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  1. Android Amateur

    Android Amateur Well-Known Member

    Alright fellow Vibrant owners, let's see your current screenshots! Please limit to two(2) screens per post. Let's see what your little creative minds have created!

    LauncherPro Plus
    Beautiful Widgets
    Nexus ReVamped Live Wallpaper


    Lock Screen:
    Widget Locker (Basic Android)


  2. darksandz93

    darksandz93 Well-Known Member

    i cant find nexus revamped on the market....can you provide a link?
  3. melll

    melll Well-Known Member

    What app is free on the market for taking screen shots like that?

    EDIT: Where do you host your pictures for forum viewing?
  4. Oyasumi

    Oyasumi Active Member

    I use Shoot Me for the screen shots. If I image host I do so from a domain I have but there are a few free that I am sure others can give. You should be able to use the forum software to place a couple images in as well.
  5. melll

    melll Well-Known Member

    Oh man, wont be bothering with that then.

    Its for rooted phones only :(

    Is there anything for non rooted phones?

    EDIT: took a pic instead

  6. Android Amateur

    Android Amateur Well-Known Member

  7. howetechnical

    howetechnical Well-Known Member

    Root is required for screenshots. I use adb's screen capture, it's great. As far as image hosting, just use photobucket or TinyPic.

    Lastly, as for this thread, there is a "Post your desktop" thread in the themes section of the forums. I won't be the judge if this qualifies as a redundant topic, but I would think a moderator would prefer to keep all desktop screenshots in that forum that already has hundreds of posts.
  8. elchingon666

    elchingon666 Well-Known Member



    I also use SHOOTME for perfect.
  9. Android Amateur

    Android Amateur Well-Known Member

    Nice! How did you get your battery icon in the notification vertical like that with the number in it?

    Was my link helpful for getting you the Nexus Revamped Live Wallpaper?
  10. Suavebeatz

    Suavebeatz New Member

    Here is mine, I love beautiful Widget:D

  11. elchingon666

    elchingon666 Well-Known Member

  12. howetechnical

    howetechnical Well-Known Member

    Well, if a moderator doesn't have a problem with the thread, then neither do I. Let's get the party started.

    (FYI: you can resize your screenshots so they are smaller, which is bette for forums. Don't need to post the full size. I resize them to 240w maintaining proportions.)

    Main Screen (LauncherPro Plus, Beautiful Widgets, BattStatt, Smooth Calendar):

    Left Screens (Pure Grid Calendar, Picture Frames, Beautiful Widgets, BeyondPod):
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Right Screens (TechBuzz, Picture Frames, Vlingo, Pandora):
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  13. Arcadia

    Arcadia Well-Known Member

    I'll have mine up in a bit, gotta work on this college paper. :D
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  14. Android Amateur

    Android Amateur Well-Known Member

    How's this? Sorry about the previous sizes. I was getting lazy!

  15. Arcadia

    Arcadia Well-Known Member

    Is that an android central widget? Lmao.
  16. Android Amateur

    Android Amateur Well-Known Member

    Shhhh, don't tell. Does phandroid or androidforums have a widget?
  17. Eyeznx

    Eyeznx Member

    How do i get to unlock my phone like that? The 1st screen shot...
  18. Jimmykimchi

    Jimmykimchi Well-Known Member


    Yep! My homescreen is the one all the way to the right. And it goes in order
  19. Arcadia

    Arcadia Well-Known Member



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  20. Jason Pedersen

    Jason Pedersen Well-Known Member

    Arcadia, whats that bottom tray you have? I really like the simplicity of it. All these screenshots make me very eager to root!! Soon, sooooooon!!
  21. draconius

    draconius Well-Known Member

    Jason...that is a theme that you can install after root. I prefer the launcher pro icons.

    Here is the text pack.
    Manup's Simple Word Icons

    Btw...this is your brother. :)
  22. Jason Pedersen

    Jason Pedersen Well-Known Member

    Thanks...Draconius! :p I know. I was wondering what theme, der.

    And yeah, I knew it was you when I saw Draconius. :p
  23. Craxer

    Craxer Active Member

    Just a little simple.

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  24. aeok18109

    aeok18109 Active Member

    dude im really diggint hat anime and the planet backgrounds. any idea where i could get those?
  25. canadianrider

    canadianrider Member


    I try to keep the main page clean.
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