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Last Updated: 2014-04-12 08:13:32
  1. bap1331

    bap1331 New Member

    For some odd reason my power button is not working. The only way for me to look at things on a screen is to plug it into my charger. I took it to a local phone repair shop and they said it had something to do with the powerflex (something flex, not sure if its powerflex) connected to the motherboard?

    I might be searching for the wrong name because I cant find any online stores or ebay selling them. Theres Alibaba but I don't trust that site, it has bad reviews...

    any recommendations or similar experiences?

    It might be cheaper to get a new phone but I like this one since its rooted to the new Jellybean and I am afraid of losing all my music, shows and stuff. Im not sure if it is on the phone or on the SD card

  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Welcome, bap.

    Did the tech clean the power button? :D

    Meanwhile, considering your options at this point, you might want to have a look here:

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  3. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Guides Guide

    The video Frisco linked you to is for the nexus s, the take apart is similar, but here is the one I followed to take apart my galaxy nexus:

    You can access the power button very easily :)
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  4. iron_city

    iron_city Well-Known Member

    Thanks for that...my power button is starting to misbehave.
  5. jabyandroid

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    If your android device power button stops working, out of nowhere, try the recovery below.

    Slide the battery in while the device is connected via usb/power cable.

    Here are some detailed steps to help you get it right:

    1. Disconnect the usb/power cord from the device.
    2. Remove back cover from the device.
    3. Remove battery, and leave the back cover off. You will place the battery back-in in a second.
    4. Reconnect the usb/power cord to the device and then to your PC.

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