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  1. cannadroid6203

    cannadroid6203 Active Member

    I've done a search, and manually looked through the forums. I didn't see an issue quite like mine. Mod's please merge this thread with a similar one if it exists. Apologies in advance, should that be the case.

    So, I've had the DINC (original) since it came out. I've been searching for a new phone and found the Rezound which I love, if I can get past the same issue. I got it about three weeks ago, and today I'll likely be going in to Verizon to have it swapped out (this will be my third unit). I think it may be a faulty battery that they took from my first rezound and put in my new one when they swapped it the first time. Basically, when the power gets low (on the first unit it was @ 10% after being on standby, all connections off, and absolutely no use, for just under 5 hours from a full charge) it will just shut itself off. When I turn it on, it will just get to loading the home screen and then shut off again and try to boot itself. This happens continuously until I pull the battery.

    Thinking it may be the battery, after I pulled out and replaced the battery, I put it on the charger without powering it on so it could charge fully. I thought this would take care of the problem, but even with the green light indicating a full charge, the power just cycles on and off. This is the second phone to do this to me.

    I'm dreading my trip to Verizon because I'm going to have to argue with them about hard resets and all the hoops they make you jump through to get an exchange. How can you hard reset the phone when it won't fully power on?

    I don't have much in the way of apps on it yet, as I didn't want to go through the trouble of setting it up the way I like it just for this to happen. Mainly I use the preloaded kindle app, the music app, dolphin HD, the preloaded gmail app, handcent sms. That's it as far as apps used regularly. Of course it has all the verizon bloatware on it.

    Anyone else had this issue? Any insights? Should I just resign to the fact that I now have in my possession a $300 paper weight? HELP!!! (Please)..

  2. nynvolt

    nynvolt Well-Known Member

    Check the "bootlooping network" thread below, think that may be the problem you're having.
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  3. cannadroid6203

    cannadroid6203 Active Member

    Thanks for the tip, that was my issue and the phone is now operating perfectly. Now if we could just fix the hissing and popping with the music player...

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