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  1. Uye

    Uye Member

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if there is a way to reset this because I have entered some words incorrectly and wanted to get rid of them. Hope someone can help because the other ones I've seen open for this has had no reply.

  2. Doheny

    Doheny Well-Known Member

    You can't edit it; you can only clear out all added words.
  3. Uye

    Uye Member

    How do you do so?
  4. Doheny

    Doheny Well-Known Member

    Navigate to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications. Then once there, you will need to scroll down and find
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  5. monaee

    monaee New Member

  6. narrowsofzion

    narrowsofzion New Member

    I had this problem on my phone, and I reset three apps: "samsung keyboard," "android keyboard," and "swype." The problem was fixed. I suspect it depends on your phone manufacturer what it will be called - just look for anything touch or keyboard related.

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