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  1. MikeMyers

    MikeMyers Active Member

    On the Google's Samsung Galaxy Nexus there is a 'widget' pre-installed that looks just like something from "Power Control". It has four icons from left to right that I think indicate:

    • Wi-Fi
    • Bluetooth
    • ??? (white circle with square around it)
    • turns auto-sync on/off
    • Screen Brightness

    I've also installed "Power Control Plus", which is very similar, but is configurable, and which also has labels explaining what each function does. This lead me to a few questions..... I called the support number for Google, but the tech there wasn't sure of the answer.

    On the above list of the controls, what is the one listed up above with question marks?

    The "pro" version that I bought seems to do the same thing, but is configurable and has labels for what the controls are/do. The only thing I haven't yet gotten the pro version to do, is to select the "automatic" screen brightness.

    For screen brightness, I like the automatic control setting, but I wish I could simply select a way to move the whole thing up or down. In other words, if the screen is too dim indoors for me, I want to make it brighter - but when I go outdoors, I want the phone to automatically bump up the brightness even more. As things are now, if I increase the brightness setting indoors, when I go outside nothing happens at all, meaning I can't even see the data on the screen. Is there any way to get the "automatic brightness" control to work, but set the whole thing higher or lower, so the screen gets a little brighter in ALL possible conditions?

  2. popovpumpkin

    popovpumpkin Well-Known Member

    the third toggle over on the power widget toggle is your GPS toggle. and as far as the other stuff goes i use a app called "quick setting" by the developer "halfbit".. it's free and works the best out of all the stuff i've tried out
  3. MikeMyers

    MikeMyers Active Member

  4. charliecc

    charliecc Well-Known Member

    I have to ask, any reason you're not using widgetsoid. It's free, it gives you loads of options and best of all you can put it in your 'Notifications' menu, which means it always quickly available, even on the lockscreen (if you don't lock your phone like me).


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  5. MachDelta

    MachDelta Well-Known Member

    Second for Wigetsoid.

    The brightness button doesn't let you shift the preset levels (I believe that is a ROM only setting) but it does let you switch from auto (via checkbox) to a manual slider on the fly.
  6. thegreen

    thegreen Well-Known Member

    Elixir 2 will let you make a customized notification toggle setup, or homescreen widgets. LMT does the fly-in toggles like the stock browser has, or gestures (search XDA for it).
  7. FramCire

    FramCire Well-Known Member

    Wigetsoid allows brightness to toggle 10% 30% 100% auto. GPS just goes to settings... other toggles work great in notification... love it


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