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  1. Vanidor73

    Vanidor73 New Member

    First off, Hello wonderfully helpful and informative Forum peoples!

    Ugh! I have no idea what the heck happened...or when it started, but today my phhone (Galaxy Precedent...obviously :) ) decided first, it didn't want to work via usb mass storage (I copied pics from computer to the phone/sd card... stopped mass storage and disconnected the phone... went to text a pic to's not there... I look in the Gallery...not listed... re-connect the phone, look via windows explorer... not there... add it again... redo... again not there... Shut the phone down, remove the card, add file(s) via card reader...replace card, turn on phone... get the semi-normal 'no service' statement on initial power wallpaper selection... and that's it. I check the notifications drop down...nothing... after a few minutes or so I get something along the lines of "Launcher not responding" <<Force Close>> <<Wait for program to respond>>

    Of course NOW however, after powering it on to try and get the exact error message...wouldn't you know it, the phone boots properly...

    Which likely just leaves me with the following problems/annoyances:

    * No longer playing notification sounds when I get an incoming txt/SMS/MMS ... either through the stock message program, or my wonderful Handcent {semi-shameless plug: A very nice message app to check out, very customizable, from individual contact colors (incoming & outgoing), to chat bubble individual notification tones! (Have your sweetie's ringtone "I want your sex" for calls? Set "I'm not your father...I am a lover" as txt notice!) >>End shameless plug<<}

    * The slide-lock that usually comes up when you hit the power button to pull it out of sleep no longer comes up, and when I go to power my phone down it just offers power down, not the 3 options of Power down | Airplane mod| ...I forget the other one .. Any help re-enabling this, as well as my home button/key would be greatly appreciated!

  2. JediChad37

    JediChad37 New Member

    I am having some problems with my phone. When i text my keyboard with just disapear on its own, my phone just opens apps on its own which drains my battery, drops signal randomly. if anyone can help please let me know. thanks.
  3. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    Windows computer? You didn't eject the phone in Windows before you stopped mass storage? The writing of the files was never completed, so they're not there. Same thing if you plug the card into the computer. You have to eject the card (using the Safely Remove Hardware icon) for almost any external storage device. To remove the card from the phone you should unmount the card first (Settings/Storage).
  4. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    Without seeing the phone? Difficult. If it's still under warranty, try to have it replaced.

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