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  1. dannymur

    dannymur Well-Known Member

    On Stagefright:

    Oh, never thought of that......:eek:

    Future note to self, don't do it.....;)

  2. CrunchyDoodle

    CrunchyDoodle New Member

    OK, here's my ASUS Transformer score. It's not a phone, but can do Skype. :D

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  3. saturos

    saturos New Member

    Samsung Galaxy S II, sorry guys! :p

  4. dannymur

    dannymur Well-Known Member

    Why you guys post devices not ZTE Blade here......:confused:

    You just wanna gloat, can't even see pic saturos...:rolleyes:

    saturos sorry/schmorry ;)

    you need help on how to post piccy???

    Galaxy S II cost:

  5. ElasticNinja

    ElasticNinja Well-Known Member

    Now now Danny, we Blade owners kan has big quadrant score too ;)

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  6. dannymur

    dannymur Well-Known Member

    Hey sn!!!!

    Not bad for ninety squids, huh....:D

    You will have to tie that machine down, it'll take off on it's own.

  7. mali67

    mali67 Member

    clocked to 749 (stable) running shell3d on cyangen n88

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  8. florwas

    florwas New Member

    Samsung Galaxy S II (1.2GHz Dual-Core)
    Nothing modded, stock rom.

  9. androdude

    androdude Member

    :eek::eek::eek:How in gods name did u get such awesome ratings???? :confused:.... I just get 600
    I am using the Swedish Spring RLS5 Rom and have overclocked to 710 MHz with Ondemond Governor and the VM Heap at 32 MB
  10. ElasticNinja

    ElasticNinja Well-Known Member

    CM7 has a better decoder library :)
  11. dannymur

    dannymur Well-Known Member

    Get Blade Buddy, enable Stagefright in Advanced Settings, then will make you feel better.....

    Or, do what shadowninty has done, upgrade to CM7, for a real improvement....

    This Quadrant should have a health Warning.......

    BTW, for SS5, you have everything right, as in OC/Governor/VM Heap, etc.

    It is just broken, that is Stagefright, but it don't matter, unless you play certain games, etc.

    For so-called normal stuff, it doesn't make a hat of phucks ;)
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  12. androdude

    androdude Member

    Am giving the CM& 105 a try right now... :D

    I did used CM7 the stable mod before but the battery lasted for like only 2 to 3 hrs and Yeah I gave the phone a good 2 weeks to get familiar with the battery stats.
    I have everything in SS5 I had applied the Overclock Patch and did every thing required except for the Stagefright as the developer had said its something buggy at the moment... But still with just these SS5 overclock I overclocked mine to 710 MHz and it was running so damn smooth (Not games, didn't tried any)... :)

    And Thanks for your help guys really appreciate it... guys like you keep the Mod Nation alive... <3
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  13. androdude

    androdude Member

    Do I need to do all this even when running The CM7 latest stable version that is the 7.0.3???
    And I can't seem to find the Kalt's Kernel, google shows Kelly's kernel instead... :confused:
  14. ElasticNinja

    ElasticNinja Well-Known Member

    No, not at all anymore

    You should really try Nightly 105 :)
  15. androdude

    androdude Member

    Oh My Bad actually am on Nightly 105 I by mistakely Downloaded the it I actually wanted to try the Stable as u know nightly are kinda buggy, I can't seem to get the root rights :( so no titanium love :(

    And one more thing which Governor is the best according to u guys. I did some testing and here are my results.

    When, CPU Min= 710 and Max = 710, Ondemand Governor got the best result average of 1088.


    When, CPU Min = 122 and Max = 710, Performance Governor got the best result average of 1077.

    I had performed three tests for every governor at 32 MB VM Heap and the other Performance settings were on CM7 Default.
  16. ElasticNinja

    ElasticNinja Well-Known Member

    There is a sudo bug in 105, 106 has it fixed
    Stable isnt stable for the Blade yet :p
  17. androdude

    androdude Member

    Wow do the nightlies come out these quick... :eek:
    This way I will be just engaged in maintaining the phone all the time...:(
  18. ElasticNinja

    ElasticNinja Well-Known Member

    Its grand, you only need to update like once a week, no wipe.
    Its kind of addictive >.>
  19. androdude

    androdude Member

    U mean I can install the zip file without worrying about any data loss...
    BTW my Bluetooth isn't working in Nightly... :(
  20. ElasticNinja

    ElasticNinja Well-Known Member

    You can.. regarding Bluetooth, I have no idea
  21. androdude

    androdude Member

    Ok I know this isn't the nightly thread but one last thing where can we report the bugs and instabilities or compatibility issues.

    I figured its better to let them know about the Bluetooth den to just leave such great ROM... BTW I updated to 108 still no bluetooth... Though it worked in Stock Froyo..
  22. ElasticNinja

    ElasticNinja Well-Known Member

  23. androdude

    androdude Member

    Yeah I wiped actually I always wipe whenever any bugs surface and then restore with Titanium Backup and if still the bugs surface then I do a clean install Wipe everything again and just install apps from Titanium and not the data...

    I didn't knew 7.1 stable is coming... Awesome :D
  24. ElasticNinja

    ElasticNinja Well-Known Member

    How is it not working so? (bluetooth)

    The 7.1 coming is a bad thing IMO- FEATURE FREEEZ :eek:
  25. androdude

    androdude Member

    Y is 7.1 a bad thing... ???

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