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  1. jimlats

    jimlats Member

    I found the first few levels of Pirates of the Caribbean: Master of the Seas to be a bit frustrating. I guess the design team thought it was intuitive enough as it stood... a common enough issue.

    So here is a quick summary I wrote for my nephews. It is about 25% my observations and gameplay, and 75% learnings I received from this site and other sites that I'll try and list as a comment to this thread (thanks to those that posted their knowledge. It made the game better for me!)

    Anyway, I thought I'd share it with you. (Please comment any additional tips or corrections or critiques.. and if I am wrong on anything or you can clarify anything, please comment!)

    You may find it a bit long.. so if you're a Newbie and only want to read a bit.. then read the GIFTING section.

    Check Messages

    - From the main screen, bottom left, there is a wrench. You probably clicked it to enter in your signup code. (If not, get a code from a friend or player or board and do it, it means 20 Gems.. 20 Gems is big)... Click that wrench then click the Messages GO button. You will see a list of who gifted you (and maybe who attacked you too)


    - First thing... Gifting does NOT impact your inventory. Not sure where these gifts come from but they are not from your items. (This can be frustrating when you need an item you cannot afford and yet it pops up for one of your Crew when you gift them)

    - Don't gift Gold. You won't be able to make much of a difference except maybe in the case of a brand new player.

    - Don't gift Energy, Stamina. I think I have actually been able to use a gift of Energy once and Stamina maybe twice but that is it. Some players get offended by Energy and Stamina gifts and may attack you. Just trust me and anyone else that suggests this practice, gifts of Energy and Stamina will not help you. As you progress in the game and add Crew, you are going to be trying to collect items for Attack and Defense and receiving an advanced item from a Crewmate is awesome.

    - Gift Cannon, Weapons, Amulets, and Tackle.. they are what really count as they are added to crew to increase Attack and Defense levels.

    - When you gift Cannon, Weapons, Amulets, and Tackle... make sure you gift the best items you can. When you open the Gift Window, there may not be any Cannon, Weapons, Amulets, or Tackle.. just close the Gift Window and open it again.. repeat until you see a nice expensive Cannon, Weapons, Amulets, or piece of Tackle.

    - My current strategy for gifting, (in addition to the above) is that if I receive a direct message about a gift from someone, I will usually gift them back (if I have not already done so that day ... one gift per day per Crew, fyi) immediately with the best gift I can pull up. Because it is for one person, the gifts are geared to that person's level so you can send items you have no access to yet. I try to check this a couple times a day as there only seems to be 15 messages kept.

    - Each day I will send out gifts to my Crew. I do not do this from the Messages area but from the Crew area (top left). I click the bottom Gifts button and a list of all the Crew I have not gifted in the last day shows up. I cycle through this until I get a good Cannon, Weapon, Amulet, or Tackle and I click the select all button and sent it to everyone. I do the above, personal message gifting first.

    - Note. Even if someone gifts me Energy, Stamina, or Gold, I will still gift them a good Cannon, Weapon, Amulet, or Tackle. Ii does not cost me anything and I am hoping they may be new to the game and have not picked up on that yet.

    Chests and Wrecks

    - When ever I get a couple of spare minutes, I'll cruise around the water and tap all the wrecks and rowboats and collect the gold.. it is free and no risk and it does add up. I even got a gem once.

    - There are sometimes Chests floating around. I keep opening them, dammit! I think out of maybe 15 or 20, I got 3 or 4 with a couple thou gold, one had a rabbit's foot, and the rest either blew up, melted my gold, or were a trap to lure me to an attack... an attack where someone with half my A&D points whoops my ass... baffling. Never once have I seen a Gem. I have also not seen a locked chest yet either.. although they were mentioned on the boards.


    - Don't apply level credits to Attack or Defense. It may seem like a good idea when you start but it won't be long before your A&D numbers dwarf anything you can add with leveling points. Save them for Energy, Stamina, and Health.

    - Energy, Stamina, and Health maximums are critical. You will have to devise your own strategy for how you balance these numbers. You need Energy for the quests you receive on the islands. Stamina and Health are used for sea battles.

    - The higher your Health limit the more gold it takes to repair your ship. Is it worth it to have a huge health number. I am not sure. I know I get stuck waiting for more Energy for quests so maybe I could do with more on the Energy and less on the Health. I did run out of Stamina a few time earlier in the game, when I was battling a lot.

    - I have been buying properties on the islands I gain access to. I have noticed that some have payout periods that take days to recover my investment. I usually try to avoid those. If I can recoup in a day or two, I'll buy it... even just to bank some gold and get it out of my hold

    - Each island has a number of quests. The first time you do a quest you have to answer a multiple choice question. If you get it wrong, I think you get the XP but not the Gold. You can go back in and do the quest again and pick another answer. You need to go back in repeatedly anyway in order to 'master' the quest to level and unlock islands. Once all the quests on an island are done, there is another one added. You only get one chance at this one. If you win, you get Gold and XP, lose and it is just XP.


