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  1. DTLong

    DTLong Member

    Hi all,

    I statred this thread on the XDA site. But I am looking to get as much feedback as I can and hope you do not mind if a post here also as I think not everyone looks at the xda forum, but I could be wrong.

    I am on a quest(s) to find the best pdf reader, best PowerPoint presenter etc. I teach at a university and use powerpoint for lectures. I also give ppt lectures to professional groups, other universities, etc. What I am looking for is the best ppt presentation software and the ability to do the presentation remotely. I also do (with my win 7 lenovo tablet) portrait presentations, in which I have configured the table to simulate an overhead system where I can write on in "edit the ppt view" while the systems projects this to the class. So this is the back ground. I see great potential for the Note in many ways, but right now I am disappointed. What I hoping is that I can learn from you about this goal. Below I compare software that I have. I also compare with the Note hooked directly to the projector (hdmi or hdmi-vga) and with the allshare cast dongle. (*hdmi means hdmi or hdmi to vga, both direct to tv or projector). This results were a surprise and part of my current disappointment,

    1. Touchshow
    Needs a converter to change ppt into form the program can use
    Fairly good for fonts, maintains proper style for text (e.g., maintains column width)
    Picture effects like reflection works
    Animation works
    3d shapes work
    Fonts generally ok
    Good color import text and shapes
    Annotation works
    Terrible green background used to fill in rest of screen
    Bad display resolution.
    Does not works similarly with both direct hdmi* to tv/projector and the allshare cast dongle
    Does not hide bottom tool bar (the one with the return, time, etc.) when using the allshare, but does in the direct mode
    Loads relatively quickly
    Does not work in profile
    2. Office suite pro
    Fairly good for fonts, does not maintain proper style for text (e.g., maintains column width) can edit
    Picture effects like reflection does not work
    Animation works
    No 3d shapes do not work
    Fonts generally ok
    Color off for text and shapes
    Does not import lines and arrow correctly
    Annotation works
    Black background used to fill in rest of screen
    Good display resolution.
    Does not hide bottom tool bar (the one with the return, time, etc.)
    Works similarly with both direct hdmi* to tv/projector and the allshare cast dongle
    It can have a problem when you start a presentation and then swipe to a previous slide or do an annotation: the slides become

  2. drbot

    drbot Member

    Great work DT. Thanks for putting in all the effort and for sharing it with the rest of us. I've been testing Polaris. Has done about everything I've tried so far, but until I give my first live presentation I won't be really sure... The key for me has been annotation. In preliminary tests, I seem to like this function better than how it works in PPT on a pen/convertible PC. As for display, the HDMI converter worked great to both a TV and to a projector, but stacking HDMI converter to VGA converter to projector required some fiddling. The latter is tricky because you have to follow a specific startup pattern or it won't recognize the signals (I'll post more details when I get it nailed down).
  3. DTLong

    DTLong Member


    Looking forward to hearing about what you learn. I have not had too much trouble with the vga but I know what you mean. It will be interesting to know the sequence as I just keep messing around.

    As I pointed out Polaris has some weaknesses. But the fast load for large files, good display resolution, annotation, and animation makes it ok. Do you use the "controller and note" choice for display?

    I am really disappointed in how the allshare cast dongle works with Polaris. With this you would not need to be tied down with cords hanging out. In my review I failed to point out that when using the dongle and controller note, the display on the Note is fine just the screen is wrong so it is something that happens in the dongle.

    Finally, I have no clue why the version of Polaris in PlayStore is not compatible with our note which has it on it. So I wonder if up dates happen will we get any.

  4. DTLong

    DTLong Member

    I have just talked with Samsung. They informed me that Polaris for what ever reason is not compatable with that allshare dongle. I have an email into Polaris about this. However, they have not responded to my first email so we wil see.
  5. drbot

    drbot Member

    I have no experience with Allshare - is it a way to wirelessly connect? To a base computer in turn connected to the projector or is it direct to the projector?

    So in addition to wired connection, I've tried Splashtop, which promotes itself as a wireless whiteboard.
    What it does is give you wireless remote access to another computer's desktop. I've now tested it on both mac and pc and it pretty much works as advertised. With this, I can run powerpoint on the pc, but control it, and annotate, from the SGN 10.1 via a wireless connection. It is a bit laggy, and I don't find the pen annotations quite as smooth and precise as when "native" in Polaris, but it is an option. Another issue with Splashtop is that once I connect and start using the pen, it isn't as good at ignoring the other parts of my hand when they contact the surface. Oh well. The search for perfection continues.
  6. DTLong

    DTLong Member

    Yes the allshare is for remote. It hooks up to the projector or tv and interacts with the Note through the Notes allshare software. Works great except for Polaris.
  7. drbot

    drbot Member

    Aha! Did not realize there was such a thing. That WOULD be a very convenient way to avoid being physically tied to the connection point. Hope you will post if you find out something promising from all share.
  8. DTLong

    DTLong Member

    Well no response from polaris yet. Will try another email.

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