Power-on and power-off samsung's loud soundSupport

  1. sl91

    sl91 New Member


    How to diseable this very loud samsung's sound during the power-on (and -off) process ?



  2. galaxyS

    galaxyS Well-Known Member

    umm system volume? is that it?

    BTW, i honestly dislike the phone's speaker being at the back!! ammp!!!
  3. H101

    H101 New Member

    Go to settings, then sound settings, then volume.... set system volume to zero...

    Not sure what else it silences, but it prevents the little buddy from telling everyone you just turned it on or off.
  4. androidmog

    androidmog Well-Known Member

    If you set the phone to silent before you turn it off, it doesn't make any noise when you turn it off, or on the subsequent restart. However, you do then have to take it out of silent once you've restarted.

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