    - When you lose, you lose Health and Gold.. you do not lose Gems or Items or anything else. You do burn Stamina when you fight and you cannot attack without Stamina. You will also likely lose Health even if you win, usually not as much.. but it depends on the Attack level of you opponent compared to your Defense level.

    - At first I found the battling odd. Someone could be attacking you and the only evidence you have is your Health dropping. I have not seen any option to see or participate in the battle if someone attacks you. You can check the Messages area later and retaliate, should you so choose.

    - Personally, I treat the battling like this is a Pirate Game.. so if a ship has no gold, I won't attack it. Unfortunately, I blasted a few players early on before I figured this out. If there is no Gold in their holds, you don't have anything to win except a few XP maybe.

    - While you are away from the game, players will attack you. I used to retaliate but I noticed some of the attackers had very low numbers and frequently lost to my ship. I won't retaliate on these players now, they are building some XP and it doesn't do me any harm.. even if they take a bunch of Health, it rebuilds pretty quickly.

    - There is a little scale icon on the stats pages (click a player name or on your name at the bottom of the main screen). I cannot find anything that specifies what the scales are or how they are calculated but it seems to be related to who you attack. I am not sure if it impacts your win calculations or other scores.

    - I bank my gold by buying Attack and Defense items or properties. Just like the real world, cruising around with money hanging out is an invitation to trouble :)

    - On that note: If you are cruising around with tons of gold in your holds, I don't care if you are 10 levels below me, I am going to attack you. Aye Matey, this be a Pirate Game!

    Network Access, Bugs & Crashes

    - I have never played a game with so many crashes and restarts and not one with so many server hits. I find it a bit infuriating sometimes but it has not really impacted my scores or anything yet. I did read some posts about how folks have lost their profiles. It is or was so common that Disney posted a KB article on it. I have not experienced that yet, knock on my wooden leg, Billy.

    - I read on one of the posts that the HD option may cause server hits. Not sure why but I may try the no HD option and see if that helps speed things.

    Invite Codes

    - You can only enter one invite code and receive the 20 gems once. Don't keep entering codes, they game ignores them.


    - You are very likely going to want to add crew. Having a huge number of crew is probably the only way to play successfully for free, and only then if a lot of your crew gift effectively (see notes above)

    - When I add Crew, I either get the names form a site (see below) or I more often, get them from the gameplay. If I see a player who has a name I can remember (I don't want to write it down) then I'll click Crew in the top left and add them. I usually try to add higher level players as they usually understand Gifting better.

    - I THINK that your Crew are not listed when you click a ship and scroll through them to battle. If you want to battle your Crewmate then you can click on their name in the list in the Crew area. Id find it a bit weak how little interaction you can have with your Crew.. you can add and gift and battle them and that's it. Strange.

    I hope that helps you out a bit!

    Feel free to add me: capt_relik ( new user code H9O0J1 )

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  2. jimlats

    jimlats Member

    To add to the above...

    - Here are some site with lists of players. I started with the newest posts as I found some of the older posts are form players that no longer play.

    Pirates of the Caribbean: Master of the Seas Codes | Invite Code Matrix | Game Codes for Mobile Devices
    Pirates of the Caribbean: Master of the Seas - Page 39 - Touch Arcade (individual posts and compilation lists)

    Here is a pretty good walkthrough / review and the comments have some serious gold there in the form of tips...

    Review : Pirates of the Caribbean: Master of the Seas | MobileMouse.net

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  3. obsidianwings

    obsidianwings Well-Known Member

    Thanks for that, I am going to start playing this within the next couple of weeks, very helpful :)
  4. jimlats

    jimlats Member

    The scale icon is just the win/loss percentage for your battles.. nothing more, from what I could see.

    And, of course, I have been opening chests.. but the ratio of good to bad has changed for me. I had 3 or 4 chests with 2-3k in gold in them and a couple with some tackle and only a couple of traps.
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  5. jimlats

    jimlats Member

    Noticed another thing:

    The timer clocks for generating gold and gems from properties re-start after you collect. You cnnot let them keep generating. A property does not start making more gold or gems for you until you collect the last batch.

    And remember to gift the best items you can. You are joining their crew so gift the items you would want.. so the best cannon, weapons, amulets, and tackle you can.. even if you have to exit and re-enter the gift screen 10 times to get a good item to show.
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  6. jimlats

    jimlats Member

    If I gift you an item that is above your game level, will you receive it even if you cannot use it; will you not see it at all (and not realize that I sent you a gift); or will you recive it and not be able to use it until you reach that item's level?

    Anyone know?

