4. jaimin100

    jaimin100 Well-Known Member

  5. idhbar

    idhbar Well-Known Member

    This is go launcher upcoming version Named NEXT launcher.
  6. idhbar

    idhbar Well-Known Member

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  7. UvaisDroid

    UvaisDroid Well-Known Member

    Okayy..guys can you Please also post that which Launcher/Themes modification you used in screen shot..it 'll help to other for customizing there phone :D
  8. UvaisDroid

    UvaisDroid Well-Known Member

    my phone's screen shots

    Lock Screen >>>> [​IMG]

    Home Screen >>>> [​IMG]

    View of all HS >>>> [​IMG]

    Internel Storage >> [​IMG]

    Menu >>>>>>>>>> [​IMG]

    Storage info >>>>> [​IMG]
  9. droidvishnu

    droidvishnu Member

    go launcher with ics theme and go locker stary go theme and htc sense widget ..

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  10. UvaisDroid

    UvaisDroid Well-Known Member

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  11. venu238

    venu238 Active Member

    How do you people take screenshot on our phone?
    Third party application or built in application ...
  12. UvaisDroid

    UvaisDroid Well-Known Member

    I use This ..need root for using this ;) :smokingsomb:
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  13. venu238

    venu238 Active Member

  14. rahulbuddy

    rahulbuddy Member

    All pics are really awesome...
    They have converted their Ninja in S3....
    Hatts of to u guys :)
  15. UvaisDroid

    UvaisDroid Well-Known Member

    Only Looks :p
  16. IamVanshSolanki

    IamVanshSolanki New Member

    hey how you took screenshots in micromax ninja A87..
    i also have the same phone..
    without rooting or without crack , is there any app or any setting which will help to take screenshot.. please reply

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