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  1. paponando

    paponando Member

    Is there any way "any" way to power on your android phone other than the power button?:rolleyes:

  2. kratos

    kratos Back on my throne!!! VIP Member

    When you plug in your phone to the charger while it is powered off, it should power on so the battery can charge.

    Other than that, I do not know of any way to power on the phone without using the charger cable or power button.

  3. paponando

    paponando Member

    so my phone wont charge, the charge light wont come on and i switched out to a known, tested battery and still nothing. is my phone pretty much toast?
  4. kratos

    kratos Back on my throne!!! VIP Member

    That is very likely your charging port. If you still have a warranty, you should contact Verizon and get a replacement. If you do not have a warranty and do have the insurance, make a claim at this site Asurion - Your Technology Protection Company .

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  5. paponando

    paponando Member

    thank you i'll give it a shot (replacing). wish me luck!:D

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