power button's slow response!!!Tips

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  1. rishu

    rishu Well-Known Member

    hey everyone!
    there is this problem im facing that whenever i lock/unlock my funbook,
    power button responses with some delay...pls suggest somethng!

  2. hanut1

    hanut1 Active Member

    Its normal generally while locked phone processor hoes down to 60 hz nd tahts why when u press the unlock button it takes time to respond ....but still it is also because of micromax stovk rom it damn lagy nd buggy ... if u want to a smoother funbook ..i suggest u to glash custom rom.
  3. rishu

    rishu Well-Known Member

    can u link some custom roms??????
  4. pradyumnacster

    pradyumnacster New Member

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  5. karndev

    karndev Member

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  6. prao

    prao Member

    Hi, I just picked up a funbook a few days ago and find that while it meets my requirements for most of the things, it is damn slow while multitasking. I generally use it for my business and hence am on vpn + browser + email. I have a few questions:
    1. I would like to see if a custom rom is available that does not remove some of the functionalities provided in stock (not bothered about the store and live tv etc.,). CM generally is pretty bare metal and hence needs a lot of work to get everything that I need.
    2. I have heard of JetMod and would like to understand if this is recommended as better than CM (more functionality)
    3. Is there a way to keep the stock rom in case of need to revert or is there a url from where I can download and keep this?
  7. Saif kazi

    Saif kazi Active Member

    yaa u can backup your rom using cwm recovery

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