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  1. tbta02

    tbta02 Well-Known Member

    anyone pre order one yet ?

  2. IXDoubleDXI

    IXDoubleDXI Active Member

    Preordered through BB last night. Tried to get a release date from them, guy said possibly by 4/10, but nothing official. Basically, you pay $50, get put on a list, then they give you a gift card for $50 that you have to use to pay when the phone gets in. Gonna keep an eye on pricing from Sprint, saw the $399 thing listed on their site, but i think that was after the $150 new phone instant savings and before the $200 rebate. $399 would be a pretty sweet Off Contract price, would have to probably pick that up over $199/2 year contract price, doubt I'd make it 2 years with the same phone. Especially if Sprint kicks things up and release a good one every year, if not less than a year.
  3. CrazyTechnoBoy

    CrazyTechnoBoy Well-Known Member

    I would preorder, but sadly, I don't have the money.
    Well, I do have the money, but the money is for spending when I go to Washington, D.C! :D
  4. eddieras

    eddieras Well-Known Member

    went to my local sprint store and the guy said i couldn't preorder there because it wasn't a 'corporate' store- he also said he didn't think i needed too. he felt it wouldn't be out till May as the Kyocera Echo is out 4/17
  5. Jceinc

    Jceinc Well-Known Member

    Not much love for the Nexus 4g in here.

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