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  1. UCChemE05

    UCChemE05 Well-Known Member

    Can anyone who's used the Powermat adapter for the EVO comment on how well it works? I've read online that the receiver doors were supposed to be redesigned a couple months ago but have no idea of the truth behind it.

    There seem to a quite a few negative reviews with it so I just wanted to get people's thoughts before dropping the $$$. Its been several months since the last thread on the Powermat for the EVO so I was hoping there would be more feedback available now.

    Also, does it work at all when using the kickstand or does the phone have to be laying on the mat?


  2. firebirdude

    firebirdude Well-Known Member

    The powermat is a waste of money. Not only does it add size to an already debatable large phone, it has to be sitting on a specific square to charge. Why wouldn't I just plug it in? On top of that, you can't charge and talk on the phone at the same time, like you can with a normal cord charger. And who really charges 7 different items every night? It's just a dumb product...
  3. UCChemE05

    UCChemE05 Well-Known Member

    I very much disagree on the usefulness.

    I hate plugging it my phone all the time. I do a lot of online music streaming during the work day which really drains the battery. Inductive charging saves me from needing to plug/unplug it when I need to go to meetings which I believe causes unnecessary wear.

    I don’t wear skinny jeans so a little extra bulk on one end is OK with me. ;)
  4. UCChemE05

    UCChemE05 Well-Known Member

    Bump this up for some input...
  5. csansom

    csansom New Member

    The point is to make charging more of a convenience, not to facilitate your already set way of charging your phone.

    Meaning this.

    It provides a way to charge your phone when you take it out of your pocket and set it down. So all of the time that the phone isn't in your hand or pocket at home or work, the location you have sat the phone down on, is charging your phone. Not really meant for you to completely drain your phone and then have you run to the charging mat.

    As for not being able to make a call while charging, that is a bit disingenuous.

    The charging mat doesn't interfere with an incoming or outgoing call. The phone does have speaker phone capability. Again, just because it doesn't fit into your set method of charging via a cable while talking doesn't mean you can't charge and talk on the phone.

    Also, it does not add much to the phone. You replace the rear battery cover with their cover and voila!

    I can totally understand if this product is not for you, but that doesn't mean it's not totally 'genius' for someone else.
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