General power draw per application

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by cheeto12, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. is there an app out there that will tell you which apps/widgets are responsible for power drain?

    in a perfect world, it would show which apps are running and how much power or wake time they are using. i've tried to turn off as much as i can, yet my battery life still sucks sometimes, and i'd like to find out what is responsible for it so i can change that setting.

    most of the power management apps i've seen just tell you battery level and health.

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    I'm a drifter.. here and there.
    I really like Systempanel. Although I'm sure in 6.4 seconds someone will reply completely disagreeing with me. Task killers and system monitors seem to be a touchy subject here. My advice, pretend like you dont use one, never heard of one, and dont need one, or you'll be made a fool and driven out of town by horseback with a bucket on your head.


    Not that I use one...
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    lol @ Brian - I've never personally seen the bucket bit, the rest of it sounds familiar though...

    Edit: I gave the SystemPanel app a try - that's got some pretty interesting info in it - kind of cool. I'll keep it on my phone for a while to see if I actually put it to use.
    (damn, here come a bunch of people with a horse and a bucket...)
  4. i'm digging the systempanel as well. pretty slick interface

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