  7. obsidianwings

    obsidianwings Well-Known Member

    Don't know the asnwer to any of those questions sorry lol, just letting you know I have added your through your new user code. My username on there is the same as on here.
    Can't get it to work to add anyone else yet though, keeps telling me I have already invited them when I haven't, and theres no sent requests.
    I'm probably doing something stupid though.
  8. obsidianwings

    obsidianwings Well-Known Member

    If anyone is playing this please add obsidianwings, I'm having trouble adding other people and I need crew. I gift daily
    thanks :)
  9. CBug70

    CBug70 New Member

    Just added you and Capt_relik. Now that I read this, I'll be giving the best gifts. :D

  10. drdnaught1

    drdnaught1 Well-Known Member

    I agree with most of the OP's original post. I do think that sending Energy gifts is not necessarily a bad thing, though I think it should be done sparingly; there have been quite a few times when I used up all my energy and a few people sent me large amounts, letting me do more quests and level up. I think Gold and Stamina are pointless gifts and most gifts should be Items.

    Early on in the game you should definitely put your points into Energy, not Attack/Defense (for the same reason the OP gave), and definitely not Stamina or Health, you won't be in fighting shape early on because most other players will be stronger than you anyway.
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  11. obsidianwings

    obsidianwings Well-Known Member

    Thanks to everyone that added me.
    The new update is awful, any way to go back?
  12. jimlats

    jimlats Member

    obsidianwings, you can only add the code once after you sign up. You can go to the Crew section by clicking the top left button and add preople from that area.. I think the second tab has an add crew field
  13. jimlats

    jimlats Member

    After playing for a bit, I have to agree with you 100% that sometimes receiving energy gifts can be a good thing. I have been in the situation you describe where I am trying to level up on quests but ran out of energy and then I suddenly had a full tank because someone gifted it to me.

    I find I get a few gifts just after I send out daily gifts. So first thing I do when I log in is collect the property 'rents' so I can restart their countdown clocks asap, then I spend my energy down on quests, then I send out my daily gifts and low and behold a few minutes later I have full energy. Sometimes, if I have time, I'll send my daily gifts in groups so I can get a couple of sets of gifts with energy ... but only if I have lots of time, which is not often.

    Another thing I have been doing now that I am getting quite a few gifts is I am selling off the lower ranked items and buying higher ranked ones.

    I also made sure, as per someones suggestion on mobilemouse.net, to buy all my crew Spankers to give them each a +13 attack.
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  14. obsidianwings

    obsidianwings Well-Known Member

    Yep I know thanks, but no matter whose name I was inputting in the add crew section it was telling me I had already invited them LOL. Never mind I have a decent sized crew now thanks to people adding me.

    Hopefully there will be another update for this soon and I can start playing again. After updating this and it being really screwy my play market icon disappeared :/ don't know if its related but it seems a strange coincidence, even my screen was screwy with pirates open in the background.
    I ended up uninstalling the play app hoping with an older version the icon would come back in the menu, but then I just ended up with the market which won't work *sigh* Obviously I shouldn't have done that LOL but I still wish I had never updated pirates.
  15. louisa9

    louisa9 Member

    Thanks your share!I really love it.
  16. drdnaught1

    drdnaught1 Well-Known Member

    I agree that the new update is terrible, for one main reason - when I look for people to battle, I almost never get matched with anyone whose stats are far below mine. Almost everyone is slightly above or way above. My attack and defense are both in the 90k range so a lot of people are higher, but there should also be a lot of people with lower stats.

    Yet I keep getting attacked by people with much higher stats than mine...

    jimlats I agree with your "routine", that's a logical order...
  17. obsidianwings

    obsidianwings Well-Known Member

    There is another new update and this one is working beautifully for me. I can even invite people to join my crew now :)
  18. obsidianwings

    obsidianwings Well-Known Member

    Anyone else lost gems? I had 30 and all of a sudden I only have 5.
  19. drdnaught1

    drdnaught1 Well-Known Member

    I don't think I've lost gems before, but with each update I usually lose some items so my stats end up different.

    With the latest version, the developers have completely solved the matching problem for battles. Now, the lowest level opponents are found around the lowest level islands and vice versa, so if I want a close battle I know where to look...same goes for an easy battle!

    RJTAUSZ New Member

    Add me. Redbeardrick1222 code for gems: N5j1a0
  21. SaltyWench01

    SaltyWench01 New Member

    Love this game! I am addicted and am always popping my phone open to check out what is going on! Please add me! SaltyWench01 I gift every day... sad thing is I am not a good pirate because I never battle :) I gift items, not gold or energy. Can't wait to see you on my crew!! :)
  22. captainbarbosa

    captainbarbosa New Member

    that has not happened to me but once I had 48 gems and accidently push spend all gems and i ended up with 0 gems so everyone dont make my mistake lol

    Anywayz feel free to add to crew everybody username is captainbarbosa297

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