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  1. JWhipple

    JWhipple Well-Known Member

    After having gone through 3 full charges yesterday, I looked at what was using the most battery - the DISPLAY... He's the gotcha - I barely touched the phone the entire day - the screen was lit maybe a GRAND TOTAL of 5 minutes.

    What WAS heavy yesterday was email traffic. I had my phone set to PUSH email from my corp exchange server all day.

    I decided today to experiment a little... I turned off PUSH mail and set it to manual - nothing else changed. After having unplugged at home at 8AM here it is 4:32 PM and I've got 40% battery left. Again, total time for the screen on is roughly 5 minutes.

    Now - that having been said - is it possible that the phone turns on the display without engaging the backlight when an email comes in? Why else would the display be taking up so much battery??? With me not having had the push email enabled the display is only taking up a small percentage of the battery usage - cell standby is taking up the most.

    Maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree, but it's a valid thought I believe!

  2. rjsweesy

    rjsweesy Well-Known Member

    all its saying is that of the battery used the display used up most of it, thats all

    if you had 60% used up the phone is telling you that the display used 40% of that 60% and everything else used 60%

    make sense?
  3. JWhipple

    JWhipple Well-Known Member

    Right, I understand that, but screen was taking up close to 80% yesterday when the push mail was enabled - today it's taking up only 25% and the battery is lasting a hell of a lot longer... I didn't use the screen any less today than yesterday. Only difference between yesterday and today is push mail is disabled. No phone calls made/received either day, same physical location (my office which is basically a glorified broom closet with a window), and even setting on the same spot on my desk.
  4. mk_ultra19

    mk_ultra19 Well-Known Member

    I had a fully charged battery last night before I went to bed. Wi-fi was off, no programs were left running that could drain the battery.

    I woke up this morning and the battery was completely drained...I picked up the phone and noticed that I got a couple of emails and texts late at night. IMO this enables the 4g big time.

    For instance when you use the LTE toggle off 4G ... when you get a text or a call ...it automatically enables your 4g again and begins to drain your battery horribly.

    I had juice defender on my phone and it did seem to help a lot, but it was super hard to re-enable the 4G as juice defender is set to monitor all the data and radio connections.
  5. JWhipple

    JWhipple Well-Known Member

    Are you using Exchange email ? If so, how much of the battery was the display showing it had used?
  6. MetroPOS

    MetroPOS Well-Known Member

    No...I have tested this...getting a text message will not turn 4G mode back on..only a phone call will.

    And I've got a question for JWhipple...have you downloaded Any Cut and have you been using the toggle to turn off LTE? Cause if you still have 4G mode turned on all the time while you're not using the phone, that's the source of your constant battery drainage right there.
  7. ciper

    ciper Well-Known Member

    I drive around listening to Pandora through the car stereo with consistent 4g coverage and the screen is still the highest battery user even on the lowest setting (not including the cpu).

    If you read my post about the charger I made you'll see I found how to view the battery logs since the phone was first used and the screen is listed at 42.3 percent under "other usage" and "total in all time"
  8. myrieboy

    myrieboy Well-Known Member

    Just to point this out, after speaking with MikezToolz (hope I spelled it right) I came to realize the major issue for the battery drainer everyone is experiencing could in fact be from there being no cell standby mode on the device as with most android phones... where that "cell standby" is... is beyond me but if we can somehow get it to run... the Indulge won't be such a battery muncher.
  9. TRS-80

    TRS-80 Well-Known Member

    Hopefully that would be part of a custom ROM.

    The other thing I was thinking, is that the 4G antenna obviously uses up a lot of power, but that doesn't show up anywhere in the battery usage info? :confused: So what else is missing from there? And how are we to know what's really eating our battery?
  10. crush67

    crush67 New Member

    i'd like to report some findings after having the LG Esteem for a few months.

    i have juice defender installed, which turns off GPS, Wi-Fi, and 4G. it basically leaves the phone in a state to accept phone calls and text messages. I have the extended battery installed. if i leave the phone in this state with minimal usage I'll get 3 to 4 days. if i use the phone moderately a few calls, a few email syncs, a little browsing i'll get two days.

    what was really confusing me, is that with everything 'off' except incoming calls and messages, the phone can still drains 1 to 2% an hour?

    this is crazy right? I have a tablet, if i turn off the wi-fi and and screen and leave it, the battery will take 24 hours to drain 2%.

    anyway, i took my phone to the UK, and bingo, as usual every thing off, wi-fi, 4g, gps, etc. however the phone drained within 6 hours; completely flat.

    the phone was searching for metro pcs and consequently could not find it and the battery completely drained.

    thus, one of the biggest battery drainers is simply having the phone 'search' and be connected with the metro pcs network - not even the 4g network. unless metro pcs can optimize their connection process, the battery life with them and an android phone will always be rubbish.

    the only way to get a 2% drain on the battery over 24 hours is to put the phone in 'airplane' mode. this essentially shuts of metro pcs network, along with everything else. consequently you'll get the text book 200 hours of standby time - but you cannot receive or make any calls the phone is essentially a standalone unit when in airplane mode.

    wondering if anyone else noticed the same thing with their phone? or has any other suggestions.
  11. lingming

    lingming Well-Known Member

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  12. ccameselle

    ccameselle Member

    Well Guys i have to throw a wrench in this one. On my Esteem I can get about 24 on the Battery if i leave my phone on top of a surface like a table. Now if I have it in my pocket and there is no activity it will eat up the battery in about 2 to 3 hours! The phone gets so hot that the heat sensor comes on and it gives me the warning.

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