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  1. What's your point Hspa+ isn't on in nyc area. Your getting those speeds God bless but that's Norway the norm not for any phone even the hsupa having iPhone 4

  2. milan03

    milan03 VIP Member VIP Member

    I think you're not understanding the difference between HSPA+ being available (as a software update on the cell sites) and HSPA+ speeds with enhanced backhaul being available to consumers.

    HSPA+ is switched on to nearly 100% AT&T covered area. Enhanced backhaul however is lagging behind very badly.

    I'm not sure what are you trying to prove here, I'm giving you my own field tests, and you keep repeating yourself negating my own experience. Have you even tested the data in NYC?
    I live in NYC, work in NYC, i have my AT&T devices with me every day. So my advice to you is to stop spreading the unverified rumors and go with the facts. And I mean not the facts that you've heard from someone, but your own experiences.

    Now we can talk about AT&T's HSPA+ being limited to 14.4 which sucks especially knowing that the real HSPA+ starts at 21mbps.

    iPhone is a non HSPA+ device capped at 7.2mbps down and 5.76mbps up.

  3. No I understand but being that there is no backhaul you won't see those speeds on your phone
    Also its only 14.4 till years end it will be 21 by 2012
  4. milan03

    milan03 VIP Member VIP Member

    I do have AT&T's only 21mbps device, Shockwave USB modem. I cap at about 12-13mbps in the best case scenario. That tells me that AT&T doesn't have a 21mbps capable network. Their backhaul isn't robust enough, or they are simply rate limiting me at 14.4.
    Your HSPA+ phones are only 14.4 capable. You would never know if the network is limited to 14.4 or 21mbps.
    But they've been selling Shockwave since November last year, and the speeds anywhere in the USA are capped at 14.4 minus the overhead. In most places im in the HSPA 7.2 range.

    I can vouch that AT&T at the moment is BY FAR the slowest network among the big four.
  5. stancrazy

    stancrazy Well-Known Member

    Not according to this article published on Feb 18 stating AT&T was the faster that Verizon...

    AT&T iPhone beats Verizon in nationwide 3G speed tests - CNN.com

    Lets see who do i believe...Milan or CNN..



    Umm im going to go with CNN.

    Also while we are at it, here is AT&Ts mobile broad band coverage map. As you can clearly see the only place in the State of NY that has 4G active is Buffalo.

    4G Speed from AT&T - AT&T 4G with HSPA+ and LTE - Wireless from AT&T

    Edit; Note to Loiselle...THIS conversation is why i wanted the previous thread here in this forum...nuff said.
  6. milan03

    milan03 VIP Member VIP Member

    I would read that carefully. And I mean carefully. Then read it again and tell me if you see Verizon's 3G or 4G LTE being reviewed.
    Then read it again to confirm.

  7. stancrazy

    stancrazy Well-Known Member

    While we are on the subject of reading carefully. Read this quote carefully, then re-read it again and tell me if it differentiates between 3G and 4G.

    ON the subject of 4g...

  8. milan03

    milan03 VIP Member VIP Member

    OK. Look I don't care what you want to see or not, I am telling you from my own tests.
    Between Verizon's LTE, Sprint's WiMax and T-Mobile's HSPA+, AT&T is by far the slowest major wireless provider.

    I can't care less what others think or what you think, I believe what I see.
  9. milan03

    milan03 VIP Member VIP Member

    Oh and you telling me that the only city in NY state has 4G is Buffalo... Dude, I'm in NYC and I get 12mbps on my HSPA+ laptop USBconnect.
    You are really getting served by AT&T's PR, media and other koolaids... Have you tested AT&T's HSPA+ network on a non-Android device? I thought so...
  10. milan03

    milan03 VIP Member VIP Member

    And to top it off here is more from NYC to hopefully open your eyes.

