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Potential HTC One V owner with questionsGeneral

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  1. bren5666

    bren5666 Member

    After alot of research and looking I think I'm boing with the HTC One V. I have a few questions that hopefully someone can answer.

    1. My biggest hesitation to buying the phone is the non-removable battery. I'm new to the android world and won't be rooting the phone anytime soon; But what do you do if the phone locks up? You can't just pull the battery and re-start.

    2. Voice quality. This phone is going to be replacing my home landline phone and I want to make sure that the voice quality is good. I'd like to here from owners to see if you're happy.

    3. Will Pandora work on this phone? Some people say yes, some say no, and I can't find the info on Pandora's website. Anyone actually using it on their phone?

    4. Essential apps to get? I'm a total newbie, so I have no clue as to what to get. If you have a "must have" app, please mention it. Thanks!

  2. cad2blender

    cad2blender Active Member

    1. You can reset it and simulate a battery pull by holding the power/sleep button for 10 seconds or so

    2.No difference between my phone line and the one v voice quality

    3. Pandora works for me, it comes with a built in radio as well, which is nice

    4. I'm a newbie as well, still exploring...
  3. bren5666

    bren5666 Member

    Thanks for the info and opinion!
  4. 1stkira

    1stkira Active Member

    Voice quality in my earpiece works fine, but I have heard about a mechanical kind of reverberation, but I haven't e xperienced it, and I use speaker a lot.

    Must have apps, Pandora for sure, and it works, touch pal keypad, because the stock keyboard sux , tube mate downloader, and a replacement music player, but I haven't found a replacement yet so if any suggestions. ..
  5. Ecordovez440

    Ecordovez440 Member

    Just got a one v today. I originally purchased the Evo V but got three defective units. Some essiential apps i would say are Go sms pro (much better than factory texter), iheartradio, Swiftkey keyboard (by Far the best), zedge, brightest flashlight free, evernote, groupon, dolphin browser (factory browser is the worst. And yes pandora works as long as you have a decent signal.
  6. los panda

    los panda Well-Known Member

    what are the pros of these keyboards? what are the cons of the stock keyboard?
  7. 1stkira

    1stkira Active Member

    For me I have Andre the giant hands so swyping to text is easy andSwype wasn't on the one v so I got TouchPal
  8. riggerman0421

    riggerman0421 Well-Known Member

    If you want Swype, you can get it at beta.Swype.com.
  9. Ecordovez440

    Ecordovez440 Member

    The key placement is much better. It's all in the details. For example swiping to the left deletes the last word you typed. Also SwiftKey has a very good prediction system. There are times I could right entire sentences on predictions alone. I believe there is a trial version you can try.
  10. fisterkev

    fisterkev Well-Known Member

    If you condition your battery right then this battery is great, no need to remove it. It'll go bad eventually, but by that time it'll be time to toss the phone and upgrade to flavor of the month anyway.

    Regarding Pandora, on mine and I know on at least some others Pandors works with wifi connection only. On 3G it not only lags so much as to be unplayable, it actually fauses FC on the app.

    Some good apps:

    ES File Explorer (file manager)
    Quickpic (picture viewer)
    Player Pro Music Player (excellent music player)
    Boat Browser (stock browser sucks)
    Vlingo (lots of voice commands, hands free operation)
    Crackle (like Netflix but free)
    Kindle Reader (and other Amazon apps - go to their website to download their apps and app store)
    Tiny Flashlight + LED
    The Weather Channel
    GPS Status & Toolbox
    Quick System Info
    Gaia GPS (topo Maps)
    Beat The Traffic
    Mapdroyd (offline maps)

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