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  1. lisa11nicole

    lisa11nicole New Member

    So, apparently I wasn't supposed to ask questions in my intro... oops. I'll repost it here.

    Any idea why I can't post on the forum at and the likes using my incredible? It only lets me put text in the subject.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. omgitswes

    omgitswes Well-Known Member

    might be a problem with the site? Every other forum I use is allowing me to post
  3. jayjay1122

    jayjay1122 Well-Known Member

    Some forums are simply not "mobile friendly"...

    My suggestion would be to download Tapatalk (which is a mobile phone to forum gateway of sorts) from the market. In other words, it lets you browse and comment on forums through that interface.

    You will find a list of forums based on different criteria. A good rule of thumb would be that if the forum is in Tapatalk it is mobile friendly, this way you know there is a good chance you can post from your phone without it as well. Personally, I do not use it and simply post to this forum through my Dolphin Browser.

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