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Power button, display and phone callsSupport

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  1. ukrkoz

    ukrkoz Well-Known Member

    Happy New Year everyone

    here's situation, encountered many times.
    I call A Company customer service. A Company wants me to go through multiple menus, press this ir that, dial this or that.
    Thing is, display goes black, as set, in about 30 seconds or so. There is no way to get back to keyboard or dialpad, unless you restore display. Normally, this is done by power button, right?
    Daah, power button in phone mode, kills call.
    You have no idea, how much it got me yesterday, when I was calling USPS. Which is adventure by itself.
    Is there any way to set phone settings so that
    1. display does not go black while in phone mode?
    2. prevent power button from killing phone call?

    mof, I can not even input my pin number when dialing voicemail, as screen goes black every time I touch dialpad to do so. I had that issue WITH EVERY ROM I had on my Charge, and had 5 or 6 total so far.

  2. ukrkoz

    ukrkoz Well-Known Member

    settings>applications> uncheck "power button ends call".
  3. Gr8Jeepin

    Gr8Jeepin Well-Known Member

    As for the screen going black, it was frustrating me also. so i would just use the speakerphone and the screen would stay lit.
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  4. ukrkoz

    ukrkoz Well-Known Member

    cool. thnx
  5. LoKoLady1

    LoKoLady1 New Member

    how about using the volume button while in the midst of a call? I also like to use my power button as the 'call hangup button' and my screen goes black...but if I use the volume button, it wakes it back up.

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