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  1. bagz27

    bagz27 Member

    I noticed other device specific threads for posting your desktop and was wondering if we should start one here. I don't have a mytouch yet, but would love to see how people have customized theirs already.

  2. buckeyedroid

    buckeyedroid Well-Known Member

  3. tamosaur

    tamosaur Well-Known Member

    great thread! =)
    i've been debating between using adw or sticking with stock. i hate the myfaves button is the main reason for using adw. and it looks a little less organized.. can you guys help me pick one please? tia!
    [​IMG] (using adw) OR .. [​IMG] (using stock)
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  4. bagz27

    bagz27 Member

    how about Launcher Pro?
  5. I like things really tidy. But I love your picture! I'm not using the task thingie right now...have about 5 different ones downloaded just can't decide what I like best. I like how yours is right there on the screen.

    Anyway, here's my home page.


    And one page to the left are all my apps in folders:


    And one page to the right is my task bar, camcorder, and gallery. Nothing else yet. I like all the apps being in folders. I just got my phone last week so still seeing what I use the most. So far it's the items on the front page.

  6. bagz27

    bagz27 Member

    Rather than take actual pictures of your phone, there is a way to just take screen shots off your phone. The instructions can be found here.

    Also, I know on other threads people list the launcher (if you're not running stock) and the widgets/apps they're using. Just a thought...
  7. dasudevil

    dasudevil Well-Known Member

    I used shootme.apk (have to be rooted to use)

    Here we roll.



    This is exactly how it looks. I did block a few things for privacy. :p

    Not too excited about the home screen im still working on that one. BTW its a live wallpaper and the lock screen is the tree thing.
  8. offthecha1n

    offthecha1n Well-Known Member

    im in the process now of trying out all the "home desktops" so far I really like ahome
  9. brinky

    brinky Well-Known Member

    Kinda sad that the only way to get a screen shot on a non-rooted phone is to take a pic of the whole phone with another camera.
  10. bagz27

    bagz27 Member

    brinky: see my comment a few replies above. You don't have to be rooted to take screen shots. Just takes few extra steps.
  11. brinky

    brinky Well-Known Member

    I stand by my post. Why do i need to hook my phone up to a computer just to get a screen capture? Why in the world would google make it so hard to get a screen shot?

    But thanks for providing a non-root solution.
  12. bagz27

    bagz27 Member

    Ok, I just wanted to clarify your comment. I agree about Google making things more difficult then they need to be.
  13. When I read the instructions it sounded like the whole process would take longer than just shooting a couple pictures with my camera.

    ANd I agree. A screenshot should be easy!
  14. vnguyen972

    vnguyen972 Active Member

    I followed a link here on the forum to root it in less than 3 min, it can't be easier than that :) it's called something like Temp Root, but after that, I can enjoy rooted features Here are my screenshots captured using ShootMe App:


    Actually the process of posting the pix on the forum takes a lot longer :)
  15. dasudevil

    dasudevil Well-Known Member

    Which one did you follow? My guide?

    Yea the process of adding the image to the forums takes longer then actually doing the root/shootme process.
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  16. vnguyen972

    vnguyen972 Active Member

  17. dasudevil

    dasudevil Well-Known Member

  18. wuzzy

    wuzzy Member

  19. dasudevil

    dasudevil Well-Known Member

    @wuzzy: what theme are you using to get that? Looks sweet. How does the rest look? (inside)
  20. vnguyen972

    vnguyen972 Active Member

    I agree that it looks sweet... I found a utility that makes mine looks as sweet as that... called WidgetLocker:


    if Tinypic was blocked from your work (like mine) here's from twitpic, click on the link below :)


    I'm liking it so much! it looks so cool! Thought I share..
  21. zenijour

    zenijour Member

    Home screen
    Fav Apps
    Tech Stuff
    App Drawer 1
    App Drawer 2
    Photo Gallery
  22. cw54o

    cw54o Well-Known Member

    pretty simple
    first screen: lock
    2nd screen : middle/home screen
    3rd screen : left DT
    4th screen : right DT

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  23. 2FR35H

    2FR35H Well-Known Member

    Actually you DON'T need root to take a snap shot of your home screen just download an app that doesn;t require it I know there are some as when I had my bh2 months ago before I lost it I was able to do it without root using an app I think it was called shootme.
  24. vnguyen972

    vnguyen972 Active Member

    Shootme does require root
  25. cw54o

    cw54o Well-Known Member

    not entirely true, yes it STATES root is required but a few devices work without it. when i had my slide it worked until tmobile sent out a update to patch it up
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