  11. Allenfx

    Allenfx Well-Known Member

    Makes it sound like us early adapters will need an ota firmware update before being able to complete the handshake to the correct level.
  12. yea its definitely gonna be that. Once the backhaul is out they will send out this update then the real speeds will flow and come summer 2.4 is arriving I'm hearing july and then watch this Inspire fly!
  13. milan03

    milan03 VIP Member VIP Member

    That's exactly what AT&T want you to think and say. Everything at the moment is paperweight, vapor, but heavily advertised. No backend to support. While other three major provider users are already seeing and enjoying 4G speeds.
  14. So basically your agreeing with me? PS my uncle works for AT&T corporate I'm just telling you what I know, in the next few months by mid april you will see a huge increase in speeds even you with your already awesome speeds
  15. milan03

    milan03 VIP Member VIP Member

    I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with you or anyone here. I'm just observing the current situation on the 4G market. Out of 4 major players AT&T unfortunately is the slowest 4G carrier. But they do heavily advertise it, make it look like they are on point and blazing fast. Average consumers get caught up with the PR smoke screens, and bite the bullet, then start hating life. Latest example, AT&T new 14.4mbps phones. The fact that I get faster speeds on Apple phone, in your so called non-4G market tells us that AT&T's map don't mean a thing, and they are selling a thin air.
    I've emailed De La Vega a few times since my Shockwave performed like a HSPA 7.2 device for months, and he would rather give me free data than tell me why doesn't his "fastest broadband network in the U.S." perform as advertised.
    I'm getting so fed up, I'll probably get Thunderbolt.
  16. Well if you look at AT&T's map it says at the bottom enhanced backhaul coming march 31st. The reason iphone is getting better speeds right now is because it has no hsupa disabled
  17. milan03

    milan03 VIP Member VIP Member

    That's the least what every HSUPA enabled phone should be getting. AT&T doesn't even support HSUPA 5.76mbps but they are capping it at 2mbps ~1.7mbps real world tests.

  18. Once again for now.
  19. milan03

    milan03 VIP Member VIP Member

    What's the point of 4G phones being sold, 4G being advertised, if you have to wait with your precious device till mid year to not even get 4G speeds guaranteed, but just to have them enable HSUPA that comes loaded already in your hardware???
    I'm not sure if AT&T is paying you to defend them or what, but you make absolutely no sense. I've been with them for years, know all their tricks, and I have no reason to be biased. The fact of the matter is their distorted reality PR clearly works as you and a few others are blindly following everything they serve.

    Wake up people!
  20. Isaachary

    Isaachary New Member

    The best I've gotten is 2104k up and 129k down.

    I just got it last night and we've had some pretty heavy storms, so that might be affecting it.

    I also asked the rep at our corp store that sold me the phone when the Springfield, MO area would be receiving the backhaul, and if the upload speeds would be fixed, and he said we wouldn't be seeing it 'til the summer time and the upload would be fixed. Not sure on the legitimacy of that, but the guy was nice so I'll give him the benefit. So for anybody in the SWMO area, this is probably looking like the time frame for us.
  21. mydogyuma

    mydogyuma New Member

    Inspire 4G in Fort Worth, speedtest.net,
    3.2MB down and 575k up
  22. DamonRipper

    DamonRipper New Member

    Dallas area, 3.18 down and .34 up. I have notice it varies wildly though, with some tests having DL ranging from 1 - 3.2
  23. Allenfx

    Allenfx Well-Known Member

    Honestly i agree with you. There is nothing worse than vaporware. From the ridiculous Duke Nukem to several video card and cpu releases and on....we all hate it.

    However notice this from above:

    We have all seen this in tech. AMD vers Intel. Nvidia vers at...well AMD.

    Today you roast us for being fans of vaporware..tomorrow we roast you (if you switch) for having only ONE LAYER of 4G at LTE while we have access to LTE in 80% of major markets and HSPA+ in areas you can barely get data in at all...

    Its the old "trading licks" tech paridgm.

    Can we agree on that?
  24. milan03

    milan03 VIP Member VIP Member

    Makes sense doesn't it? However, if I keep waiting for AT&T vague time frame deadlines for LTE to come true, I'll grow old. HSPA+ isn't even properly rolled out. I don't mind AT&T speeds on HSPA7.2mbps devices. It's fairly good and in NYC tends to be very good, but they are just not game changers or not even a competitor in the 4G market.
    If they weren't throwing out false claims about their 4G I would have absolutely no problem with AT&T. But their recent CES keynote was 1.5hrs of thin air nonsense without a single solid announcement I'm fed up with them.

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