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Post your Speed Test results here!

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  1. sarstube

    sarstube Well-Known Member

    2.9 down
    250k up
    H+ with arrows

  2. Loiselle

    Loiselle Well-Known Member

    Southgate, MI (10 miles south of Detroit)
    2485 kbps Down
    170 kbps Up
  3. rmreid

    rmreid Well-Known Member

    I am embarrassed to post my speedtest scores:
    361 kbps down
    149 kbps up

    Thank goodness I have a WiFi network in my house
    Wifi Scores
    6.12 kbps down
    1.29 kbps up
  4. lsutigers03

    lsutigers03 Well-Known Member

    I tried again and I got 1700 down and 1400 up
  5. shawn1224

    shawn1224 Ex CEO-DNPSEA foundation VIP Member

    At home I'm getting (Houston, TX)

    2991kbps Down 686kbps up
    2935kbps Down 702kbps up
    2939kbps Down 691kbps up
  6. Yaken

    Yaken Well-Known Member

    Getting 2.7ish down and 300k up. On 3g no "4G" although it does show the h+, but like i said in another post that doesn't mean anything
  7. shawn1224

    shawn1224 Ex CEO-DNPSEA foundation VIP Member

    Yea the H+ won't mean squat until the backhaul gets completed. Although some people are going to think that this is their 4G speed
  8. jacquespdx

    jacquespdx Member

    I'm a little concerned. I live in Portland and the coverage here has always been phenomenal, but all day I've been getting 200-900kbps down (usually closer to 200), 100 up, and 450-600ms ping. What could possibly be going wrong? I don't have speed test results for my iPhone 3 yet but I know it's faster- I'll probably get the actual numbers this evening.

    Not sure if it matters, but my unlimited data plan got "accidentally" removed and I had to call support to file a ticket just to get it back. They temporarily gave me a normal 2GB data plan in the meantime.
  9. chandler583

    chandler583 Member

    Good luck getting your unlimited plan back. Your "Temporary" 2GB Data Plan may just be like "Temporary" Gas Taxes...

    The Speeds on the Inspire 4g seem to be slower as of right now. But supposedly when the backhaul gets completed and AT&T turns on the "switch" it should get somewhat of a boost compared to 3g speeds.

  10. If he had it previous they will return it many people got there's back
  11. sarstube

    sarstube Well-Known Member

    go to 4G Speed from AT&T - AT&T 4G with HSPA+ and LTE - Wireless from AT&T and over to the coverage map. then scroll over cities and it will say "4g" and you can click for a 4g map of the city.

    Off the top of my head, cities listed w/ 4g:
    North cali
    Bay area
    The state of RI
    and only god knows why: buffalo, ny
  12. Blanco720

    Blanco720 Well-Known Member

    thats gotta be the worst map to find your coverage in the world lol
  13. sarstube

    sarstube Well-Known Member

    haha true, but the worst map is perfect for finding the worst coverage (for 4g anyways).

    i though att was ahead of tmobile for h+? you gotta think they either arent far behind, have about the same, or possibly even more coverage.

    edit: maybe i got mixed up, but t-mobile reports 100 metro's!
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  14. Allenfx

    Allenfx Well-Known Member

    Sticking with subjective for another day or so. No speed test but my "nerd-o-meter" is clocking the wsbtv news app in atlanta as loading news stories at around double the speed as my iphone 3gs while regular web pages are only hitting around 10-15% faster....

    Dont laugh..my "nerd-o-meter" is VERY accurate....lol

    Best of three was:
    1453kbs up
    320kbs down

    Down town atlanta but 2 walls in to the interior of a concrete hospital building....
  15. jacquespdx

    jacquespdx Member

    Alright, so when the backhaul gets completed things will speed up. But that doesn't explain why the hell I'm getting such terrible speeds to begin with compared to pretty much every other test I've seen... there's no reason for that here...
  16. MarcMaiden

    MarcMaiden Well-Known Member

    does it feel slow?

    because my speed tests some times read slow speeds, but i feel no difference when im downloading apps or anything. At my AT&T store, i get about 1.5-2 mb/s average, but i load HQ youtube videos and flash movies with out a stutter or buffer.

    I feel like the speed test apps are bogus...
  17. jacquespdx

    jacquespdx Member

    Yeah, it does feel quite slow too. Also, if the speed test apps were "bogus", a lot more people would be noticing discrepancies. I can understand speeds looking unbelievably high in some cases for broadband - there's a few sites where I can pull 50Mbps on my Comcast connection, for example, but that's not a realistic measure of my typical speeds. However, the speeds for wireless are so comparatively low that the measurements should be a good representative.

    I've tried the FCC and speedtest.net apps and even set up a mini-test on my own server. The apps don't often choose very good testing locations, but different locations don't change the result much for me.
  18. stancrazy

    stancrazy Well-Known Member

    Best of 5:
    3.23 mb/s Down 380kps up

    A couple other noteworth results:
    3.14 mb/s down 360kps up
    3.19 mb/s down 379kps up

    The "low" numbers were
    2.67 mb/s down 360kps up
    2.23 mb/s down 100kps up

    Downtown Atlanta
  19. stancrazy

    stancrazy Well-Known Member

    Interesting thread here: Post Your HSPA+ Speeds Here - | DSLReports Forums

    Notice the guys getting 6-7.6mb/s downloads?

    Also note the %50 theory...(ie if the radios set to 7.2 you get around 3-4mbs, when they bump up the radio to 14.4mb/s in march then you get 6-7mb/s).

    I don't thing AT&T has any immediate plans to go higher than 14.4mb/s setting but i can handle the 6-7mb/s with peaks up into the 12s (if thats going to be the case)...
  20. spoiler61

    spoiler61 Well-Known Member

    WI-FI download 3.11 Mbps upload 2.19 Mbps.... 4G 1.43 Mbps, 1 Mbps 0.10 Mbps...
  21. leavinghome

    leavinghome Well-Known Member

    Best of 3:

    2139 kbps DOWN
    355 kbps UP

    Monterey Bay, CA
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  22. Blanco720

    Blanco720 Well-Known Member

    I read this on the AC Inspire forum which may help in determining when the backhaul is implemented....

    If you go to Settings -> About Phone -> Network you can see whether you are on UMTS, HSDPA (or HSPA+?)
  23. roush611

    roush611 Well-Known Member

    I wanted to bump this thread since ATT might have released some 4g today. The 4g network coverage viewer seems to be working on thier website now. att.com/network for those of you that don't know it. What speeds are you guys getting in the supposed 4g areas?
  24. beanboy89

    beanboy89 Active Member

    I don't have the Inspire 4G yet (I'll likely be getting it in a few months), but I was playing around with it in the Lancaster, PA AT&T store yesterday and downloaded and ran the SpeedTest.net app. I wasn't too impressed with the speeds. They were 3G speeds at best, averaging around 700kbps down and 100kbps up. The H+ icon was present in the status bar.
  25. rmreid

    rmreid Well-Known Member

    H+ 4 bars: 2207 kbps down / 387 kbp up

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