PowerAMP not not loading music.

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  1. RoboticOtter

    RoboticOtter Active Member

    So Ive been using poweramp for quite awhile and have had no problems with it. Until now. I have all my music files stored on my external SD card in a folder labeled Music. Everything is neatly organized on it. Poweramp has had no problem with this and has always loaded all my music. But suddenly It wont load all the music I have! it will only show that i have about 50 artists and 60 songs. Then I just go into settings and press re scan and after 5 minuets of waiting it finally will have all my music back on it. All 300ish artists and over 1600 songs. It will randomly loose everything again after awhile though and ill have to re scan again.

    Whats going on? Has anyone seen this before or have an idea?

  2. dvhttn

    dvhttn Well-Known Member

    Is your SD card on the way out maybe? Can you test another one?

  3. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female

    Sometimes for whatever reason an app will just go all wonky and I've had to delete the data for it. Of course this resets all of it's settings but 9 times out of 10 it fixes the issue.

    Before you consider doing this though, have you asked the PowerAMP developer if there is a limit on the number of songs it will read? I doubt there's a limit, but you never know unless you ask.

    You could also give JetAudio Basic a try. JetAudio itself is not new, but the Android app of it is. It gives PowerAMP a serious run for it's money. I ditched PA seconds after listening to the sound quality that JetAudio put out, and ended up purchasing JetAudio Plus.
  4. RoboticOtter

    RoboticOtter Active Member

    Well its a pretty new card and I dont have another one to test :( But I am starting to wonder if its a problem with the SD card. I was also having problems with a wallpaper I was using. I think its stored on my SD card and randomly I would unlock my phone and it would be on the telus stock wallpaper. So I would have to go and reset it as my wallpaper again. This is very strange.
  5. RoboticOtter

    RoboticOtter Active Member

    Ill take a look at JetAudio. What do I do to delete all the data for it? Is that the cashe, or just uninstalling PA? I actually have tried an uninstall already and it didnt do anything.
  6. awriternot

    awriternot Well-Known Member

    Ugh this the the bane of my existence for a few weeks. Go into your settings & see of you have auto-scan enabled. If so, un-check the box & you should be good to go once you get your playlists reloaded. That's a known glitch that's been doing it to a lot of peeps. The dev knows about it.
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  7. RoboticOtter

    RoboticOtter Active Member

    Hey thanks! I did it and so far it hasn't happened again. Sucks that I'll have to manually rescan when I add stuff. I hope they fix it soon.

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